~ Damon ~
“how did you know ” I asked, surprised that she knew.
“I overheard mom and Olivia. Damon has the right to know he has a child. He deserves to know, blah blah blah ” she said, trying to mimic an adult voice and I chuckled.
“so aren’t you upset with your mom ” I asked and she raised an eyebrow.
Gosh! She’s really something.
“why should I be ” she answered my question with another question.
“cause she kept the truth from you “I blurted out and she shook her head negatively as if tired of me.
“I’m not. Whatever she does is for my own good cause she loves me. She also have her own reasons ” she said and I nodded.
She’s right! She must have her reasons.
I just yelled at her like an idiot.
“you’re so sweet and understanding “I said and made to carry her but she raised her hand as a signal for me to stop.
“remember you made mommy cry, go apologize else I won’t talk to you ” she blurted out and I chuckled.
What a drama queen.
She folded her hands around her chest and left with an angry face.
So dramatic!
I wish I was there when she was growing up.
I left the balcony and headed back to Katharine’s room.
Don’t want both mother and daughter to gang up against me.
I met Allie at the door, peeking at Katharine.
“why don’t you go in ” I whispered into her ear and she flinched.
She saw me and heaved a sigh of relief.
“mom told me to go to my room “she whispered back and I chuckled softly.
I’ve been chuckling a lot and that’s because of this angel.
I went in to meet Katharine seated on the floor with face in between her thighs.
I squatted to her level and gently took her hands in mine.
She looked up but looked away when she noticed it was me.
Her eyes were red and puffy.
I used my thumb to wipe the sticky tears that were plastered on her fluffy cheeks.
“I’m sorry ” I whispered and she sniffed.
“I didn’t meant to hurt you okay? I was just pissed cause you kept the truth from me but now I realise you have reasons for whatever you do “I said and she looked at me.
“will you take her from me ” she asked and I was taken aback.
Was that why she never told me?
That I’d take her daughter from her?
Is that what she thinks of me?.
But what do I expect her to think of me when I’ve always been a jerk to her.
“I would never take her away from you or do anything that would hurt you “I said softly and her lips curved into a small smile.
“but please give me a chance to spend time with her ” I demanded and she nodded.
I smiled and pulled her into a hug.
Allie gave me thumbs up from the door and I smiled.
She smiled back and left.
“please forgive me ” I whispered and she slowly pulled away from the hug.
“Katharine, I’m really sorry and j regret everything I did. Just give me a chance to make it all up ” I begged.
She stood up and turned her back on me.
“Damon please, just give me some space ” she said and I got off the floor.
“OK, I’ll just take Allie out ” I said and she nodded.
I walked out and went to the sitting room.
I met Allie seared on a couch and she pretended not to see me.
I sat beside her and she smiled.
“so angel, are you till upset with me ” I asked and she chuckled shyly.
“no, not anymore ” she said and I caressed her cheek.
“wanna go out with me ” I asked.
“I don’t think so ” she said.
“why ”
“I was enrolled in a school and I’m gonna start on Monday. I’m still lacking sine stuffs so mom and I would go get them today ” she said and I breathed out an “oh”.
“come, I’ll get everything you need ” I said and she smiled.
“OK ” she grinned and we went out.
I took her shopping and she got all that’s needed.
“would you like to see my house ” I asked and she put on a contemplating face.
“yes ” she said and I smiled broadly.
I’m so happy she’s getting along with me.
“Damon ” she called and I looked at her.
“why’s mom so upset with you ” she asked.
“well, I messed up big time. I really fucked up ” I said and she gave me a blunt look that I started to think if I said anything wrong.
“what ” I asked.
“mom said not to use the F words ” she blurted out and I breathed out an “oh” when I remembered I just used the word “fuck”.
“we’re here ” I said and drove into the drive way.
“wow ” she breathed out when she saw the mansion.
“did mom use to live here” she asked and I nodded.
“your house is so beautiful, Damon ” she complimented and I smiled.
“thanks ” I said and kissed cheek.
I took her hand and walked in.
“feel at home ” I said when we entered the house.
“show me around ” she demanded and I obliged.
I can never say no to this angel of mine.
I held her hand and and started showing her round the house.
~ Katharine ~
It’s getting late but Allie is not yet back.
The weather too isn’t pure and it’s gonna rain.
The doorbell rang and I ran to get it.
I opened it to see John and Olivia.
I sighed and stepped aside for them to come in.
Didn’t even notice they went out.
“guess what ” Olivia blurted out with a wide grin.
“you were given a badge as the best cook ” I blurted out and John chuckled.
Well Olivia is a good cook and she worked in a restaurant before we travelled.
“I don’t need a badge, I’m the best cook ever ” she seethed and John and I gave a funny look.
“but it’s true ” she pouted.
“did we say anything ” I asked and John shrugged.
“well, you know the cook association that I applied for in California ” she asked and I nodded.
Working in the cook association is Olivia’s dream since she got to California.
She’ll be famous if she gets to work there.
“my name is out ” she yelled and we jumped in glee.
“you’re gonna work there ” I asked, not believing my ears.
“yes ” she said with a wide grin.
“I’m so happy for you ” I said and hugged her.

