Suddenly the door opened and miss
Jacobs entered!! Chai!!! What do I do now?
From hospital down to banging another
girl? The lady that has been with me for a
long time now, am f—–g another lady in the
same roof with her? Some times I wonder
why we become so insensitive to some
things we know quite well that it is bad
until we do it and we later become
I was speechless and couldn’t say anything
for some seconds, it seems miss Jacobs
was also confused, what will she say in
front of the lady she is teaching having sex
with the guy she is teaching too, will she
start a scene to let the girl know that she
was equally f—–g the same d–k with her?
She just said sorry and left. I pretended as
if I didn’t know miss Jacobs, when she left
I asked Ego why the lady batched into her
room like that she told me she was
surprised too but I should not worry, I
asked her if she and the lady do rapport,
she answered in affirmative.
As guy way no want to carry last na, I told
her I can’t continue again, that I have lost
interest, she equally told me that she too
has done same, we just gist a bit and I
went home, my heart was full of thought
over what am gonna tell miss Jacobs, how
do I explain? I went home and slept off,
that night I called Corper and she refused
to pick, I called more than 3times she didn’t
pick and I slept.

Waking up that early morning I sent her a
message begging her and telling her I have
made a mistake though (as I emphasized in
the message) she was the cause. As she
saw it, she called me, I picked immediately
and she asked me what I meant by she
being the cause, I apologized again and
told her that I was h—y and when I called
her she didn’t come, as I helped the girl in
school she invited me home, and I didn’t
know what came over me, and it happened.
Though she was bitter yet she accepted but
not directly, she said she will see me in
school which I believed she has accepted
already. I dressed up and went to school.
When you know that you’ve done
something that is too bad or abominable to
someone, just behave cool to the very last
end. Inside me I wasn’t remorseful but I
was just thinking of how miss Jacobs
won’t be giving me sex again for some
times but I have hope she will eventually
give me, so I have nothing to fear.
On my way to school, I forgot to carry my
wallet, I went back home picked it up, as I
was leaving I saw Bola, but she didn’t see
me because I hid myself


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