MY BIRTHDAY PARTY … (18+) … Part 15



There at Alfred place, a young guy walked into the house.
“Please sit down. Oliver He’s here!, Alfred shouted on him and he slowly came out of the room and met the private investigator.
He hurried down and sat down after they exchanged greetings.

“So I thought it will be better if we get to meet at home to talk. How can we invade that place? What do you think? Alfred asked the investigator.

“Well getting Joseph will be quite tough, but we can use another Channel. There’s one of his pal who loves going to a particular club I know, he loves women like bad, The investigator said.
“Something must kill a man indeed, Alfred said nodding.

“So he goes there to pick girls? Oliver asked.
“Every girls knows him there, when he steps in, they fall on him begging to be chosen because to them, there’s enough cash he gives out. But he only chooses 3 girls every night, The investigator said.
“So how will the girls trap help us? Alfred asked.
“If he can choose any girl we set for him, she will be able to give us more information about that house, he replied.

“Wait a minute, he doesn’t take them to a hotel? Oliver asked.
“No, he takes them home, he replied.
“Are you sure that’s Joseph house for real or its a join collaboration of the guys living there? Oliver asked.
“Whatever the case is, thats where the dude is hiding and thats what matters, Alfred replied.

“So do you have any girl in mind to play the game? And of course her entry there won’t be in vain because she’ll be given some devices which we will use in monitoring their every move and discussion in there. They won’t stand a chance anymore, the investigator said.

“Ah! Guy you’re so smart, Alfred shouted shaking hands with the investigator.
“I think I know a girl who can do this, Oliver said.
“She must be charming enough to be chosen, the investigator added.
“Sure she is, Oliver said and dialed a number.

“What a surprise, Oliver is that you? A lady voice came on phone.
“Yes, sorry I’ve not been calling, oliver said.
“No its okay, how you doing? Or do you want to see me? She asked.
“Erm actually that’s why I called. I need your help, Oliver said.
“Wait a minute, I hope there’s no problem? She asked.
“No, can I please see you now? He asked.
“Sure, just send me the address, she said.
“Thank you, I’ll do that, Oliver said and dropped the call.

“You didn’t tell me there’s another girl, Alfred said looking at him.
“Another girl? Have you forgotten Stella at the club when we got drunk in your friend birthday, Oliver said.
“Ohhh yes! She’s perfect, I mean she’s hot! Alfred said.
“Can you wait for her till she comes? Oliver asked the investigator after sending the address to Stella.
“Sure why not, The investigator said and the discussion diverted to football just to keep themselves busy till she arrives.

That night Winifred couldn’t sleep, she Left the bed and sat on the floor, took her phone with her earphones on listening to the recording she did with Joseph. She heaved taking it off her ears and Lily woke up, “what’s wrong again? She asked.
“Nothing I’ll join you later, Winifred said but Lily sat up.
“I know there is something, why are you keeping things from me now? Lily asked.

“OK fine, I’m just thinking about something here thats all, Winifred said.
“Then share it, Lily insisted and she rolled her eyes.
“OK how should i start it? I know of a lady who has a friend. But her friend boyfriend is having a crush on her which she doesn’t want or love him. Now she’s scared of telling her friend what her boyfriend is up to, scared that she’ll get hurt or feel she wants to destroy her relationship. But the truth here is, her friend’s boyfriend doesn’t love her one bit, rather she’s only used just to get close to this girl that doesn’t love him. Now if you were this friend, what will you do? Winifred asked Lily who sat quietly listening to her.

“Tell your friend she’s wrong joining the useless guy to make a fool out of her friend. To me she’s not different from that guy because she’s equally hurting her friend. That girl needs to know the truth, what if she continues in the fake relationship and the real guy for her leaves, she’ll be more broken than ever. Now if I was that friend, I won’t hesitate to do that because I love my friend. She doesn’t deserve to be in the dark and even if she gets hurt, I only want the best for her. Are you okay now? Lily asked and Winifred nodded trying hard to fight her tears.

“Thank you, erm I left something in the kitchen, I’ll be back, Winifred said and left immediately crying her eyes out as the words sank deep into her. “Please forgive me, I can’t tell You anything now, not now I am determine to follow Joseph up. If I do my plans will be scattered, I hope you’ll forgive me, Winifred silently cried…..

Minutes later Stella arrived and she was welcomed in, “is that you Alfred? She asked and shook hands with him.
“Long time to see girl, Alfred said.
“Yea because you guys doesn’t want a girl like me around. So what’s up? Stella asked.
“What can we get for you? Oliver asked.
“Nah don’t bother, i have a date to meet in the next 30minutes so I’m gonna chill there, Stella said and Oliver checked the time.

“Its past 9, can’t the date wait till tomorrow? Oliver asked.
“Nope, so what’s wrong with you? Stella asked Oliver.
“Ermm you see, I have a very complicated matter here which i don’t know if you’ll like it, but I hope you’ll help me, Oliver said.
“I’m all ears, what’s the matter? She asked and she was told everything.

She smiled when Oliver was done, “I’m happy I am given a chance to do something for you, so what’s the plan? She asked and Oliver felt like screaming.
“Thank you so much, Oliver said and hugged her.
“You’re welcome, you know that girl is lucky, she said.
“Uhmm yes she is, Alfred added.

“So tomorrow I’ll get you a few metal devices to place at strategic point of the house. Its a camera and we’ll use it in monitoring them, the investigator came in.
“Alright, so my job is just to put on my charms, make him choose me, then I’ll go home with him and place the cameras right? She asked and they Nodded.
“Not too bad, but you said he chooses 3 girls a night, what if i get caught? She asked.

“Stella I know you can work this out, if possible you can be the only one he’ll take home. Here take, this will make him fall asleep so nothing will happen between you two that night, Alfred said giving her a tablet.
“Its fine, so can i start tomorrow? She asked.
“It will be our pleasure, I’ll get the cameras ready then, the investigator said.
“OK my time for the date is approaching, see you guys tomorrow, she said and shook hands with them.
“Be careful please, Oliver said when he saw her off.
“Sure i will, and I hope you get to be with that lucky girl soon, Stella said and pecked Oliver, got into her car and drove off.

“Hey, you didn’t tell me there’s another story i don’t know between you and Stella, Alfred said seeing the way Stella acted.
“Just shut up, Oliver said.
“I will still hear the gist later i know that, Alfred said smiling.
” I’ll take you home dear, let’s not mind him, Oliver said to the investigator.
“Don’t worry I will, stay at home and dream of Stella, Winifred and Cindy. Ah my guy! Alfred shouted and Oliver burst out laughing while Alfred drove off with the investigator…….


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