“I’ll become one of the best cooks, I’ll open my knees restaurant and my restaurant will be the best in NY when I come back from California ” she said and we giggled.
“I need to start packing” she urged.
“we’re gonna miss you ” I pouted.
“drop that sad face and put on an happy face now ” she commanded and I chuckled.
I hugged her once before she went to her room for start packing.
“is anything wrong ” John asked as soon as Olivia went to her room.
“it’s just that it’s late and Damon has not come back with Allie yet ” I blurted out, feeling uneasy.
“you let him take Allie ” he asked, surprised.
“yeah, he’s Allie’s dad ” I blurted out and he nodded slowly.
“have you called him yet ” he asked.
“no, I’ll do that now ” I said and he nodded.
I took my phone and went up to my room.
I called him over and over again but he didn’t pick up.
I better go to his house now.
~ Damon ~
“are you sure she would come ” I asked Allie and she hit her forehead dramatically.
Allie said I shouldn’t take her home and that if Katharine calls, I shouldn’t pick up then she’d be forced to come here.
I doubt if Katharine will come here.
“OK, let’s see if she’ll come ” I said and we sat on the couch, waiting for Katharine.
Few mins later, the door bell rang and we gave each other a look.
“told ya ” Allie said and I chuckled.
I went to get the door and there she stood, with an angry face.
“she.. She’s in ” I stuttered but she she nothing as she walked in.
“it’s already late so why didn’t you bring her home ” she asked looking from Allie to me.
“I was the one who wanted to stay ” Allie defended and I was thankful cause Katharine looked like she was gonna kill me.
“let’s go now ” she said to Allie and Allie glanced at me.
“since its already late, why don’t you guys stay for the night ” I asked and she gave me a glare.
I kept mute and watched as she took Allie’s hand.
Already at the door, thunder rumbled and it started raining.
To my surprise, Katharine wasn’t sacred of the rain.
“let’s go, I brought my car “Katharine said and I cursed.
“it’s not safe to drive in the room ” Allie remarked.
“nothing’s gonna happen, let’s go ” Katharine said and Allie put on a sad face
Allie sighed and squatted to her level.
“do you wanna stay ” she asked and Allie nodded.
“OK, we’ll stay for the night ” she blurted out and I couldn’t be more happy.
I smiled but quickly frowned when Katharine looked at me.
“Damon why don’t you show us your room so we can all watch movies together ” Allie asked and I nodded without looking at Katharine.
I walked them to my room and we all laid on the bed with Allie in between Katharine and I.
We watched a cartoon film titles tangled.
I just browsed it in the internet cause that’s what Allie asked for.
After a while, Allie fell asleep and Katharine took her to another room.
Katharine gasped when she saw me behind her.
“what are you doing here “she asked, covering Allie with the blanket.
I slowly walked to her and wrapped my arms around her waist from behind.
She tensed but her body slowly relaxed in my arms.
I kissed her neck and she didn’t stop me.
I swirled her around to face me and she looked down shyly.
I gently raised her chin up and kissed her lips.
She reciprocated and I pulled her closer to me.
I pulled her up and she rapped her legs around my torso.
She tugged her hands on my hair and kissed me with so much force.
I slid my hand down to her butt and squeezed it, gently massaging it.
she moaned into my mouth and I pressed her against my erection.
I opened the door and took her to my room.
I laid her gently on the bed and hovered over her.
I caressed her soft flawless body, kissing every part.
I tore off her clothes, leaving HR in just her bra and panties.
“Damon ” she moaned.
“I love you Katharine ” I said between moans.
I unclasped her bra and pulled of her panties.
She shivered as my lips touched her clit.
“tell me, have John touched you ” I asked.
I’ve been finding a way to know since I John told me he loves her.
The thought of another man touching what’s mine is killing me.
“no ” she moaned out and I smiled against her nipple.
I grazed my teeth against her hard nipple and she moaned carelessly, caressing my bare back.
“has any man… ”
“no” she moaned out.
“no man has, except you ” she breathed out and I stopped.
She opened her eyes and met with my amused gaze.
” I love you so much ” I said and captured her lips in mine.
I kissed her down to her thighs.
I tried kissing in between her thighs but she wouldn’t open up.
I groaned and squeezed her hips.
“open up for me, baby ” I begged and kissed her crotch.
She shivered and parted her thighs, giving me a perfect view of what I wanted to see.
I slipped in a finger and she moaned out.
She still remain tight as ever.
I slipped in nother finger and she moaned out loud.
I slowly thrusted in and out with my finger.
I pulled out and kissed her lips.
“open your mouth ” I said and she did.
I put my hand in her mouth and she tasted herself.
“gosh! How long I’ve wanted to taste you ” I groaned into her ear.
I sucked her clit and she shivered in pleasure.
I couldn’t hold myself any longer so I plunged in and she screamed.
I slowly moved in and out as she moaned carelessly.
I increased my pace and she dug her nails into my back.
Our moans was all I could hear as I thrust in and out of her.
We came at once and I kissed her forehead before pulling out of her.
I collapsed beside her and pulled her to me.
We drifted off to sleep with her in my arms.


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