As me and Vivian finished pekus, we
settled on the sofa, we slept for a while and
showered before she left for her house. I
accompanied her towards her house, on
getting closer to her house, I went back.
As I went back to my house, I lay down
and nature attacked me, I slept off and
woke up by 7:30am. I rushed brush my
teeth and took ma bath. I prepared
breakfast and eat then I head to school.
Immediately I got to school before those
girls came, as I sat there in the classroom,
Rose came in with smile all over her face.
“Hello darling, good morning”. She greeted
me. “Hi Rose, how are you doing? And
please people might be thinking we ar
dating as you called me your darling”. I
protested inwardly, I love it, signs of green
light. She sat down with me and we started
chatting after she appreciated me for what
I did for her the previous day. As we were
chatting Viv and her cos came in and they
hugged me one by one to the surprise of
Rose as to why all of them hug me.
Jenny came in feeling sad, I don’t know
why, we all asked her what the matter is,
she told us that she is not feeling too fine,
that she is feeling dizzy and headache. My
stomach bugged out, my heart left where it
was formally implanted to another position,
my body became hot and my eyes shoot
out. Most of you can guess what am
guessing rit? “Eeyaa, sorry, maybe you go
to hospital for check up na”. Vivian
suggested. “I guess that is what she will
do”. I concur too.

Rose was still sitting down with us as she
listened to our conversation, she wanted to
go since she was like stranger among us
but I held her to sit and engaged her in a
conversation, she sat down and we all
chatted and started laughing but all this is
outward, inwardly my mind is very far
A teacher came in and introduced her
subject as our Geography teacher, she was
too cute to avoid, she was d–n beautiful, a
curvy hips with figure 8 shape, she has an
oval face with pointed nose, she has a
robust boobs with a straight legs, her
height isn’t that much and she isn’t short.
She has the best shape I have ever want. I
wouldn’t have concentrated if it’s a man
but being a lady and very young at that I
need to concentrate, who knows she might
ask a question that may require an
*Award* na. She started the lesson and
ended it not up to 30 minutes that she will
come back the following day but she gave
us Assignment, to submit the following
After the lesson Jenny demanded to go to
the hospital and she requested I follow her.
You need to see my mind and hear my
heart beat. I followed her to the Hospital
and the nurses directed us to the Lab
Technologist, she demanded for 1500 to do
Pregnancy Test, Widal Test and Malaria
Parasite Test. She collected her Blood
sample for the Test. After 30minutes, the
result was out, and the Technologist
brought the result and…………


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