I opened my drawer no condoms, I checked
again under my Pillows no condoms, I was
devastated, what am I gonna do now? I
can’t go bare skin with dis lady na, we jst
met 2day and I will go under her without
I tot of HIV, pregnancy, STIs, I’ve not given
birth, I don’t even hav enough cash to treat
myself in case of any shortcoming, can I
risk my health for five minute pleasure? All
dis tot was goin on in my mind within
seconds, I was about to make a drastic
decision wen she spoke out. “Baby what
apun na? Pls com and f–k me pls, even if u
dnt hav rubber pls nothing will apun, I
won’t b pregnant” in my mind I was like see
dis mumu, na me wan carry load 4 head
abi, ur plan no go work, I walked towards d
bed, making up my mind to do wateva my
mind feels I shud once I climb d bed.
I got to d bed I told her we shud do d 69
position, quickly she brot her p—y to my
head while my C–k was directly on her
mouth, oral sure abi? As we were doing it,
doh with d pleasure I was still thinking of
wia I might hav drop dis stuff, instantly I
remembered that I have not checked my
cup-board, I told her to hold on as I dashed
out of bed straight to d cup-board, de I saw
condoms lying de peacefully, gush!!! I wish
they ar humans!!
Sharply I brot out two gave her to put it on
me, within seconds she has done it, dis gal
is rili craving 4 dis stuff ooo. Quickly I
adjusted, no time to d check time na, abi u
no understand? I positioned her in d “legs
up”, style, I rockafella her in dis mood as
she keeps making diffrnt sounds like
“ouch!! Ouch!! Gush!!! Eeeh! Wow!! Hushh
hushh hushh!! Baby baby baby!!
Yes…..yes….U ar gud!!!” I was enjoying d
sensation, I thrush harder and harder as
she couldn’t moan anymore.

I turned her as we go on d doggy style,
now dis is my best style to make a gal
climb to cloud 99, due to how my c–k is
curved, I can thrush and a gal will release
within minutes, as I bent her to thrush
behind, she looked at me with passion in
her eyes, “you ar d best guy I’ve ever f—-d,
I will neva stop f—–g you”!! Wow!! Jst
earned myself new awoof toto, I go lick am
dry for her na, no time at all now again.
I bent her and insert my c–k as she shout
“ouch” I started with the doggy style 4
about 5 minutes, and I heard “pls
harder…..harder…. I wanna c-m
now….yes…..yes….yes…..y…….es baby!” I
heard wap all over my c–k,she c-m on me
still I didn’t leave her as am about to c-m
too, I kept thrushing and thrushing,
changing direction as her both legs began
to shake, she couldn’t hold on again, she
can’t even moan again, in seconds time I
will c-m, so I jst thrushed deeper in and
brot it out I entered again, as I was abt to
bring it out I released too very hot inside d
rubber, and all my system jst calm, I lay
her down as she was shaking, she couldn’t
even talk to me, she jst lie de blankly, I brot
out a chilled sachet water and gave it to
her I wanted to giv her 5alive but 4 wia, I
wan drink am d following day. As we lay
de, she regained herself and she said, “u
can break a lady’s virginal, u almost make
me faint, I’ve neva experience dis b4. U can
actually make a lady beg u 4 sex” wow!!
Compliment for me de. She said she wanna
leave as I accompanied her home, I didn’t
reach her huz as I dnt want Dooshima to
know, she is anoda target……………
Will me and Dooshima ever rapport, will I
ever f–k her p—y? What of Lois and Lucy??


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