MY BIRTHDAY PARTY … (18+) … Part 11



Soon they were done, Joseph paid for the bills and drove them home. “Thank you, they chorused when they got home.
“Its okay, I’ll leave now so you two can take your rest, Joseph said.
“Alright, bye baby, Lily said and hugged him while he waved at Winifred and left.

“Urhhh am so tired! Lily said stretching on the bed then she looked at Winifred.
“Hey, won’t you talk about Oliver? I am trying hard to understand what really happened between you two, Lily said and Winifred sighed.
“I told you am fine and you shouldn’t bother about it okay, Winifred said taking off her clothes.

“Is that it? But you don’t look hurt at all to Me, Lily said.
“Lily what do you Want me to do? Cry you a river huh? Besides I didn’t accept him as my boyfriend and we’ve not met for even a week, so? Winifred asked fed up with everything.
“OK fine, too bad I thought he was a good guy after all, Lily said.
“Good, good night, Winifred said and locked the door and got into the bathroom to shower.
When she returned she saw Lily sleeping already, she shook her head at that, put on her night gown and took her phone staring at it.

She couldn’t help it, she called up Oliver, “Hi, is it safe to talk to me? Oliver picked up.
“Yes, can I see you now? She asked.
“Is that really a good idea? He asked.
“Lily is asleep, Joseph is gone, who else are you hiding from? She asked.
“Alright then, I’ll be on my way, he said dropping the call and saw the time to be past 9pm.

Winifred laid down on the bed but the beep of her phone woke her up and she saw it was Oliver, “am here, he said when she picked up.
“Okay, she replied and carefully opened the door so Lily won’t wake up.

She saw a parked cab and saw him in, “hi, sorry I brought you out this late, she said checking the time to see it was few minutes past 10pm.
“Yea I had to make sure Cindy is fast asleep before leaving, how you doing? He asked.
“Not good at all, am just wondering how this is going to end, she said.

“What did you hear from Joseph today? He asked.
“He made mentioned of something related to what happened in the restaurant. And when he took I and Lily out, he said something my late Duke said to me. Which means he was just there at the restaurant unknowingly to us that night, Winifred said.
“I know this will hurt, but can you tell me how this Duke guy died? Oliver asked and Winifred heaved.

“After he dropped me off at home, he promised to call me back when he get home. Few minutes after he left, I was just reading my book when I had a Call from my course mate telling me to check out the news. I don’t usually do that because watching the news is one boring thing I can ever do.
I didn’t want to, but Lily decided to see what’s going on and right before my eyes was my Duke laid in the stretcher and put in an ambulance. Duke is a cab man and I loved him for who he is not minding he’s not educated like I am, he still doesn’t deserve to die, Winifred narrated.

“Am sorry for that, but this accident was it a brake failure or a hit with another car or something? Oliver asked.
“It was suspected it should be a brake failure because he hit himself against a pole. A guy was found at the back of his car which he said Duke offered to give him a ride, he only had few bruises on his body but Duke couldn’t make it. I wish he had broken his leg or hands instead than his life taken, it still hurts, Winifred said and Oliver sighed.

“Honestly speaking, his death is quite complicated and Joseph might be innocent here, Oliver said.
“What! What about the statement he made today at the restaurant doesn’t that mean anything? She asked.
“Honey calm down. Yes I know Joseph can’t be trusted but right now we have to be careful with our accusations. Remember you two have known each other for years he could have heard that somewhere else, Oliver said.
“No way, that was exactly what happened that night between I and Duke, Winifred insisted.

“We have no strong evidence and even if we bring this to court, Joseph has an upper hand here that’s why we need to know more about him and get proofs. That’s the only way he can face the law, you need to keep up with your pretense okay, Oliver said touching her.
“I feel Joseph has a hand in Duke death and am going to prove it, Winifred said sternly.
“I know, and am working on it okay. I think I have to go now, good night and be careful, Oliver said giving her a peck.
“Thanks and good night too, Winifred said and left the cab.
She got home and still met Lily sleeping, “that’s better, she said and joined her on bed.

Joseph actually didn’t leave after dropping the ladies off at home, he was still having doubt’s about Winifred sudden change of behavior towards him.
He actually stayed around to see if Winifred is gonna sneak out to meet anybody, but at 10pm he gave up and drove off.

“Is she really changed? Its still hard to believe it, Joseph told his pals at home. Kindly hi ishmeal on+233544142683 to be added to his story room to enjoy more exciting stories from the group.
“That doctor of a guy actually had a serious fight with her, she even slapped him. Maybe this time she’s real, the spy said to him.
“Then I will take my chance immediately, I won’t let another guy take my place again, Joseph said.
“What about your girlfriend? One of his pal asked.
“Girlfriend? You mean Winifred? Joseph asked.
“I mean her friend, he replied.
“Who cares about her? Joseph asked and the guy scoffed.
“Common Joe you’re such a sweet and perfect Actor. How did you keep up with such pretense for a year now if you don’t really love her? He asked.
“I simply played the card well, turned to a sweet guy and won her heart. Now is the time to do same for Winifred, I will show her all the love I’ve locked up in my heart for so long and she’ll have no chance to love another man except me, Joseph seriously said while his pals just looked at him smiling.
“Well good luck with that, I can’t wait to finally see her as your girlfriend, one of them said.
“and yes, on her birthday party, I will openly declare my love for her, Joseph said.
“And she’ll say yes to you? His pals asked.
“Just watch me do my thing, Joseph said smiling broadly…………


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