I woke up very early and headed to my
house, I went home very early in order to
avoid any of my girls from seeing me.
When I got home, I was exhausted, I just
went straight to bed and slept off. I woke
up by 8am, brushed my teeth, took my
bath, ate and went to school.
I got to school by 9am and the first person
I met was Dooshima. “Oga, welcome, why
your face d like this abi you sleep with
woman”? See me see whining! I just
smiled. “How ma face b na? Abeg ooo, I no
sleep with any woman ooo, I just sleep
alone”. “For you mind, I came to your
house by 9pm, you were not in, your line
didn’t go and I stayed for about 30minutes,
I didn’t see you before I left”. I need to use
my sense here if not am on my own, I need
to brain-wash her now. “Oh that period I
wasn’t at home, I went out to catch fun at
the viewing center, you know Chelsea vs
Man United match was yesterday, I came
back by 10:30pm”. “Ah Peter! When did
you start watching football? Abi you want
to lie to me ni? Even Jenny told me she
checked your house by 10pm to 11pm you
were not home”. Before I could say
anything else, Jenny and Vivian came in.
“Peter na wa ooo, you no sleep for house
yesterday ooo, we checked you several
times we no see you”. Now guys, when you
know you don’t own girls any explanation
as to where you go, you just need to turn
the whole interrogation wild, as in make it a
bit like quarrel to shut their mouth, I bet
you it works!!

When I noticed that, the stuffs is not gonna
be easy, I turned it awry for them. “But wait
girls, why all this interrogations? You guys
are trying to pissed me off again ooo, why
won’t I just have my privacy too, won’t I
watch ball again too, so if you didn’t see
me at home in the night, it then means I
slept in a lady’s house? C’mon girls! Have I
ever asked any of you where he or she do
go”? “No be quarrel abeg no vex, we are
only joking”. Dooshima said. Their papa, na
me them want come commot word from
him mouth abi? I turned without saying a
word and left them standing there.
We had lectures that day as supposed but
my mind wasn’t settle, one because I might
be likely caught if am not extra-careful, two,
my game is getting bigger than me and am
beginning to feel waist pain. We close from
school that day and I went home alone. On
my way, I saw Priscilla and her two friends,
we followed home until they branched their
road and I went straight. As I got home, by
evening, Corper called me to ask why she
didn’t see me, I told her I was a bit busy,
she shouldn’t be angry, she asked if I could
come but I declined. I told we would see in
As I ate finished, a call came in and it was
no other person than Bola, she asked if I
could come to her house by 8pm, I refused,
she begged and begged, I asked her what
she wants me to go and do, she said I
should just come, I decided that I will go. I
went to Tutorial, finished with them, Rose
came we did our lesson, we finished by
7:55pm, she left by 8:15pm after we kissed
and played some funny play, as she left
immediately, I headed to Bola’s, she wasn’t
in the shop, I knew she will be at home, I
went home and………


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