MY BIRTHDAY PARTY … (18+) … Part 19



12noon came so fast just as Winifred expected, “its time, call up Joseph, Winifred said to Lily.
“Why are you so excited about this? Lily asked.
“Maybe because my friend is going to visit her boyfriend’s house for the first time, so? Winifred asked.
“Okay fine, Lily said and called up Joseph…….

Victor visited Stella at home and with the device Stella put on his phone, the investigator and Alfred was able to hear their conversation.
“There’s something I need to discuss with you before I forget, there is business and it going to pay bad, she said.
“What business are you talking about? Victor asked.
“Don’t give me that look because I know what you guys do, Stella said and Victor got up quite angry.

“What’s that for? I spoke with the guys and they agreed on this okay. There’s this senator i know and he wants you guys to do a job for him so stop this act, Stella said.
“I already told you to stay off my business didn’t I? How on earth will the guys agree to this like its that easy! Victor shouted.
“Who cares? What do you think I am? We are all in the hustling business aren’t we? So take a chill pill okay because this will pay, Stella said.
“I need to go now, Victor said taking his car key.
“So is that a deal? Stella asked.
“I made no deal with you in the first place, tell this to them yourself, bye, Victor said and stormed out of her house.

She heaved and Alfred called her up immediately, “what will I do now? He’s not falling for this and I know Joseph won’t fall either, Stella said.
“Its alright, let’s just try to make it real, tell them a huge amount of money and they won’t think twice, Alfred said.
“They are assassins and they are smart, if they notice any fowl play you know they will come for me, Stella said.
“Please don’t say that Stella, we won’t let any harm come to you and that’s a promise, Alfred said and she sighed.
“Its okay, take care, She said and the line went dead……..

Joseph arrived and picked them up from school, “are you happy? He asked no one in particular as he was driving.
“Yes I am, glad you changed your mind, Lily replied instead.
Winifred just sat quiet thinking of what Alfred told her earlier, “how did he know I’ll be going to his place in the first place? She asked herself and after some few minutes the car came to a halt.

The house was simple and the ladies came out looking around. “Its beautiful, Lily said.
“Thank you, let’s go in, Joseph said leading them in.
They sat down on the sofa and Joseph left to get something for them to drink, “why is there no photograph? I mean its expected you should have your pictures around, Winifred said when he came brought out with a bottle of wine.

“Ermm what if I find no pleasure in it? He asked .
“Okay, so no albums too to feed our eyes? Winifred asked.
“Winifred the television is here, what’s your favourite channel? Joseph asked taking the remote and she rolled her eyes.

“Are you not comfortable? Joseph asked Winifred.
“I am, why not ask Lily if she is, Winifred said.
“She isn’t saying anything because she has no problem here, or do you? He asked Lilly and she shook her head.
“OK fine let’s drink, Joseph said pouring the wine into the glasses while he exchanged glances with Winifred which he felt something was not just right……

The guys actually had a business they were running and Alfred and the investigator knew about It because of the camera in the house.
They heard they were expecting a ship to bring in their goods and it worth millions of naira. Oliver didn’t know about this as Alfred and the investigator was always in charge of the game.
“What if we destroy that ship? That will break them into pieces you know and they won’t think twice in accepting Stella offer so they can get back on their feet, the investigator said.
“And you need me to help you do that, they heard a voice and turned to see a Strange guy walked in.

“How did you get in! Alfred shouted bringing out his gun immediately.
“I’m cool, I just want to help, he said raising his hand.
“Who are you and what do you want? Alfredo shouted on him.
Oliver hearing the voices came out to check it out, ‘my name is Patrick, Lily ex boyfriend. Joseph snatched her from me so he can get closer to her friend Winifred. I saw you today talking to Winifred so I had to follow you seeing Winifred reaction when you left. Sorry I had to spy on you guys but then we have the same enemy and I want to be part of the team, Patrick said and Oliver came down slowly.

“You are Lily ex? The one who vanished? Oliver asked.
“So they said, but I’m back and I want what’s mine back, Patrick said and Oliver smiled.
“He’s a friend guys, Oliver said to them.
“No way, we can’t trust anybody now. One mistake and we will all be dead, Alfredo shouted.
“Trust me, we need him and he can be trusted, Oliver said calming him down.
“Don’t say I didn’t warn you, Alfredo said keeping his gun down.
“Please you need to trust me. Winifred told me she’s working on something to hook Joseph but I’m doubting it because its gonna take time. I need to get my girlfriend back and bring her out of this shit she’s into, you need to trust me on this, Patrick said.

“Okay fine, now what can you help with? The investigator asked.
“I heard you talking about ship, I once worked there before I was laid off which I can’t explain why. I still know everything about the Harbour, Patrick said they smiled at that.
“Well i can’t help but say, welcome to the team, Alfred said giving his hand for hand shake……….

Victor stormed into the house in anger after he left Stella place, “is there a ghost pursuing you? Robert asked.
“Don’t play that crap with me. why did you guys disclose our identity to Stella? Victor asked.
“Whats there? She said she gat a lot of connection and our main business is to make money isn’t it? Desmond asked.
“Just that? What about our safety doesn’t it mean anything to you? Victor asked.
“Are you saying you don’t trust your girlfriend? Robert asked.
“She didn’t have to know anything that’s my point, Victor said.
“Guy the hustle already was a risk, we can take care of ourselves okay. If business enters, we get it done and get our pay, the hustle continues so take a chill pill, Maxwell said smiling at him.
Victor looked at them for a while and wanted leaving for his room, “so what did your babe tell you? Any business yet for us? Robert asked and Victor stopped.
“Expect the ship that is coming in first, that Is business too, he replied and left for his room………

Oliver who stayed at home heard the conversation and informed the guys about it who went onboard.
“What’s going to happen now? There will be securities Patrick said.
“Then what are we? Alfredo asked and brought out his ID card.
“Oh friendly entrance then, Patrick said smiling.

They finally arrived and Alfred made his way in, while conversing they found out the ship will arrive in the next 30 minutes.
“OK thank you, I want to go on sea, I just want to see nature, Alfred said.
Patrick already made a way with his friends there and a speedboat was provided for them, “who’s gonna drive this? Won’t they have canoe we can easily paddle? Alfred whispered in Patrick ears.
“Seriously? Don’t worry you gat me. Get in, Patrick said to them smiling……….


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