As she drew close to me, she faced me
and before I knew it, her mouth was all
over my lips. At the moment when she was
kissing me, I was seeing heaven, pink stars
were falling blue butterflies filled my
stomach. I saw the clear distinction
between making love and having romance,
that kind of feelings comes once in a while.
I kissed her as if ma life depended on it,
her respond to it was overwhelming, she
was a bad kisser, I locked my mouth in
hers as we got into a deep kiss, she moan
like an angel.
I took her up placed her on the bed as she
quickly removed my singlet, I removed her
shirt leaving her boobs with a pink color
bra, sharperly I brought out her boobs
without removing the bra’s pin. Wow!! Her
boobs has no equal! It a potable boobs like
that of the US women, moderate and curve
upward, I bet I have not seen that kind of
boobs in all ma adventure b4 but lo and
behold am actually about to suck-f–k it!
I brought out the boobs, put my mouth on
one as my hand do justice to the other, as
my mouth was on one, the other was
calling my mouth 4 attention as I kept
switching from one boobs to another. She
was moaning in pleasure speaking some
odd languages. I did a very good work on
both of the boobs as I suck them to
pleasure. On the process I removed her
skirt and in went my hand after undo her
pant, her punani was as hot and wet as an
ovun gbam!! I bend my two middle finger
as I put them downward as I fingered her. I
bend my hand towards her right hand side
and I jog it there, she was just speaking
some strange languages I couldn’t

As I pushed in and out my finger she was
speaking different languages and the only
ones I heard was “Please baby F–k me……
Please baby I want you inside… f–k
me heard”. I was wondering what pleasure
can really do to us, she was calling me
baby? I wonder if she really knows that she
was speaking those words! Well I yielded
instructively to f–k her n f–k her hard, was
that not what I was coin for? Fuckinatically
am gud and I will make her cry for it next
time. I lift her one leg up and I insert my
kokoro inside as she moan sharperly, I
knack her furiously as she was unable to
speak any word, on her mouth was in mine
as she was just saying some words like
“Uuuummmm, uuummmm, uuummm” her
mouth was kissing me all over my face to
my neck, all was pleasure as her legs
wrapped my back, I will penetrate deep
inside while my d–k stil stuck inside I will
lift up and she will moan “ouch”! I was
feeling like Don jazzy, I banged her with
alacrity, as I banged her very hard before I
knew it I c-m and she shouted……..”OMG”!!!!
… Chai I Forgot To Use Condom!!!…


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