MY BIRTHDAY PARTY … (18+) … Part 3



Winifred didn’t know when she slept off, but the touching on the handle of the door woke her up when she heard whispers around.

“Lily? She called out to be sure first.

“Wini open the door, she heard Joseph’s voice and opened up but saw him staggering in with Lily.

“What happened to her? She asked when he laid her on the bed.

“She’s drunk, he replied.

“No way, she has never been drunk, She replied.

“So can you explain this? I warned her to take in little wine but she didn’t listen to me, so? He asked but Winifred just looked at him.

“That means she’s not happy, she drowned herself with alcohol, what did you do to her! she shouted on him.

“You think so? She was having fun okay, Joseph replied.

“Whatever, Winifred said and wanted to leave but he held her By the hand and pinned her on the wall.

“What are you doing? Winifred asked scared to her bones as he drew his body more closer.

“I want you, can’t you see it? He asked.

“No no no stop it, you have to go now I’ll take Care of Lily, she said wanting to push him but he forced himself for a kiss which she struggled with him and slapped him in anger.

“How dare you! Don’t you have a single respect for women! Winfred shouted st him.

“Am sorry, I didn’t mean to do this, Joseph pleaded.

“Keep it to yourself and get out! Winifred shouted.

“Look babe am drunk, you know I can’t do this am so sorry, he pleaded.

“Just go please, she said opening the door for him.

“Please forgive me, he calmly said and left while Winifred jammed the door angrily looking at the sleeping Lily on the bed.

“How am I going to tell you this girlfriend? You don’t deserve him, Winifred whispered and left to take a towel and bucket to clean her up……

The next morning Winifred was preparing breakfast when Lily staggered in to the kitchen, “smells good, Lily said behind her and Winifred turned to her.

“You’re awake? How are you feeling now? Winifred asked touching her.

“Better at least, was I that drunk? Lily asked.

“Seriously girlfriend you gat me so scared, why should you take so much wine? Winifred asked.

“You know me I don’t take too much wine, Lilly replied.

“Then why were you that drunk? Winifred asked.

“I can’t explain but whatever it was, am glad I arrived home safely. Joseph dropped me off right? Lily asked and she nodded.

“Gosh he must be so embarrassed, I need to call him immediately, Lily said and wanted leaving… “Lily, Winifred called out.

“Yes? She stopped.

“Ermm nothing, just that the food will be ready soon okay so freshen up, Winifred said.

“Thanks, I’ll be back, Lily said and left.

Winifred breathed out shaking her head, “I just wish I can scream it to you hearing to leave that scam and get someone better, she said shaking her head and continued with what she was doing…..

Minutes later they left for school together and a car suddenly parked and wined down the glass, “Oliver! Winifred shouted.

“Your one and only, he replied smiling.

“wow what a surprise, what are you doing here? Winifred asked shaking hands with him still in the car after he did with Lily.

“Am here to drop you guys in school, common get in, he said and opened up the car.

“Thank you, they chorused inside.

“You’re welcome, he replied and drove off.

“So how was the party Lily? Sorry I had to go home because it wasn’t for me, Oliver said.

“The party was for everyone, why do you think its not for you? Lily asked.

“Because I didn’t have a partner for the night, so? Oliver asked.

“Oh no, you could have still enjoyed yourself at least or maybe find a partner there too, who knows? Lily asked and he smiled.

“Maybe I got one yesterday, he replied looking at Winifred.

“Oh really, that’s nice, Lily happily said hitting Winfred playfully who just rolled her eyes in the car.

“If only she will accept me, who knows the number I am on her list, Oliver added and lily laughed.

“Trust me for your sake I’ll chase them away, she said.

“Really? That will be so lovely, Oliver replied and they laughed in the car together.

“You guys are not serious one bit, Winfred said.

“Common girl what’s keeping you from saying yes? Lily asked.

“Stop it girl you’re taking it far, Winifred said and they arrived.

“Thank you for the ride handsome, Lily said going out from the car.

“You’re welcome beauty, can I have a little chat with your girlfriend please? Oliver asked.

“Yea sure, see ya okay, Lily said and left.

“I hope you’re not angry Winifred? He asked her.

“Nop but why? She asked.

“Am always conscious about people feelings, if I hurt you in anyway don’t hesitate to tell me okay so I’ll apologize. That’s my kind of person, he said and she nodded.

“Sure I won’t waste a second to tell you that, she said and he smiled.

“That’s good to know. Your friend is so sweet, what about what we discussed last night, did you think about it? He asked.

“I tried to but I can’t, she said.

“Winifred…….. “Please let’s talk about this some other time, She came in.

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“Alright I’ll call you then after lectures, thanks for your time, he said.

“Okay bye, she said and left…..


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