MY BIRTHDAY PARTY … (18+) … Part 10



“Can I please get water to drink? Joseph asked.
“Sure, she said and Left him to the kitchen “why am I having this feeling that you’re up to something? He asked himself and took her phone on the bed, searched through her messages but saw nothing.

“Here is it, Winifred said giving him a sachet of water, “thank you, he said taking it from her.
The door opened and Lily walked in, “you’re here, Lily said when she saw him and he got up embracing her but his eyes was on Winifred.
“I just came in, can we go out? Joseph asked her.

“Go out? Am tired and I need to shower, Lily said.
“I’ll wait for you then, Winifred you’re coming with us, Joseph said.
“What! She was with her date all day and no one bothered her right? Lily said.
“Stop it Lily, he disappointed her today, Joseph said.
“I don’t understand, Lilly said.
“We are no more together please let’s not talk about this, Winifred sadly said.

“What! The nerve of that guy. How could he do that to you? Gosh I wish I know where he stays, Lily angrily said and looked at Winifred who was just gazing down.
“Common girlfriend don’t be sad, your man will come please forget about that jerk, she said and hugged her.
“Its fine, we didn’t go far anyway, Winifred said.
“That’s right, you’ll dress up and come with us okay I don’t want you to be moody. Gosh i thought he was different and he looked real to me, what a shame. Forget about him girlfriend and if I get to see him again he’ll get it hot from me, Lily said.
“No please don’t make it look like he really hurt me, let’s just pretend like nothing happened please, Winifred said.
“You’re right……. “He wouldn’t dare go close to her again and let’s not talk about him anymore, Joseph interrupted Lily.
“I’ll go shower okay, Lily said entering the bathroom.

“Do you have to take me with you? Winifred asked him.
“I won’t leave you here, he may come back here to bully you like he did in the restaurant, Joseph dropped.
“Restaurant? How did you know about it? Winifred asked.
“Me? No I only guessed because that’s where you two always meet right? Lily told me anyway that he always take you out to big restaurants so that’d why I said that. I’ll leave the room so you two can have your privacy, Joseph said and Winifred nodded while he left.

She locked the door and quickly texted Oliver, “you’re right. He knows what happened at the restaurant even when I didn’t tell him anything. He’s taking Lilly and I out, I’ll update you okay, bye, she sent it and deleted the text immediately.

Soon they were out for a date but Winifred only asked for soft drink.
“No I won’t take that, we are not cooking this evening you know so take something, Lily said.
“OK ma, can I please have fried rice with enough salad, you can as well put the salad more than the rice, Winifred ordered.
“OK ma, chicken or fish? The waitress asked.
“Fish please, She replied.
“OK please follow it up with red wine, thank you, Joseph added.
“OK sir, the waitress said and left.

“When did you start eating Fish and more of salad? Last I saw you eating that you asked for chicken and a little salad. To you, you don’t like fish and salad because it makes you throw up right? Joseph said to Winifred and she looked at him..
“I can remember when I said that, and that was my last date with Duke when he was trying to convince me to start eating fish and more of vegetables. How did you hear that? Winifred asked.
“What? Are you sure I heard that? In fact I can’t remember you going out with Duke, Joseph said.

“Oh please let him rest in peace, let’s not talk about this anymore, Lily came in.
“Oh sure, Lily told me about your upcoming birthday, we are going to celebrate it right? Joseph asked.
“Oh please not again, she bluntly refused to, lily came in again.
“Its fine if you want to celebrate it, its okay by me, Winifred said.

“Waow are you serious? That’s good news baby, Lily happily said and hugged her.
“Oh stop you’re making me shy now, Winifred said.
“We are going to celebrate it big, you’ll love it, Joseph said.
“Thank you, Winifred said and 2 waitress approached them with what they offered for.

“Thank you, please where can I use the restroom? Winifred asked the waitress.
“That way, by the left, A waitress replied pointing at a path.
“Thank you, I’ll be back please, Winifred said to them and Left.

She held the wall of the restroom in shock, “no no no this is not happening. I can clearly remember I ordered for little salad and Chicken but Duke was insisting I should go for Fish instead and more salad. I told him i will throw up but he assured me I’ll be fine. That was the night he died after dropping me off at home, how did Joseph hear our conversation? Does he have anything to do with Duke death? Oh God! Winifred cried and suddenly comported herself.

She took her phone and texted Oliver, “am suspecting Joseph has a hand in Duke death. Most importantly, I accepted to celebrate my birthday and he’s taking charge of it. Are we still not going to see Oliver? Am beginning to miss you, She sent it.

Oliver who just returned from shopping with Cindy and left for a hotel to book a room where he will stay till he finds a place to move in saw the text.
“Honey that’s wise of you to accept, I’ll make sure that will be a memorial birthday party for you and I want you to put on your best mood for him okay. Get more close to him and keep updating me. I miss you so much too, Oliver replied.

Leaving the restroom she saw the reply and felt like crying when she deleted it and pretended to be cool when she returned to them.
“What’s wrong with your eyes? Lily noticed the redness in it and Winifred sighed.
“I know you’re going to notice it. A little insect got in, you know how my eyes is right? It doesn’t tolerate even a little rub on It because it will get red, am fine, Winifred said.
“Eat up please, It might get cold, Joseph said and she noticed they didn’t start eating yet.

“Were you both waiting for me? Winifred asked.
“Yes ma, please let’s hurry up I need to rest my head, Lily said.
“Am so sorry i didn’t know, who’s gonna bless the food then? Winifred asked and Iily rolled her eyes.
“Do you we have to? Lily asked.
“I will, Joseph said raising his hand up.
“OK then let’s start, Winifred said smiling.

“Dear Lord, thank you so much for the delicious meal. As we eat this, may this nourish our body and continue to make us happy………. “Amen! Lily interrupted him not wanting him to continue anymore.
“Amen, Winifred concluded laughing.

“Why did you end my prayer? I didn’t even start blessing it, Joseph said with a frown.
“Seriously? You can continue with yours and add with anointing oil if you want, Lily snapped.
“Gosh! This food would have been more delicious if you had let me finish my prayer, Joseph said.
“Yea that’s right, but don’t mind her she’s anti prayer, Winifred said.
“Don’t worry next time we eat again, we’ll first read bible portions before we begin to pray, Joseph said and we burst out laughing with that.
“Are you kidding me? that’s more than taking of communion you know, lily said.
“You can say that again, Joseph said looking at me smiling and our eyes met.

I removed my eyes concentrating on my food “enjoy for now Joseph, but pray so hard that you’ll have nothing to do with all that has happened to me, Winifred said in her heart.


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