~ Katharine ~
I sat on my bed, crying my eyes out.
I can’t believe I.. I….
Oh my God!
I can’t believe I almost killed an innocent child for some selfish reasons.
Yes selfish. No reason in this world is enough to kill an innocent child.
I almost made the biggest mistake of my life.
I laid on the end, waiting to be operated on.
As the doc walked up to me with a syringe filled with anesthesia and I sat up.
“I can’t do this, I can’t ” I blurted out and the docs glanced at one another.
I got down from the bed and ran out before they could say a word.
I can’t do it.
I put on my normal clothes and left.
I’m gonna keep this child, love it and take very good care of it.
I smiled amidst tears and rubbed my flat Tommy.
The doc has advised me to take good care of myself, I shouldn’t stress myself.
Thank God, the money in my account is more than enough to take care of myself.
So much for doing a contract with a billionaire.
I laid down on my bed and before I knew it, I slept off.
I woke up with a tight face and a dried throat so I went to freshen up.
I went to the kitchen and ate the left overs of lasagna then drank juice.
I went back to my room and sat on my bed.
I picked up my phone and almost screamed when I saw 25 missed calls from Olivia.
She must have been very worried, I mean very very worried.
I called her back and she picked up almost immediately.
“Katharine” she breathed out.
“thank God you’re fine, I was dead worried ” she said over the phone.
“Olivia calm down, I’m fine ” I said.
” I just slept off ” I blurted out.
“well the good news is that you’re fine and the bad news is that I’m already at the air port coming to California and when I get there, I’m gonna spank you hard “she blurted out.
“you’re kidding, right “I asked.
“nope! And when I get there, I’m gonna beat the hell outta of you for almost giving me an heart attack “she said and I giggled.
“that’s good, I feel so lonely and I need someone to take care of me ” I blurted out.
“what” she asked.
“nothing, just get here fast ” I said and hung up, feeling pissed.
OK why am I pissed now? Maybe because she was asking too much questions.
I feel so hungry.
Did I just say hungry? I just ate a few mins ago.
I shrugged and when to the kitchen to get myself snacks.
– &-
I woke up the next day and did my morning routine.
I have to pick Olivia from the airport at 7:30 and I still got 10 mins so I’ll just watch TV.
It was 7:25 so I decided to go pick her up, though I felt lazy to get my butt off the couch.
I arrived at the airport at 7:55 to meet a furious Olivia, waiting patiently for me.
I chuckled at her facial expression and walked up to her.
“what’s so funny” she asked but I continued laughing, gaining attention.
“OK I don’t know what you keep laughing about but we have to leave ” Olivia said, took my hand and we walked out.
We hailed a cab to my apartment and she wowed when she saw it.
There were three rooms so Olivia took one.
I told Olivia everything and she supported me.
“if that’s what you want and you’re happy then it’s fine with me “those are her usual words and she meant it all.
Days flew by and I couldn’t be more happy that Olivia is with me.
I was 4 months pregnant and my tommy was quite big.
Olivia does everything, including going out to buy stuffs cause I feel ashamed to go out with a big tommy.
Don’t blame me, I’m new to all these.
I sat on the kitchen canter, beside a crate of egg and watched as Olivia made egg omelette rolls.

