Not up to 20minutes, Juliet arrived, looking
sexier than ever before, my mouth fall for
her beauty, she wore a bump shot with a
sleeveless shirt as her well packaged b—-t
was there staring at me, she smiled
immediately she saw me, I don’t wanna
spoil this very moment because of my
condition that moment. I gave her food to
eat and as she finished she came to bed
and we started kissing immediately.
Before we knew what was happening, our
clothes were off and I got under her gave
her a good suck-f—–g of her life, she gave
me a blow job too, a very good blow job, it
was fantastic. After that I raise one of her
legs up, got in between them as I ride her
in a ‘guy in the middle’ position, in that
position I hit the G-spot immediately, before
I knew it she c-m. I removed it and sat on
a chair as she came and sat on me and f–
k me from the front, it a pleasure I can’t
forget in a hurry. We c-m that moment
together and I sat down on her back and
massage her, she came on top me too and
gave me a nice massage, my c–k rose
again and we started in the doggy style
position, I t—-t in and out, I go deep and
shallow, the sensation was a very nice one.
We f–k for like a million years, I noticed her
legs were shaking still I didn’t stop, na she
go run.

We entered fourth and fifth round, we were
on the sixth round when she pushed me
that she can’t do again, I begged her that
we should at least complete the one we
have at her she refused as I was on top her
after she has finally accepted that I should
do only that one my door opened. Ah!! We
didn’t bolt the door? Am doomed, coming
in are Vivian and Dooshima, they were
shocked to find a strange girl in my room.
“What! Peter! Why are you doing me like
this? What have I not done for you to treat
me this way, you are sleeping with another
girl”. Vivian barked, all this while Vivian was
talking, I noticed Dooshima was staring at
me and Vivian, confusion eyes. “So you
mean, Peter is dating you”? She finally
asked Vivian. “Yes of course, you mean you
don’t know”? “How can I, he is also dating
me in fact am even pregnant for him that is
why I came”! Both of them couldn’t believe
themselves, as they were talking Jenny
entered, mogbe ooo, another story, “are you
also dating Peter”? Dooshima asked Jenny.
“Yes of course am even pregnant for him”.
Jenny replied in confusion. I looked around
and Juliet has gone. As Jenny discovered
that I was sleeping with Dooshima and
Vivian she just fainted, we poured her
water, gave her milk as she revived. They
left with anger that night, as they were all
crying. Silent is deadlier than words I know
I was expecting something very awful. I
couldn’t sleep that night, they not
discovered that am in to Louis and Lucy yet
ooo. I checked my drawer and my 10k was
gone, I knew it was Juliet that took it, I
dialed her line swift off……


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