6 years later.
~ Olivia ~
Kathy, Allie and I sat at the garden, singing a lovely poem.
You all must be wondering who Allie is, she’s Kathy’s daughter.
She’s 5 years old and trust me when I say she’s a smart pant.
I remembered the day Kathy gave birth to her, she almost gave us an heart attack.
She didn’t cry at first when she came out but later did.
Why the fuck can’t I hear a baby crying?
I stared at the doc, waiting for her to speak up.
“the…. ” she was saying but stopped when we heard a baby crying from the labour room.
Awwn it must be Kathy’s baby, her voice is so tiny.
“the baby’s now crying” the doc breathed out.
“what do you mean ” I asked.
“she wasn’t crying when she came out so we got scared ” she said and I breathed out an “oh”.
“we’ll go clean her up “she said and entered the labour room and I followed suite.
The baby was tiny and cute.
And yeah, she’s a girl.
They cleaned her up and laid her in the cradle beside her mom.
“she’s so cute ” I said to Kathy who laid on her bed.
“are you alright ” I asked and she nodded with a smile.
After paying the bills and filling the necessary formalities, we went home.
Kathy laid on her bed with her baby beside her.
“have you though of a name yet ” I asked Kathy who kept staring at her baby and smiling.
“yes ” she said.
“Allie ” she blurted out.
“that’s a beautiful name ” I complimented and she smiled.
“I can’t believe I’m a mother ” she said, still grinning widely.
“yeah you are “I said.
“and I’m an aunt ” I blurted out and and giggled softly.
“I have to go get all the necessary stuffs for the baby” I said and she gave me abloom.
“I know we’ve got a lot but we’re probably still missing some “I said and she chuckled.
Days flew by and Kathy and I felt blessed to have Allie with us.
And I take back my statement, I don’t care how pregnancy affects women, I’d love to get pregnant.
Allie was just 7 months when she started taking her first step.
She’s so agile and beautiful.
She’s all in one.
We all sat at the garden, singing a lovely poem that Allie taught us.
Allie was now 5 years old and she’s looks smarter than her age.
Allie sprung up from her seat and ran after a butterfly, leaving us to hang the poem.
Kathy and I giggled at her childish act.
“she’s so beautiful like you ” I whispered into Kathy’s ear.
“but she’s got Damon’s blue eyes and hair” I said and she sighed.
“it’s been six years now, fucking six years and you’ve succeeded in convincing Allie that her dad travelled ” I said and she looked away.
Allie had asked for her dad when she was 4 years old but Kathy kept telling her the same thing over and over again.
That he travelled and he’s a very busy man.
She even writes letters and gives it to Allie, saying its from her dad.
“how long will you keep lying to the poor child ” I asked.
“I don’t have to keep lying to her, I’ll give her a dad ” she said and I arched an eyebrow.
“I’ll remarry ” she blurted out.
“you know you can’t, you’re still legally married to Damon ” I reminded her.
“no one would know about my past ” she half yelled.
Yeah I forgot, Kathy had changed her name and identity after giving birth to Allie.
She’s afraid Damon might come to know and take custody of the child.
She doesn’t want her past to ruin her future.
If she remains Katharine, she remains Damon’s wife so she changed her identity.
She now bears Wendy Blake.
I don’t know but I think Kathy is dating her boss.
Oh no she isn’t but she might.
They’ve gone out on a date once and she’s still contemplating whether or not to date him.
Mr Prize, the CEO of DD Ltd is the boss of Kathy.
Kathy’s actually his PA.
He’d be the same age as Damon, muscular and hot but Damon’s more hotter, muscular and cuter.
I just hope Kathy gives Damon a chance to at least know he has a daughter.
~ Damon ~
I sat on my chair in the board room with the boards members around the table.
Piper presented a video of DD Ltd.
They want to partner with us so we need all the info about them.
We can’t just partner without knowing every info and detail about the other party.
John Prize is the CEO of the company along with his PA, Wendy Blake.
If we agree to partner with them, they’ll have to come to New York next week to carry out all necessary formalities.
I listened as each board member spoke out their opinions.
After lots of thinking and the profits included in it, we finally agreed to partner with them.
I’ll call Mr Prize and they’ll come here next week.
We closed the meeting and the board members left.
“Damon ” Piper called, looking at me with a soft face.
For the last six years that Katharine left me, I’ve still not been myself.
I sometimes wish she’d come back to me but who was I kidding ? She wouldn’t want to come back to someone like me.
I tried researching about her if she’s married or not but nothing comes up.
There’s no info about her and I don’t wanna believe she’s dead. She can’t be.
I’ve been treating Piper like I treat my workers.
She’s owes no special place in my life.
She’s just a slut I use to pass time.
“Damon, talk to me please ” she begged but I said nothing.