~ Olivia ~
Hell! I feel like I’m in hell while on earth.
I do everything, literally everything while Kathy just sits her butt on the couch to watch TV and sleep all day.
She’s even ashamed to come out cause of her tommy.
And when we have to go for a check up at the hospital, she’ll cling to me like a cliche_________ not even sure I know what that means.
If this is how pregnancy affects women then I don’t wanna get pregnant.
We were at the kitchen, Kathy sat on the canter doing nothing while I made egg omelette.
There was a crate of egg on the kitchen canter that Kathy couldn’t seem to take her eyes off.
“use this egg this time ” she took an egg and stretched it out to me.
“ok” I said and tried to take it but it slipped from my hand and landed on the tiled floor.
I heard Kathy sniffing, staring down at the broken egg.
“it’s broken ” she whispered and before I could figure her out, she busted out in tears.
“it’s just an egg and there are lots of it in the crate “I blurted out.
“it was my favorite egg ” she cried out.
Favorite egg?
I watched as she sat on the floor, beside the broken egg and cried.
OK, I’ve said this before and I’m gonna say it again.
If this is how pregnancy affects women then I don’t wanna get pregnant.
I sighed, staring at Kathe who kept crying like a child.
After lots of persuasion, I promised to take her shopping and that made her stop crying.
Can’t believe she cried for hours just for an egg.
Good thing I have a CCTV camera everywhere and in the kitchen and I’m gonna mock her with it after she gives birth.
She ate some egg omelette and I led her to her room.
I laid her down on her bed and she slept off immediately.
I slumped down on the floor and released all the breath I couldn’t release before falling into a deep slumber.
– & –
I felt a warm hand on my cheel but didn’t open my eyes.
“wake up ” Kathy yelled in my ear and I sprung up.
“OK Kathe, you’ve succeeded in making me crazy but please don’t make me deaf “I seethed and struggled up to my feet.
She wore a fled gown that hid her tommy quite well and packed her hair in ponytail.
I stared at her, wondering if she was going out.
As if reading my thoughts, she smiled at me and said : “you promised to take me shopping, remember? ”
Aah! My world!
No way I’m taking her out. I mean look at me, I’m a mess.
I’ve not had time to take care of myself these few months.
“but… ” I was saying but stopped when her facial expression dropped.
Her eyes welled up in tears and I knew where that’ll lead to.
“just hold on, I’ll freshen up and we’ll go ” I said with a forced smile and she grinned widely.
I sighed and went to my room to freshen up.
I freshened up and put on a short gown that hugged my body.
It brought out my curves and I’m sure
Kathy’s gonna get jealous.
Since she’s fat, she can’t wear clothes like this.
I left my hair in waves and did a light make up.
I came out and she eyed me head to toe.
“you look stunning ” she commented and I smiled.
She looked at herself and her face dropped.
I raised her chin up to look at me and I gently twitched her nose.
Yeah gently cause since she got pregnant, she’s been crazy.
If I nudge her gently on the arm, she’ll bust out in tears, saying it hurts.
“you look beautiful just the way you are “I said and she smiled.
“oh thanks Olivia ” she said in an emotional tone and hugged me.
“OK don’t get emotional now, let’s go ” I took her hand and walked out cause if she gets emotional, it will lead to unstoppable tears.
We arrived at California mall and Kathy couldn’t stop grinning ear to ear.
“hey pretty ” someone said behind us and we turned to see a man.
He’d be in his 30s, quite muscular and cute.
“hey ” I smiled.
“I’m Vincent ” he said and stretched his hand out for an handshake.
I was about taking his hand when Kathy busted out laughing.
The man arched an eyebrow at me and I stared at Kathy with a confused expression.
“why’s his eyes so big ” she asked amidst laughter.
The man looked at me with a mixed expression, anger and embarrassment.
Truth be told, he does have big eyes.
“I think I should take my leave ”
“no wait” I called to him but he left.
OK this is a situation where I’d have to drag Kathy back to Damon.
“let’s go ” I said and she stopped laughing.
“no” she blurted out.
“but we already got lots of stuffs ” I said and showed her the four bags with me.
“no way I’m leaving here, not now “she blurted out and headed to the escalator to go up.
My world!
We arrived home from the mall, late.
We had dinner, freshened up and went to bed.


I stared at Kathy who was seated on the couch with her fully grown tommy.
She partly laid on the couch, eating popcorn.
I smiled when I remembered what I’ve been doing.
The CCTV cameras and photos of Kathy.
I’m gonna mock her with it later.
I brought out my phone and snapped her without her awareness.
I chuckled as I stared at her.
She looks so funny with pregnancy.
She closed her eyes and hissed in pain.
“are you alright ” I asked but she said nothing.
“aah” she screamed a little.
I saw water run down her thighs so I sprung up to my feet.
She’s in labour.
“Kathy breathe, breathe ” I tried to calm her.
I gently helped her up and squealed when she screamed in my ear.
“deep breaths ” I said as we slowly walked out.
She kept screaming as we walked out.
We hailed a cab to the hospital and the nurse took her to the labour room.
I sat, waiting for a good news with a pounding heart.
I hope she makes it through cause it’s her first.
I tapped my right foot on the tiled floor as I waited.
The door to the labour room opened and the doc came out.
I ran to her, expecting her to say something but she just stared at me bluntly.
And why the fuck can’t I hear a baby’s cry?


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