Having said that, she started moving
toward me, I stood there and didn’t move
an inch, she came to my side, used her
long fingernails to scratch my chest. I
wasn’t in the mood that very moment, I
already know what she want but I am not
ready to give in to her that easily. “Are you
giving me the phone or not? If you ain’t
giving me, I will go and………” Still wanna
say some things when she cut me short by
covering her mouth in mine in a deep kiss,
on a very good day I will love that but that
very moment, it’s not gonna work, am not
in the least mood except other wise. I
pushed her to an extend of hitting her
buttock on the chair, she shouted for
pains. “Please am not here for all this, you
drove me out of your house yesterday
because you have a guy visiting you. Am
sure you did it because you caught me and
Ego, well fine, you and you guy ain’t break
up and me and Ego either, so just please
give me what I came here for before your
guy comes and find me here”. I said to her.
She stood up holding her waist, “Peter, I
didn’t know that you can be so harsh! You
almost broke my waist because of phone
but……….” “Abeg wait, didn’t I told you that I
have something important to do with the
phone? Why are you so wicked? Do you
wanna force me against my own will? Then
I will not do it, if you don’t wanna give me
the phone keep it”. I said. “Am sorry baby,
it was a joke that day when I told you that
my guy was coming, I said that to see your
reaction, no guy came please. And for your
phone this is it”. She said and handed my
phone to me, as she was giving it to me,
her wrapper loosed and there she stood
stack naked with any thing on not even a
pant!! Immediately my jagaband rose, I.
Wanna rush out to avoid being caught but
she grabbed me and her hand straight into
my sagged trouser and gbam! She hold my
jagu and before she could loosen my belt I
held her hand, not as if I wasn’t in the
mood but I just wanna show her that she
can’t seduce me.

“You can’t force me to have sex with you,
no matter what, even if you sleep with your
leg wide open, I can control myself”. I said
to her, these words weaken her, having
confirmed that she was hurt I grabbed her
face kissed her passionately, I have just a
week and so for my WAEC exams to finish
so I need to have a goodbye sex with her,
and I will make sure I do it so that she will
always remember me.
“Ouch…….hmmm…..Hhhhhhhmmmm” as we
locked mouth kissing each other, these
were what her respond was. I removed my
trouser with my shirt leaving only boxer. I
open my back pocket and I


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