Immediately I remembered my past
experience, I took water from her freezer
and pour it on her, she stood up but very
weak, I took milk and gave it to her she
drank and sat down. Her face looks like she
wanted to sleep, I lay her on the bed as I
lay beside her. We both slept off, she woke
me up by 8pm, I never knew I had slept for
so long. “Thank you very much baby.
Believe me, no body has ever f–k me the
way you did today, I knew you are very
good since that day I heard what Ego was
doing in her room, I have being imagining
myself moaning that way. This day will
ever remain in my mind. I will always love
and remember you peter”. She said as she
lay in my arms. “Am also happy, we both
enjoyed it, me too you did very
impressively, you wonderful baby, I won’t
also forget this day in a hurry”. I said as I
kissed her forehead. She was smiling, she
asked me to sleep in her house and leave
the following day, I checked my phone and
I saw 75 missed calls, Juliet’s alone was
35, my mind cut, I can’t call her to come
that night again so I decided to pretend as
if I have not seen it. I accepted to sleep in
her house, she got up brought food we ate
together, NEPA brought light, and we
decide to watch films, we were watching
“THE ULTIMATE”, a romantic movie staring
Jenevieve Naji till around 10pm, it ended
and she put another love movie, around
12midnight she said we should go to bed
and we went.

Around 5am I woke up very strong, the
covering she use was under her navel with
her b—-t outside, I remembered that for a
beautiful to happen, a beautiful early
morning Quickie will work perfectly. I
started rubbing my palms on her head, to
her belly, her hands softly and gradually.
She was moaning softly pretending to be
sleeping. “Hope, it won’t take time baby”?
“No it won’t, let make our day beautiful”. I
said to her, I kissed her as she responded
graciously. Before we knew it, she was on
a jelly fish position as I f–k hell out of her,
just a single round. We both c-m and I
came down from the bed, got ready and
started to go when she called me. “Please
Peter, I will never forget you and you too
don’t forget me. I love you baby”. “Don’t
worry, I won’t forget you I promise and I
love you too baby”. I said and dash out
and headed to my house. My worst week
just started…….stay tune……


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