”Mummy, are we at my new house, daddy’s
house?” Kiki says excitedly jumping in her eat,
Tonia laughs ,
“Ýes baby, we are, and daddy is excited to see
you, ready?”
”Yay!!! Ready ready ready!!” she claps her hands,
they alight from the car walking to the door as
Sean swings it open
“‘DADDY!!!” Kiki runs into his outstretched arms.
Sean lifts her up and swings her around kissing
”Careful with her arm” Megan laughs cautioning
”Okay okay!!!” he has her on his arm turning to
face everyone, ”Everyone, Meet my daughter …
KIKINA O’ÇONNER!!” he says with pride and
everyone goes into cheers and claps and awwn-
ing and ohhhh-ing and Ahh-ing, she is so
”I know, you should see her mother”‘ he turns to
She blushes. Tonia pinches her, she slaps her
hand away as they all go in.
”Can I help you?” the maid opens the door to a
woman dressed elegantly but too scanty for a
baby’s welcome party
”Yes, is Sean O’Conner home?”
”Yes, and you are?”
”His girlfriend, Tasha Williams,” she says pushing
past the maid and going into the house as the
maid follows her calling out to her to stop.
Everyone was having a good time, kiki was
running around the house playing with some kids
rom school who had come to her welcome party,
including her teacher and proprietress who were
there.. Tonia and Zachary were taking, the Philips
and O’Conners are laughing at a joke made by
Charles and the guest are mingling and eating.
But all through this, Sean doesn’t take his eyes off
Megan, she looks really amazing today, he
couldn’t wait for her to give him answer.. he
catches her eyes and smiles at her, praying she
does so too. He has a surprise for her.
”When are you going to give him an answer you
know he is practically salivating for that yes
Megan?” Tonia had said to her in passing like a
hundred times today.
”Soon” she had whispered back
”Don’t wait too long Megan dear” her mother had
told her yesterday
”I won’t, soon mum, I will tell him soon”
Megan looks at him across the room, her heart
barely able to keep still, she has been thinking
about him too… she does want him, she does want
it all and I she has to be honest… he likes him
,more than a little, this past few weeks has been
amazing with him and Kiki and her family and he
trying not to push her for an answer but just being
there, the perfect gentleman and father, keeping it
civil… doing the right things and not even trying to
kiss her again, he had told her that he wouldn’t try
to again unless she wants him too..
And all the while he said that she was screaming,
She yearns for him, she keeps thinking about him,
wanting him, her heart fluttering from the thoughts
of him..
She realised all too recently that she has in fact
fallen in love with Sean too, and she was going to
tell him today, she was going to tell him Yes!!
She sees him walking towards her, looking
dashingly handsome, she turns away blushing
”Running away from me?” he catches up with her,
touching her hand tentatively, he brings her hands
to his lips and kisses her knuckles
”No!!”she lies, her heart is beating fast
”So how are you?” he says pulling her to him to
hug her and kiss her cheeks as a way of greeting,
as he does so, he lingers not letting her go… she
doesn’t pull away, she wallows hard
“Great! you?”
”Great!!” they are staring into each others eyes
”Ýou are beautiful Megan Philips!! would it be
selfish of me to tell you that I do not feel like
letting you go, not even this second.. I want to
hold you in my arms forever. Would it be selfish of
me to say so?” he asks her,
Now or never Megan “Yes!!”
”What?” he frowns
”Yes Sean, my answer is Yes!!” she breaths against
his lips
Sean smiles “Yes?”
“Yes..to us!!”
Sean’s smile increases “I swear the word Yes
never sounded so good until this moment, I will
make you Megan the happiest girl in the
world..and ..I am sorry but I got this yesterday
pending when you said yes and I know it’s too fast
but… will you marry me, we have the rest of our
life to do magic” he laughs against her lips
”Wait! Marry you?” she is shocked, her head is
spinning, her heart is making loud drum sounds
”Yes Megan, we want this and I do not want to
waste anymore time… I have a daughter, I have the
woman I am crazy about… let’s make it official”
”How did you know I would say yes much less
agree to this?”
”I don’t. I didn’t. But I met this amazing little
angel recently and she told me something
profound, that her beautiful mummy tells her that
prayer is the key to everything and that God is real
and is good and he answers all our prayers if we
believe, so I did just that. I prayed to God day and
night to let it happen, and see, you said yes. Now I
believe what Kiki says you say is true..but I need
one more yes, just say one more Yes and I swear I
won’t ask for another yes in ..well…not for the next
couple of seconds..or minutes” he winks at her
She laughs ”What other yes would you want?”‘
”oh!! You know… if I can kiss you, the woman of
my dreams and mother of my child!!”
Now she smiles, blushing “I can do that Yes!!” she
nods “In fact I can do all the YESSES!!” she laughs
as he hugs her ..
”’Damnnit Megan Philips!! I love you”‘
”I love you too Sean O’Conner, now shut up and
kiss me!” she wraps her hands around his neck
”oh I thought you will never ask”‘
He leans in and captures her lips… while they kiss,
he brings out the velvet box from his back pocket,
he pulls away from her, putting the box between
them and places it in her hands .
”I hope it fits, I wasn’t sure but most times I held
your hands, I sized it mentally, your finger I mean,
I picked this one because mentally I think it would
fit, so.. now that you have said YES! YES! YES!
Three Yesses, why not put it on. So it’s official,
wait, let me help it with you”‘
He takes the case, takes out the diamond ring, and
helps her with it kissing her finger and her lips..
her eyes glistens, everything was happening too
fast… one minute she is agreeing to date him and
the next she is wearing his ring, that means, she
is his fiancé, soon to be wife.?
Someone tell me this isn’t a dream..she laughs as
tears roll down her eyes ”this is-..”
”The most beautiful sight!!” he says kissing
her…”my baby mama, my girlfriend, my fiancé’ my
hella hot soon-to-be-wife…yes..this is the most
beautiful sight!!”
She wraps her hands and kisses him back
passionately, she laughs kissing him, tears
dropping, he spins her around before he stops
”Everyone !!”‘ Sean calls out ”She said YES!!”
Cheers went off the roof!
”OH MY GOD!!” Tonia exclaims when they see
Sean twirling the laughing Megan around kissing
her, she shows off her ring
”I said yes!! can you believe it!!?”‘ she squeals
Kiki runs to them as Sean lifts her up with another
hand, he hugs them both kissing their faces as
friends and family comes to congratulate them
The lady who just walked in had mask of anger on
her face.