“let’s go back to how we were, let’s have fun like we used to ” she said, coming closer to me.

She cupped my face and looked straight only my eyes.
“I love you Damon “she said and brought down her face to kiss me but I pushed her away.
“Piper you’re just my secretary and this is how you behave with your boss ” I asked and she stared at me.
“why can’t you get it in your head that I don’t want you anymore ” I yelled.
“stay within your limits “I said and got up to leave.
“what did you tell me the day I asked you about Katharine “she asked and I stopped on my track.
“you said you just wanted her for the contract and when you have it, you’ll trash her ” she blurted out and I closed my eyes in pain, remembering how low I thought of Katharine.
“but you can’t seem to trash her, you can’t seen to trash her from your heart even after she left you “she blurted out.
“it’s been six years, Damon six years and you’re still in denial, thinking she’d come back to you ” she yelled, getting pissed.
“but she won’t cause she regards you as a monster ” she blurted out.
“you’re still head over heels for for that trash even if she’s not with you ” she blurted out and I got pissed cause she called Katharine, trash.
I wrapped my hands tight around her neck and slammed her back against the wall.
“don’t you ever call Katharine trash again “I warned, choking the life out of her.
“you’re right, she regards me as a monster cause that’s what I am. I won’t hesitate to choke the life out of you and neither will I hesitate in ripping out the heart of any man Katharine gets married to ” I blurted out and watched as she struggled to breathe.
I released her and she slumped to the ground and gasped for air.
I smirked at her and left the board room.
I boarded my car and drove home.
I arrived and went up to my room.
I smiled as my eyes met Katharine’s photos that were all over my room.
Her photos are at every angle in my room.
The walls, wardrobe, mirror, bathroom, everywhere in my room.
I threw my clothes on the bed and got under the shower.
I came out and wore my briefs.
I switched on my laptop and connected to Mr Prize.
“Damon ” he called when popped up on my screen.
He was seated on his couch and his laptop laid on his laps.
“we’ve agreed to partner with you ” I blurted out cause I wasn’t up for a chat.
“wow! That’s great. You won’t regret this Damon and… ”
“just get ready to come to New York next week ” I cut him off in an harsh tone.
“yeah we can even… ”
I closed the laptop, preventing him from blabbering more.
I dropped my laptop and laid on my bed, smiling at Katharine’s photos.
Please come back to me, please.
~ Katharine ~
We were all seated on the sitting room when the door bell rang.
I went to get it and almost cursed when I saw it was Mr Prize.
“oh sir ” I said in a sweet tone and ushered him in.
“I’ve told you to stop calling me sir, just call me John “he seethed and I smiled.
“I’ll get you something ” I said and made to leave.
“that’s not needed, I came here for business “he said and I sat back down on the couch.
“hi Allie ” he said and Allie glanced at me then at Olivia.
“hi ” she said in a low voice as if not interested.
I gave her a stern look and she quickly smiled at John.
“so ” I asked, gaining John’s attention.
“remember the company we wanted to partner with ” he asked.
“the one owned by Damon Saltzman ” I asked and he nodded with a smile.
I know that company.
Damon’s for many companies but this particular one ‘Winfield corporation’ was the one he used me to get.
I forced a smile at John andbhsed smiled back.
“they agreed to partner with us ” he blurted out and I almost failed on my breath.
I’ve been praying for them to reject the offer but it seems now that my prayers were futile.
“I’m so happy ” John said and I smiled.
“so I just want you to get ready cause we’re going to New York next week ” he blurted out and my heart almost stopped.
“is.. Is it necessary for me to come with you ” I asked.
“yes, you’re my secretary” he answered and I glanced at Olivia to see a grin on her face.
“OK then ” I smiled at John.
John left and I cursed and cursed.
“we need to have a talk ” I grabbed her hand and dragged her away from Allie.
“I’m going back to New York and that too, to Damon’s company “I blurted out while Olivia kept that grin plastered to her face.
“how bad is that ” I asked.
“more like how great is that ” she corrected and I huffed.
“I can’t go with Allie so I need you to take care of her ” I said.
“hell no” she yelled and I placed my hand on her mouth to shut her.
“how loud are you mad ” I asked.
“no way! No! If you’re going to New York then we’re coming along ” she seethed.
“you know that’s not a good idea ”
“if you go to New York alone, I’ll leave Allie in California and clients NY too” she blurted out.
“you can’t do that ”
“dare me ” she said sternly.
“OK fine! I’ll ask John if you both can come along ”
“that’s more like it ” she said and kissed my cheek.
She walked out, calling Allie.
I called John and asked him.
He’s more than OK with it since I’m cool with it. His words not mine.
He’s a nice guy. Don’t know why I can’t seem to develop any feelings for him.
next week and I’ll meet with the same person I’ve been running from.
Damon Harris Saltzman.


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