MY BIRTHDAY PARTY … (18+) … Part 23



The next morning Desmond slowly opened his eyes to see the guys seated quietly with moody faces, he realized he slept off on the sofa and he sat up.

“Morning guys, Desmond greeted but no one answered.
He heaved knowing what happened yesterday was a big blow to them, “still worried about yesterday right? Desmond asked them.

“Who won’t be? It was just a terrible dream, Victor said and his phone began to ring. It was Stella calling and he found it reluctant to pick up.
She called severally and the guys just looked at him while he kept ignoring.

“She has nothing to do with this you know, Joseph said.
‘I’m not just in the mood to talk to her, I’ve never been hurt like this my whole life, Victor said.

Whosoever did this to us has a plan, WHO knows what he may do next? Its more dangerous when you don’t know your enemy because right now I have no one to really pick out as the suspect, Simeon said.

“The workers first is the suspect! Robert shouted.
“Someone must have paid them to do this, now who? Simeon asked.
“Whosoever that is must be so powerful to dare us and if he was able to know where our warehouse is, then he must know us very well and this house won’t be an exception, Desmond said.

“What do you want us to do now? Victor asked.
“We are not safe here, something is telling me that. Looks like someone knows our hideout, Desmond said getting up.
“Then we have to leave this place till we get them down, Simeon said.
“That’s right, yesterday was the warehouse, today or tomorrow may be the house. Maybe that’s why Simeon was not killed because they have a more better plan, Robert said.

“So where are we going to stay? We can’t get a house like this after our account is ruined, Joseph came in.
“I have a place remember and its secluded just like here, we can hide there for the main time, Robert said.
“Oh I forgot that, we’ll be leaving this evening. Here isn’t safe anymore and one more thing, no visitors over there, Desmond said.

“But……..” Meet up with your girlfriends in a hotel or restaurant. Please I beg you, Desmond interrupted Victor as he wanted saying something.

“But Joseph already took his girlfriends there, Robert said.
“Then tell them not to visit again, make whatever stories you can and make them stay off that house for now. We don’t know our enemy, Desmond sternly said and left to his room while the guys looked at each other speechless……….

Johnson hearing the conversation called up Alfred and Oliver updating them.
“Are they suspecting something? Oliver asked.
“I think so, we won’t know their whereabouts anymore this is not good, Johnson said and Alfred called up Stella.

“Hello good morning from this side, Stella picked up.
“Hi good morning, Alfred replied but she noticed he wasn’t as bright as he used to.
“Any problem? She asked.
“The guys are relocating from the house, we will lost contact with them if they do, Alfred replied.
“But that’s no problem, she said.
“Is it? Johnson asked.

“Are you guys not using the 3 cameras? She asked.
‘No just 1 which is the one on the sofa, that was a good spot so we concentrated on that, Johnson replied.
“Ah too bad, one is on Victor’s phone. I placed it under his phone porch. We can still make use of that as long as he’s always with his phone whenever they are around, Stella said.

“Awwwnnn this girl is so sweet! Catch the kiss there! Alfred shouted and she laughed.
“I didn’t know where to placed it nau and I didn’t want to return it back to you guys, Stella said.
“You just saved our sorry ass from worrying too much, thank you, Johnson said.
“You’re welcome, but I can still visit them over there right? Stella said.

“Sorry not anymore, Desmond strictly said no visitors over there. Looks like they don’t trust anybody anymore, Johnson said.
“Then what about the business I have to introduce to them? Don’t worry I’ll have my way in though Victor is not picking my calls, Stella said.
“He’s not in the mood, everyone over there is sad. Just let him for now, he’ll come around, Alfred said.
“Alright I’ll see you guys later, Stella said.
“Yea expecting you soon, bye girl, Alfred said.
“bye, Stella said and ended the call……..

Lily had been calling Joseph phone severally after he dropped them off but he wasn’t picking up. She decided to try it again in the morning but he didn’t pick up still.
“He’s going to call back don’t worry, Winifred said locking the door as they were already set for school.

“Is he angry with us or something? Lily asked.
“No normal human being can just get angry that way without no cause. We didn’t do anything wrong to him did we? Winifred asked.
“I’m so worried. He left us in a hurry and returned with a hurry too. What kind of job will he be doing? Lilly asked.
“Give yourself rest will you, Winifred said as they waited for a cab but a car stopped in front of them instead.

The door opened and they looked and saw Joseph asking them to come in.
Lily quickly hurried in sitting beside him while Winifred sat at the back.
“What happened? You were not picking my calls why? Lily asked.
“I was just tired, he replied.
“You don’t look okay what’s wrong? Lily asked touching him.
“I’m just tired that’s all, don’t worry I’ll be fine, Joseph said forcing a smile at her.

“Winifred, he gently called.
“Sorry good morning, Lily didn’t give me the chance to greet, Winifred replied.
“Its okay, your birthday is approaching and we’ve done nothing yet. I already met with the cake designer and a cook for your day. What venue do you have in mind? Joseph asked and she heaved.

“Thanks but a small venue will do, Winifred replied.
“Owk I’ll see what i can do about that, at least book the venue in time. Remember tomorrow will be your birth month and I’ll take you guys out tomorrow for shopping, Joseph said.
“Really? Thanks hun, Lily happily said.
“Thank you, Winifred said too.
“You’re welcome, he replied.

“You haven’t told us how the food we prepared yesterday tasted, Lily said.
“Oh that, I’m so sorry i forgot. it was so delicious and that made me more weak because i fell asleep after eating. It was so delicious thank you, Joseph said and Lily laughed looking at Winifred.
“Thank you too, they replied…………

Victor drove off to Stella place, she wanted going out to meet the guys when she met him at her door.
“Hi, good somewhere? He asked touching her hand but she beat it off.
“Any problem with that? She asked.
“I’m sorry okay I’ve been ignoring your calls. Something happened yesterday that i can’t still believe it, He said.
“Oh really, she said.
“can we please talk inside? He asked and she shook her head and let him in.

He sat down bowing his head and felt distressed while Stella gently touched him.
“Is it that serious? She asked sitting beside him..
“Yes, we almost emptied our account to get those goods, paid for the shipping from Puerto Rico down here only for everything to get burnt in minutes, Victor lamented.

“You didn’t tell me anything about this, Stella said.
“I felt it was not important. The first time we ordered for it, it was only for a van and we made great profits with it. We decided to double it this time thereby using both the capital and the profits to order for 4 vans which would have made us billionaires, now everything is gone, Victor said.
“I’m so sorry for that, what are you going to do now?She asked.

‘No idea, we left our assassination job for some months after the last one we did paid a lot, we used the money in ordering for the goods we did first hoping we can stick to this new line of business. We were no longer interested in any other business and we turned down some offers, now I’m beginning to feel we were wrong about that, Victor said.

“you don’t need to worry, If you guys will accept this senator offer, you’ll be back on your feet again, Stella said smiling while he looked at her thinking about what she said……………


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