”Get away from my boyfriend!!!” Tasha walks into
the room followed by the maid who tries to stop
Sean breaks away from Megan, “Boyfriend?” Megan
pulls away, shocked, she thought..
”No, ex-boyfriend Tasha!” Sean says dropping Kiki,
”No!! I told you I won’t accept it… Ilove you Sean,
we are good together, you came back here and you
changed, you met her and you changed, you tell
me you have a daughter and that you are in love
with some else, her mother, you can’t I won’t let
you. I love you”‘
Everyone is whispering
”No Tasha, you love my money, my status and the
luxury of life you get from dating me, you love
that… not me”‘
”Sean… you are going to pick them over me? That
little girl who might not even be your daughter…
that woman might be lying to you. Look baby” she
steps forward pushing Megan away ”You want
children, we are going to have kids and I won’t lie
to you like she did and keep it a secret, and..look
she knows that you are rich that is why she maybe
paid the doctor to lie that she is your kid if not
why didn’t she tell you all this years about her
”Tasha stop it, we talked about this… you are
embarrassing yourself in front of my family, it’s
over, I ended it with you weeks ago..please”‘
”But, I love you”‘ she holds him , trying to kiss
him, he takes her hands away pulling it away from
his face ”I came all the way for you, to win you
Megan pulls away Kiki, she is walking away, Sean
holds her hands shaking his head.
She pauses. He had told her a few weeks ago that
he was dating someone, he didn’t talk about her
much, or mentioned her name and what she did,
he said it wasn’t important.. he just wanted her to
know that he was dating someone before… he told
her while they were getting to know each other
well during the past weeks.. he told her he broke
up with her, he had done it over the phone but he
felt guilt, he took a weekend trip to her and told
her face to face… she didn’t want to accept it but
he had to break up with her and she wanted to
know if it was because of her and kiki, he told her
it wasn’t.
He had said it was because of him… he wasn’t in
love with her, he liked her well enough but he
didn’t love her and then overtime other issues
came up that he couldn’t deal with and then she
asked like what, he said she was materialistic. But
he knew that bit and dated her, she told him. Yes,
he admitted, but it became worse that every time
they spoke, she always wanted something
outrageous she could do without and he pleased
her every want for a while until he stopped, then
the fights and then everything else began. He said
was going to break off with her even before they
met, it just seemed like the right time to do it and
he did. He told her that she, the ex wasn’t happy
about it, it turned ugly, he offered friendship and
she refused. He left, they haven’t spoken since
then and now she shows up.
Megan felt sorry for her, she couldn’t help but feel
that she was the cause, “You aren’t Megan, you
aren’t” he had told her that when she voiced it.
Now she was here, to reclaim what she thinks is
hers, and she would never come in between that..
The lady had a right to fight for what she wants,
the decision is left entirely to the one who is being
fought for, but still, she felt for Tasha.
”It’s over Tasha, it’s been over for months . I think
we both knew that, even before I moved back here,
we were just holding on to scraps… please, let it
be. I am starting a new life with my daughter and
my fiancé’ now, please”‘
Tasha pulls away ”You really don’t love me do
He shakes his head “I am sorry Tasha, I hope you
find someone who does.” He says sadly ”I am truly
She straightens up herself, adjusts her cloths…

