As I got to Vivian’s house, I saw she and
her colleagues, they were looking gorgeous
and sexy, four of them except Jenny, they
asked of Jenny’s health and I told them,
she was ok. Immediately my phone rang I
checked the caller and it was Priscilla. We
talk for few minutes as she apologized for
her reactions when she first saw me and
how her friends ‘spoiled’ our fun, and
concluded by “hoping to see you again”. I
just smile and we end the call. “Who be
that”? Dooshima asked. “A friend that you
won’t know”. I replied. “You and this your
friends we won’t know sef na wa ooo”.
Lucy replied. “Abeg u guys should stop
this, let’s do what we are here for”. I
caution them and they stopped. We chat
for sometimes before we started the lesson.
As we were doing the lesson I was praying
silently for the nurse not to call me in the
presence these girls because I was ready to
whine her immediately no dulling. Not upto
2hrs we finished the lesson and we
dismissed as we all went to go and check
Jenny. We got to her place, stay for some
time and I told them I want to go and see
Solomon as I want to collect some thing
from him. All this I did in order to leave
them and make them leave too so that
Rose can come if not na gbege.
As I stood up to go all of them said they
will go home and do one thing or the other
and we all left, thank God my plan worked.
I left the place and walk pass my house as
if am truly going to Solo’s as they all left I
branched to my house. As I just entered
removed my cloth and a knock on the door,
I asked the person to come in by then I
was on only boxer, in came Rose with flask
on her hand. “Sorry”. She said and turned
to go out. “What happened”? I asked
surprised. “You are changing your cloth
na”. She said. “And then? Come in jare am
I naked”? I responded.

She came in, I wore a singlet and we start
the lesson, I taught her what she really
wanna know on Physics and she was so
happy and shocked as to how intelligent I
was. As we finished the lesson, she started
her stares again, I asked her why she was
staring at me and she smiled that she is
just blushing. We got to the table and we
started eating and chatting. I started
teasing her as she laughed seriously, we
played rough play and it got really wild,my
body was beginning to move and even
her’s too.
As we were playing, I made the greatest
mistake of my life by standing up and lo
and behold my c–k stood gallantly in my
boxer, the funniest thing was that Rose was
staring at it and laughing and instead of
me feeling shy I just laughed too and told.
“See what you have caused abi? I know you
too will be feeling the same way just that
your own doesn’t show”. She laughed and
said. “No ooo, I’m not feeling anything
jare”! I knew she was lying so I said. “Ok, if
u know, u ain’t then wait let me do this, I
want to tell you something privately, bring
your ear”. She walk up to me with her ear
and I bit it gently, she moan a bit and still
kept her head there. I seize the opportunity,
kissed her neck and collar bone as I turned
her to face me, she……………….


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