After taking Jenny to her house, I came
back, took my bath and head to Priscilla’s
house. On my way I dialed the Nurse’s
number and she picked immediately.
“Hello” she said. D–n it her voice was
something else on phone, about 5seconds I
couldn’t say a word. “Hello, who is this na”.
She said again. “Am sorry Nurse, this is the
guy that collected your number at the
hospital when I came with my sister few
hours ago”. I finally found my voice. “Ok,
good afternoon ooo, can I call you back
please am kinda busy now”. “Anything for
an angel like you won’t be a problem”. I
teased. “Paddon”? She asked, but by then I
have ended the call.
I got to Priscilla’s house and met her
outside washing plates, you need to see
what I saw, she was wearing a bump-shot
and a short singlet which doesn’t even
cover her waist side with her laps and her
entire stomach showing her navel clearly.
Immediately she saw me, she adjusted her
self, shocked written all over her face.
“Wasn’t expecting you Peter”. “Oh am sorry
Priscilla, if am not welcome then let me go
back”. I said and turned going back, she
was just standing there staring at me as I
walk away. In my mind I was like ‘what!
This b—h no go call me back’ as if
dictating my mind, she called 1st time, I
ignored, 2nd time I turned but didn’t move,
she ran to me and apologize. “Am sorry I
didn’t know what came over me, I shouldn’t
have reacted that way”. “It’s no problem at
all, am at fault because I didn’t call you,
imagine if you had being with your guy, I
would have spoil it for you”. “Hey stop that
one abeg, I don’t have any guy please, can
we go back”? “If you insist, but can I say
something”? I asked. “Yes go on”. “Do you
know you are the most beautiful creature I
have ever seen”? She covered her mouth
and was laughing and asked me to stop
the flattery, I just laughed too and told her
that it’s no flattery.

We got inside, she finished her washing of
plates and brought out food for us to eat,
we started eating and chatting at the same
time. I asked her so many questions and
she gave me so many brilliant answers, we
talk of relationships and personal life, as it
came to relationship about myself, 99% of
all that I told her are lies she can’t expect
me to tell her that I have bleeped about
10girls within 2weeks and she is the next
to go na!
As we kept chatting she asked “Peter, what
do you really want from me”? Jeesssusss!!
Omo I was ready to combine all the lies in
heaven and on earth to tell her. “Actually
Priscilla, I really……..” “Kpo kpo kpo” a
knock came on the door and she answered
yes come in thereby cutting what I was
about to tell her “thank my stars” my mind
said. As I looked towards the door, in came
two sexy and elegant ladies, they were so
sexy d–n endowed. “Uuuhhh, Kate and
Princess”! Priscilla exclaimed, as the girls
came in. They hugged and sat down and
Priscilla did the introduction. After chatting
for a while and I told them I will take my
leave because I have tutorial to take, they
all accompanied me to the road and she
promised to call me and I left.
On my way, Kate and Princess thought
never escaped my mind, now the three of
them must bow. I got home dressed and
headed to Vivian’s house and on getting
there my phone rang, I checked the caller
I’d and it was………


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