MY BIRTHDAY PARTY … (18+) … Part 24



“But what’s this business all about? Victor asked.
“Well, you will talk to him yourself so he’ll tell you about it better, Stella said.
“He wants to meet with us? Victor asked.
“No, he will speak with you guys on phone and another thing is, he doesn’t disclose his name just for security purpose. Your job is just to get the job done which he doesn’t want to know you either, then you get paid and off you go, Stella said.
“I have to discuss this with the guys, Victor said.
“I already hinted them, but Joseph isn’t aware of this. When you guys are ready to speak with him, just call me up, She said.
“Alright, looks like you’re going somewhere, he said.
“That’s right, I wanted seeing my girlfriend, she said.
“I’ll take my leave then, but I’ll see you this evening right? He asked.
“Sure, take care of yourself okay and don’t worry too much, she said fiddling his ears.
“Thank you, he said giving her a peck and he left.

She heaved and peeped making sure he has gone then she called the guys, “hi, on the way? Oliver asked.
“I was about to but Victor visited, I don’t think its right to move out Now. What do you think? She asked.
“What I think is you can track him and with that you’ll know if he’s spying on you, Oliver said.
“Oh imagine I forgot that, I was just having some fear but its fine, she said.
“I think you should take your rest if your heart isn’t telling you to come. Your security is more important you should know that, Johnson said.
“Don’t worry, if Victor isn’t spying on me just expect me, she said and dropped the call and check out Victor to see he was just nearby.

“He didn’t go? She gasped at that and left the house, got into her car and drove off.
On the way she called up one of her girlfriend who confirmed she’s at home ‘I’m on my way, Stella said and dropped the call then call the guys.
“I was right, he’s following me, Stella said.
“What! Why is he suspecting you? Oliver shouted.
“Don’t worry I’ll be fine, Stella said smiling and ended the call as she saw he was just driving behind her.

Minutes later she arrived at a house and clicked on the door bell. A lady came out and they hugged themselves and got in.
Victor saw that and heaved as he turned back, “I’m sorry for suspecting you, but right now I really don’t know what to do and who to trust anymore. I wanted to see if you were truthful, Victor said as he drove back home.

He met the guys at home and sat down as everyone just looked at him expecting to hear something from him.
“I met with Stella and she said a senator is ready to give us an offer if only we will accept. But he’s not going to meet with us but speak with us on phone neither will his name be disclosed to us, all for security reasons by Stella, Victor said.

“What kind of business is this? Joseph asked.
“Stella herself doesn’t know either but we have to hear from him first, she said he’s going to pay good, Victor said.
“This may be our chance to get on our feet again, I can’t imagine I’m so broke now, too bad, Desmond said.
“What do you guys think? Should I call Stella over? Victor asked.

“Hey I thought I said no visitors, Desmond said.
“Then we can ask her to come here today before we leave if that’s what you want, Victor said.
“Now you’re talking, that will be fine by me, Desmond said.
“I’ll call her up later, she’s with her girlfriend now, any food? Victor asked getting up and no one answered him.
“May you all remain dumb, Victor said.
“Same to you, the guys replied back…………

Stella later left to the guys house and they kept discussing about what happened yesterday, “you need to see Johnson, this dude is so lazy eh, Patrick said.
“Lazy? You’re mad! Johnson shouted and Patrick demonstrated how Johnson did when he was offloading the stocks. Then he attempted to sit down “my friend will you get up from there! Get to work fast! Alfred shouted and all Stella could do was laugh hard the way Patrick jumped.

“Mhen you and Oliver missed a lot, Patrick said.
“You guys are not serious, but seriously that stuff was heavy and I didn’t eat nau, I was thinking it was something light maybe Alfred would have gone instead, Johnson said.
“Ah me? No o that would have been a very bad idea because the way that dude shouted on you, if was me I would have given him a dirty blow. You have patience guy and very fit for the job, Alfred said.
“He did the job quite well and i didn’t suspect anything was fishy out there, John said and Stella phone began to ring.

“Its Victor, Stella said and everyone was quiet.
“Put it on speaker, Johnson said and she nodded.

“Hi, how are you doing? She asked.
“I’m good, I told them about what we discussed and we want to speak with him, will it be possible today? Victor asked.
“Today? Stella asked looking at the guys which they nodded.
“Yes today and now if he’s available, Victor replied.
“Very well, where are we meeting? She asked.
“At home, or should I come pick you up? He asked.
“No don’t bother i can drive, I’ll just call him up and inform him about this, she said.
“Alright then, see you later dear, Victor said.
“Bye, Stella said and dropped the call.

“Oops, that was quick. Who’s gonna be the senator? Johnson asked.
“I will, John replied.
“You? Oh no please we need a better actor with a strong and convincing voice to do this job, Stella said.
“I just said I will, John strongly replied and the guys was speechless as they looked at themselves.

“What? You don’t trust me? John asked seeing their reaction.
“Not that, but no mistake should be on this else Stella will be at risk. I Hope you understand? Oliver calmly said.
“You guys are here right? Just tell me what I’m suppose to say and I’ll do the rest, I just want to help you guys, John said.
“Alright then you’ll take the job, Stella you’ll get going, Alfred said.
“Okay, I’ll go home first to change up, Stella said and remembered something.
“What number will i call? She asked.

“Good question, I’ll be back, Johnson said and ran up. Minutes later he returned with a Sim pack, “everything about this Sim registration is fake, After our senator call we will dispose this, Johnson said and called out the number to her which she saved it as Senator love.

“OK done, please do something about John, I really do love my life, Stella said when she wanted leaving.
“Don’t worry too much, John said and she nodded while Oliver escorted her out…………

“What amount are we going to beat on? Oliver asked.
“2 million, John said and Alfred sneezed.
“Seriously? Alfred asked.
“Common guys this is a senator we are talking about here, after all we won’t pay them. This is just a bait we are hooking them with, Patrick said.
“You know 2 million is so simple to say, what if we will be asked to drop part payment? Oliver asked.
“Mhennnn we just have to gamble that out and John must convince them very well that immediately the job is done, the money will be paid or they forget about the job. This time they won’t risk it because they need that money now more than ever, Oliver said.

“Let’s even make it 3 million joor, you know I’m a rich senator, John said and they smiled at that.
“What will be the nature of this job? Johnson are you ready to die? After all it was you who blew up their warehouse, Alfred said and they burst out laughing.
“Please no one is going to die here, we will get them just when they are about to get in, this is a trap nau, Johnson said.

“I know, but what are we going to tell them? Alfred asked.
“OK let’s do it this way. We will ask them to kidnap 5 young girls for us and bring them to somewhere alive and unhurt. There their money will be paid and there they will be caught, what about that? John asked.

“That sounds cool, and we are going to inform the police about this to secretly surround the area before they arrive, when they do, game will be over, Johnson said.
“Are you sure that will go well? Oliver asked.
“A broke man can do anything and this is not different from assassination nau, Patrick said.

“OK, what date and place are we going to tell them? John asked.
“This guy, looks like you’ve done this job before o, Johnson said and John laughed.
“No way I’m just using my initiative here because they will ask a lot of questions, John replied.

“We’ll tell them the place will remain a secret till the day they are to send the girls to us. And we are going to use Winifred birthday date, that will be on the 10th of next month, Oliver said and the guys was quiet………………


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