As me and Nurse Blessing finished eating,
we started to gist and she asked about me,
I told her about myself and I asked her
about herself and she told me that she was
the Third Child among 5 Kids, her father
was a dealer in one of the major oil
distribution, her is a trader. I asked her
about relationship and she told me that she
has been in two different relationship where
by she was always sad, that she wasn’t
ready for any relationship that period as
she ain’t ready for any heart-break.
As the tory the sweet I told her not to worry
that I won’t disappoint her, she should
trust me, if ah hear!! We started talking
about love, we got into romantic mood and
before we knew it we started touching each
other and soon enough it got into banging
level and we were on top, her p—y was
tight and accommodative, it house my c–k
very well that I bet I was getting the
feelings more than her. Finally me and
Blessing came and we got both exhausted
after a good sex. We lay a bit and then I
told her I would be leaving, she accompany
to the road and left and I went from there
to tutorial.
I got to tutorial by 4:36, they were already
sited waiting for me, as I got there
immediately and Lucy start. “Oga wia u go
na way we no see you for house, you even
commot from skul no tell person”? “Sorry
about that, went to check a friend, we’ve
not finish what we were doing, I just came
back because of the tutorial, am still going
back after this”. All na lie, really need to see

By 6:25 we finished, I rushed home took
my bath and called Priscilla that I was
coming, she said ok she was expecting me,
I dressed smartly and left for her place,
15minutes later I was there, she brought
food we started eating, as we were eating
we were gisting and talking about some
funny stuff we had experienced before.
After that, I asked her if I kiss her what will
she do, she said she will slap me. I asked
her how many times, she said as many
times as I kiss her and I said no problems.
We were talking facing each other when I
brought her head close and gave her a hot
and stern kiss, instead of slap she
responded with all her ability, the kiss
graduated and before we knew it we were
alread unclad in the bed, I f–k her out of
her. You are already familiar with my
favorite styles na, we devour each other,
we went three round before we put an stop.
As I just finished immediately Miss Jacobs
call came in………


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