MY BIRTHDAY PARTY … (18+) … Part 20



They wanted getting on the speedboat but the investigator stopped them, “are we thinking at all? How are we going to stop a moving ship without implicating ourselves? He asked.
“I thought we can do something about the ship, Alfred asked.
“Like what? Give it a blow and get it punctured, then it’ll start sinking huh? Guys let’s just find another way because this won’t work, The investigator said and they noticed Patrick was looking at something.
They followed his gaze and saw the guys has already arrived but Joseph and Victor wasn’t with them.
“Shit, we need to get out of here, Alfred said and they slowly left carefully to avoid being seen.

“Hey, aren’t you going on the boat anymore? A friend of Patrick stopped him.
“Yea I Changed my mind maybe next time, the speedboat is there, I didn’t launched it, Patrick said.
“Alright then, maybe next time, his friend said.
“Yea can I ask you something? Patrick asked.
“Okay, his friend said.
“The ship that is coming, where will the stuffs be stocked? Patrick asked.
“They already came with their van. Everything will be offloaded and taken to their warehouse today, most times they do finish in the midnight, His friend replied.
“Thank you, I’ll come check some other time okay, Patrick said shaking hands with him and he left.

“What are you thinking? The investigator asked.
“Just what you’re thinking, we can burn their warehouse, what about that? Patrick asked.
“We have no idea how the house looks like in the first place, i think we should hang around and see where the van will be heading too first, The investigator said.
“What if we ask Oliver for help? Alfred said and dialed his number immediately.

“Hello what’s up there? Oliver picked up.
“Have you in anyway heard any conversation of a warehouse or something? Alfred asked.
“Nop, the guys left the house already but the Victor guy is still here…. Oh he’s going out now, Oliver said when Victor got into the sitting room taking his car keys.

“Please call up Stella, she tracked his cellphone so we’ll know where he’s going to, Alfred said.
“I’ll do that right away, Oliver said and ended the call………….

Joseph was still with the ladies when a call came on his phone, “the ship has arrived, aren’t you suppose to be here? Victor is attending to the warehouse and where are you? Robert called him up.
“I’m still at home, but I’ll be on my way, Joseph said and ended the call.
Lily and Winifred was busy cooking when Joseph walked into the kitchen telling them he’ll be out for a while.
“What about us? Lily asked.
“I’ll be back, I just need to handle something somewhere and I’ll come back. Just make yourselves comfortable till I get back okay, he said and pecked Lily, gave Winifred a brief hug and hurried out.
“Where do you think he will be going to in such a Hurry? Lily asked Winifred.
“Like I’m a soothsayer now huh? Winifred asked back and she noticed some doubt’s in her eyes.

“Lily you can talk to me, Winifred said dropping what she was doing looking at her.
‘Nothing I was just thinking about what you told me yesterday about Patrick, Lily replied.
“Can i ask a question? Winifred said and she nodded.
“From your heart, who are you really happy with, Joseph or Patrick? Winifred asked and Lily sighed dropping the knife she held.

“Why are you asking me this? She asked.
“I want you to tell yourself the truth because if you’ll ask me, Patrick made you more happy. You guys had less fights, he didn’t hide anything from you and you never doubted him apart from that club saga that came up. Are you really happy Lily? Winifred asked.
“Winifred I am done with Patrick, Lily said.
“Really, well i don’t think you two are really done because he still loves you, but I don’t know about you, Winifred said.
“What! Look this is not the right place to discuss this, specially not in my boyfriend’s house, Lily said.
“Boyfriend’s house? Seriously? Winifred said rolling her eyes and left the kitchen while Lily heaved and continued with the cooking.

Winifred tried opening the rooms there but everywhere was locked, “God! Its only the toilet, kitchen and sitting room is opened in this house. what’s this dude hiding from us? Winifred said thinking and went to the sitting room searching it.

There was a little sculpture just closer to where the television is, she decided to check the back out and saw a bunch of keys there.
“Yes! She exclaimed and ran to one of the rooms and tried the keys on the door.
The door flung open and she gently closed it and entered, right on the walls was photograph of another guy.

She nodded at that as Alfred words rang in her ears, she opened the cupboard there and saw a gun with drugs packed on a white nylon. Her mouth flew open as she quickly covered it and drew back. But then the photographs on the wall seemed like she has seen that face before, she went nearer looking at it seriously and she remembered where she saw him.
“Christ! She exclaimed and hurried out of the room, locked it back and returned the keys where she took it………..

Stella already hinted the guys where Victor was heading to and the guys drove down there. They hid themselves as they saw 2 guys already there doing some clean ups in the house while he ordered them on how to make things done for the new stocks on the way.
“I have an idea, what if we blow the van coming up? The investigator asked and they burst out laughing.

“You are making this look like a Chinese movie here, Patrick said.
“Common let’s think, it will be difficult to penetrate here, the Investigator said.
“We are going to blow this up, I’m sure of that, Alfred said and they saw one of the guys working there coming out.
“I’ll talk to him, The investigator said letting loose of his shirt from his belt and came out simple.

“Hi, you look tired. Is there any work i can help with there? The investigator asked him..
“Hmm yes, we are expecting new stocks but we have hands already to offload them, the guy replied.
“So no vacancy? By the way where are you going to? The investigator asked.
“Going to a pharmacy to get drugs, I’m not feeling too well, The guy replied.
“Sorry won’t it be better you give yourself rest so you won’t breakdown? Remember health is wealth, the investigator said and he nodded.
“I’m aware of that, maybe I’ll just go in there and tell him I won’t be able to continue, maybe get you replaced instead, the guy said.
“Really? Wow that will be great thank you, the investigator said and he left with him to the warehouse.

“Where the hell did you find that guy? He’s so smart, Patrick said to Alfred as they watched the drama.
“More than smart and I’m glad I found him, Alfred replied……

“You won’t be able to continue? Victor asked.
“Yes, else I’ll just breakdown but sir, let him take my place instead, the guy said.
“Then what about your pay? Victor asked.
“I don’t mind If you’ll give me 30% of it, I’ll gladly accept it, Patrick came in.
“Alright fine if you say so, Victor said going into the warehouse and returned with some cash in his hand.

“I am paying you before time, make sure you do the job well, Victor said paying them and they thanked him.
As the guy wanted leaving, Victor went to him giving him the Money he was paid, “use this to get more drugs for yourself, he said to him.
“I don’t understand, you are working for it, the guy said.
“I know but you need this more, he said putting the money in his palms and removed his shirt ready for work.
“Thank you, the guy said to him and left.

He received a text from Alfred, “so what’s next?”. He smiled and replied, “why not start with bringing me gallons of fuel and a lighter”
“What if i give you a bottle of dry gin and a lighter, that will do a more Better trick, Alfred replied.
“Smart guy, make it two because some will go to my stomach. Bye I need to work now, The investigator replied and deleted the messages smiling to himself……….


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