~ Damon ~
I woke up this morning with a smile.
I can’t believe Katharine is mine again.
I know she’s still acting stubborn and don’t wanna admit it, but she will.
I miss her and Allie already.
I wanted to go to John’s suite but I decided against it.
I don’t want to be clingy.
I’m starting to win her back and I don’t wanna mess up again.
After dressing up, I boarded my car and headed to my office.
~ Katharine ~
“but why can we just go back to California without having the contract ” I asked.
John came to me this morning and said we should pack up cause we’re leaving for California.
To me, it isn’t a good idea.
Allie just started to know her dad and I… I don’t think I’m ready to leave Damon again.
“I don’t need it again, let’s just leave ” he urged.
“I’m sorry John but I can’t go back to California, not now ” I blurted out.
“why ”
“Allie is just getting to know her dad and I don’t wanna just take her away from him ” I blurted out.
“then leave Allie for him ” he blurted out and I gave him a stern look.
“you know I can’t live without my daughter ” I said between gritted teeth.
I’m starting to get pissed now.
“then let’s go. You’re not staying here”
“what’s it to you? I’m not going back to California so why are you making a fuss about it ” I asked angrily.
“cause I don’t want you and Damon to get back together” he yelled and I flinched.
“and why’s that ” I asked sternly.
“cause I love you and I’m gonna make you mine ” he blurted out.
“I’m not going back to California and you’re not gonna make me” I said sternly and sat on my bed.
Allie’s out playing in the garden.
“then I’ll have to use another way ” he said and I arched an eyebrow.
~ Allie ~
Mom and John were having a quarrel so I just stood at the door and eavesdropped.
Don’t gimme that look, I know it’s not good to eavesdrop on adult conversations but I was curious.
John was forcing mom to go back to California but mom refused cause of me.
John said he’s gonna use another way to take mom to California and I gasped softly.
I ran out of the suite and stopped a cab.
I’m gonna go tell Damon and he’ll come help.
I don’t even know the address.
“he Mr, do you know where Damon Saltzman lives ” I asked.
I’ve heard mom calling Damon Mr Saltzman once so I’m very sure it’s his last name.
“of course, the Saltzman’s villa ” he said and I smiled.
“take me there ” I said and boarded the cab.
“do you have the T-fair ” he asked and I gave him a blank look.

“her Mr, my dad is very rich okay? Just take me there and he’ll pay you ” I skate dad he chuckled.
He started the car and drove off.
~ John ~
I already put Katherine in the car.
All it took was just a hard press on the corner of her neck and she was unconscious.
She’s so stubborn.
I wouldn’t be forcing her if she agreed to follow me.
I can tell Damon have her again.
I went to the garden to take Allie but didn’t find her there.
“Allie ” I called, searching the garden.
I searched the house and balcony but couldn’t find Allie.
Where the hell is she?
Katharine will hate me forever if I can’t find her daughter.
Gosh! What do I do?
I ran my hand through my hair in frustration.
Where the hell can that little bitch be?
She never even liked me from the very beginning and now she’s trying to ruin my plans.
I’ll just leave without her.
I’ll tell my investigators to help me look for her and when they do, they’ll send her to me in California.
First I have to go to my office here to get some important things and from there, I’ll head to the airport.
The only problem now is that my office is far from here and there’s traffic.
Just hope we get to the airport in time.
I boarded the car and headed to my office.
~ Allie ~
“why’s it so long? Whenever I go with my mom or Damon, it doesn’t take this long ” I seethed and the cab man chuckled.
“there’s a lot of traffic jam today that’s why ” he said and I rolled my eyes.
“and here we are ” he said and I smiled.
I got out and made to leave but he called me back.
“my money ” he said and I playfully hit my forehead.
What a greedy man.
“just wait here, I’ll get it ” I said and he nodded.
I said and turned to leave.
The gate was locked so my expression dropped.
I hit it with my palm but there was no response.
“anyone in ” I yelled, hitting the gate.
“seems no one’s home, dear” the cab man said and I sighed.
“do you probably know his company ” I asked and he put on a contemplating face.
“Mr Saltzman have a lot of companies so which one should I take you to ” he asked and I sighed again.
I have to think fast.
Mommy might be in danger.
“Win.. Win… ” I stuttered, trying to recall the name I heard John call one day.
“Winfield corporation” he blurted out and I smiled.
“that’s it ” I said and he smiled.
“let’s go then ” he said and I boarded the cab.
~ John ~
After taking all important things that I need, I came out of the office.
I boarded the car and headed to the airport.
~ Allie ~
“are we there yet ” I asked.
“almost ” he said and I rolled my eyes.
“you’ve been telling me that for hours now ” I seethed and be chuckled.
“just a few more mins ” he said and I rested my head on the headrest.
“here we are ” he said and I hurriedly got down.
I made to leave but he called me back.
“your money, I know ” I said before he could say anything and he smiled.
I tired entering the building but a security guard stopped me.
“you can’t go in ” he said and I scoffed.
“my dad owns here so I can ” I pouted.
“who’s your dad ”
“Damon Saltzman ” I blurted out and he stared at me in awe.
“wait here, I’ll tell his secretary ” he said and went in.
This man better be fast with it.


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