As I insert my c–k into her p—y in doggy
position, she shouted “Oh Jesus Peter”! I
laughed and kept quiet, knowing that there
are some words you should not in any
circumstances use or tell a guy during sex,
it might sound normal but to them it’s
kinda wild, would have told you but I don’t
wanna spoil some of you that are good……
lolz I believe any one reading this have one
thing in common with me.
I f—-d her in the doggy position for
30minutes until her feet started shaking,
still neither of us c-m, I removed my c–k,
took one of her legs and placed it on top of
a plastic bucked in the bath room. As I
placed it there, I brought my still hard c–k
and inserted from the from, this one is the
standing position but it wasn’t easy so I
decided that lay her on the bare floor,
increase the velocity of the shower as I f—-
d her on missionary style, I f—-d her hard
as her moaning and the splashing of water
were making a good rhythm, it was perfect
rhythm for the moment, I started with the
“fast and furious” type before going for the
slow and steady, she was moaning
“hmmm, hmmm, hmmm, aaaahhh, aaahhh,
hummm, hummmm” I was just enjoying it
as my c–k and scrotum was doing
“kpakam, kpakam, kpakam” guys will
understand that kind of sound na.
As I f—-d her in that position for about
20minutes again, I c-m, but she didn’t c-m.
It was when I c-m, that I realized that…………
feel in the gap yourself. Seems that time
STIs never come out. We shower together
again as we went to her bed room. I
creamed her body, she creamed mine, as
she finished we went to the bed, no cloth

As we lay there, she was facing me and
staring at me in a sexy manner, I just
smiled, drew her closer to myself and
started kissing her, she needs to pay for all
she has don to me. I wanted to do some
nasty stuffs with her so I asked her for a
rope, she brought it and I tight her two
hands to the hand of her bed board. Thank
God “fifty Shades of Grey” never commot
that time! She asked what it means and I
told her not to worry as she will soon
After tying her hands, I started kissing her
again, she seeks hands to hold me but no
way, I opened her legs very wide as if I
want to tear them apart as I insert my
otomopo into her, she screamed but no
way, I banged her, she tried to hold me but
no how, she begged my to slow but for
where! I never knew, she was over enjoying
it, I banged her until she c-m. Even when
she c-m, I didn’t stop, she kept begging
and moaning, to an extend she couldn’t
move again, I was still doing it. Finally I
came and that was when she did
“hmmmmmmm” I smiled removed my d–k
and headed to the bath room to wash
myself. ……


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