looking around as everyone is murmuring, she
sees the little girl looking at her, then she looks at
her mother then at Sean ” You will regret not
picking me, you will miss me and when that
happens, don’t come crawling back… I will not
take you back”‘
”Don’t worry sweetheart!! Sean wouldn’t” Zachary
says “Ánd if you don’t mind, you sort of disrupted
the celebration of the happy couple, so you want to
stay and enjoy the party or you go, your choose”
he comes to her
”Well I won’t stay where I am not wanted !!” she
turns up her nose “I can get another man in a
minute, can’t believe I came all the way for
nothing” she says walks away, out the room and
out the door shutting it with a bang
”Glad she took the bad mojo away” Zachary smiles
”I am sorry sir, she just barged in” the maid says
”It’s fine”‘ Sean nods to her, she leaves
”Hey everyone, it’s a party… a welcome home
party for Kiki and then the happy couple, turn up
the music DJ, turn it up, everyone let’s dance yo!!”
he chants, everyone slowly goes back into the
happy mood, he turns to them “Hey
congratulations brother” Zachary hugs Sean ”and
you too Megan, sister-in law. I and Sean are
brothers , of different parents and genes but
brother none the less so you are stuck with me
too” he shines his teeth
Megan smiles and allows him hug her
”Ewww, now I would have to call you Uncle
Zachary, can I call you Mr talker pleaseeeeeee” Kiki
They laugh “‘As long as I get to continue calling
you little monster”
Kiki screws up her face ”Not complete”
”My favourite little monster?”‘
”Deal Uncle Talker!!” they shake on it. She turns to
her father as her curious head remembers
”Daddy, who was that, why did she call you her
boyfriend?” kiki tugs his jacket
Sean lifts her up ”Hey long story kiddo, maybe
when you are older I will tell you okay?”’
”Okay daddy, can I go play in my new room and
take my friends with me?”
”Yes baby”‘
”You are the best dad in the world”‘ she kisses his
”Yes, I will be, I love you kikina, I love you MY
GIRL!!” her kisses her back and drops her as she
scurries off with other children on her toll, Zachary
goes to fish out Tonia.
Megan is quiet, touching her ring, he watches her
“Cold feet, changing your mind?” his heart cuts
She shakes her head “Just thinking about Tasha, I
feel sad for her… like I destroyed something “‘
He holds her to him, pulling her close “I told you
before and I will say it again, You didn’t Megan,
you didn’t.!! I love you Megan Philips, I love you
alone… you alone. And if you would still have me…
I am all yours..no more ex-girlfriends showing up
and stuff, I promise on my daughter’s life” he
raises his right hand. “No more girls showing up
to tell me they love me, well except a cute blue
eyed little angel with a contagious laugh, you
would have to pardon her because she comes first
in daddy’s world”
She laughs wrapping her hands around his neck
”just so you don’t die of pain and say I am
heartless, I’ll have you, don’t go saying I didn’t
love you right back dude, because if I reject you,
no one else will take you.. not even TASHA!!” she
pulls his cheeks
”Ha ha ha! Very funny. That’s fine, I’ll take my
chances with you beautiful. I love you Megan
Philips Aka my baby mama !!” he kisses her
”I love you too Sean O’Çonner, Aka.. “she smiles
as her eyes twinkles ” sperm donor “‘ she laughs
as he tickles her as they laugh together. They kiss
for a long time in the middle of the room while the
party goes on oblivious of anyone else, they were
in their own world.
”I love you”
”I love you more” they say in between kisses
”And what about me daddy?”’Kiki is tugging at his
jacket, they break off kissing as he laughs picking
her up, he releases that she loves to be carried
and he loves to carry her too ”Do you love me like
you love mummy?”
”oh, I love you more, I love you more MY GIRL!!”
He hugs them both to him,kissing them one after
the other ”I love you both more, you are My Girl
Kiki, you’ll always come first place”
”And mummy?”
He smiles “She is queen, no contenders and you
are my princess, no contenders”
Kiki smiles ”And you are our King right, no
”None for me” Megan says
”None for me too” Kiki smiles
”Kiss daddy? One two three ” As both of them kiss
his cheeks, he is laughing,
”hey Dude, say cheese!!” Zachary calls out holding
camera facing them
Sean turns with his girls facing the camera as they
smile, ”CHEESE”!! Click.
“‘Everyone, gather around..a family picture” Sean
calls out , The Philips and the O’Conners gather
”hey me too, I am, family!!”‘ Zachary says giving
the camera to someone else and joining the family,
everyone laughs
”Say Cheese everyone??”
As they smile, the camera goes CLICK CLICK
A year later ,they welcomed a baby boy “Zachary
O’Conner Jnr” and Zachary gets to be the
And yes,sometimes dreams do come true and
fairytales isn’t only for princesses.
And Yes,they did live happily ever after.


Author’s Note.

”Know this, no matter what you are going through,
or how dark your days are , one day, even in the
dark, your light will shine and your heart will be at
peace, because all that you really want and desire
will come true in the most unexpected of
ways..and if you only believe, your miracle will
happen, and maybe you will find love on the way
or it might find you. Who knows, don’t give
up..never do!! Your light will come, there is a
reason why the bible says sorrow may last for the
night, but joy comes in the morning. I pray you
wake up to it soon. I pray God makes all your
dreams come true like Kiki. So while you wait, why
don’t you Live, love, Pray, REPEAT.

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