MY BIRTHDAY PARTY … (18+) … Part 12



The next day Joseph was the first knock that woke them up
‘gosh who’s there? Lily asked rubbing her eyes looking at the sleeping Winifred but the knock came again.
She sluggishly got up and opened up to see Joseph “arise and shine! He said smiling and gave her a peck entering the house leaving Lily surprised.

Winifred who heard Joseph voice pretended more to be sleeping with so much annoyance in her.

“My God, you surprised me, Lily said locking the door.
“Yes I brought you two breakfast, I know today is Saturday and you’ll be so lazy to cook, Joseph said giving her a bag while she collected it still not believing it.

“I don’t understand, you’ve never done this before and you shouldn’t have bothered, Lily said.
“Wait a minute, are you trying to say I’m not welcome here? Joseph asked.
“No that’s not what I mean, Lily said.
“Yes that’s just what you mean! You’ve never been appreciative but always complaining, gosh! Joseph said and stormed outside.

“Joseph wait you got me wrong, Lily shouted running after him while Winifred woke up shaking her head.
“You’re worst than a monster Joseph, Winifred said and sat up waiting for Lily.

Minutes later Lily sluggishly walked in, “babe who was shouting here earlier? Winifred asked.
“Pretending like you didn’t hear it all, Lily said.
“And I’ll still be asking? Its fine if you don’t want to, Winifred said getting up to use the bathroom….

“Joseph was here to drop breakfast, I innocently told him he shouldn’t have bothered but he picked offense with that, Lily said and Winifred stopped just when she was about opening the door.
“Did we order for breakfast? I don’t understand, we have never asked breakfast in this house what went wrong today? Winifred asked.
“I don’t know. Joseph is kind of strange to me this days, he feels so excited like he has just fallen in love newly, Lily said.
“That’s good then, why are you still worried? Winifred asked.

“I feel its not for me, I feel like am still yearning for that love. Everything doesn’t seem right to me and I can’t place my finger on which, Lily said and Winifred sat beside her embracing her.
“Are you really sure about what you’re saying or you’re just paranoid?. I think he was just angry that he’s trying to show you how much he loves you but then you’re not seeing it, that feeling hurts you know. Why not give him a surprise visit and sort things out, if you want I’ll follow you, Winifred said and Lily looked at her.

“You mean to his house? Lily asked.
“Yes where else? Winifred asked.
“I don’t know his house and he bluntly refused to tell me too. He keeps lining up series of excuses and we end up fighting about that so I had to give up, Lily said and Winifred eyes bulged out.

“Tell me you’re joking girl, Winifred said.
“That’s it, I don’t know my boyfriend house. Shameful right? Lily asked and Winifred swallowed.
“Yea shameful and suspicious, Winifred replied.

“Suspicious? Lily asked.
“Of course. Why is he keeping you off his house but parading in yours every second like a watch man on duty. Is he married with kids there? Winifred shouted and Lily got up pacing around.

“Please don’t add up to my problems now I beg you, Lily said.
“Fine, take a panadol if you’re feeling headache, Winifred said and got into the bathroom.

“She doesn’t know his house and he refused telling her too? Is his house some kind of underground place just for him alone? Winifred muttered with anger and hissed very loudly inside.
“I heard that, Lily shouted.
“Sure that shows you’re not deaf, Winifred replied inside.

Joseph visited on purpose just to be sure Winifred slept at home that night. But still he was having doubt’s and drove to Oliver hospital.
He parked for few minutes waiting for him and he arrived,
“Hey, I heard what you did to her, Joseph approached him.
“And what was that? Oliver asked.
“I warned you to stay clear from her didn’t I? That didn’t give you the right to hurt her. Now listen and listen very good, I want you to stay clear from her…….

“Or what? Or you’ll send your men to my house to destroy it or have me killed huh? Don’t worry I did just as you wanted. You’ve won isn’t it? So cheer up and have her all for yourself, excuse me, Oliver said and walked away while Joseph stood smiling.
“That was a good choice man! He shouted and got into his car while Oliver stood watching him drove off nodding.

Oliver got into his office and called Alfred right away, “what’s up man? Alfred asked.
“That psychopath if i should call him that was here. He was telling me to stay clear from her, looks like he’s not still convinced that I’ve left Winifred, Oliver said.
“Where exactly is this dude staying for crying out loud? Alfred asked.
“Urggh maybe I’ll get help from Winifred, Oliver said.
“No no no don’t. He doesn’t trust her yet remember, and that guy is wise. Don’t worry I’ll find a way, Alfred said.
“OK then, I’ll talk to you later, Oliver said and ended the call, shifted the matter aside to concentrate on his work.

Lily decided to free her boredom with some shopping since Winifred was just fixed on her books and Joseph wasn’t picking his calls either,
“I’m gone, Lily said.
“For good? Winifred asked.
“You’re crazy! Lily said and slammed the door behind her.

Stopping a cab she hopped in and turned to see her neighbour in there was Patrick.
“Hi Lily, Patrick said smiling at her.
“Ermm please stop I forgot something at home, she told the cabman.
“He can’t do that because I want to talk to you, please just for a few minute some where, Patrick said.
“Aren’t you listening to me? I said stop! She shouted.
“This isn’t a cab, I promise I won’t hurt you don’t you trust me? Patrick asked.
“Trust you? Are you for real? Lily asked.
“OK I understand but we really need to talk and I promise, I’ll take you to the mall you wanted going. Just once please let’s talk, Patrick pleaded…….


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