As me and Vivian started kissing and
romancing, my phone was ringing but I
never cared, I just ignored and kept doing
the good work. I kissed her and she
responded hungrily, she was kissing me as
if her Life depended on it.
As we were kissing immediately she
removed my boxer and down to my legs as
she gave me d sweetest Blow-job I have
come across in few days, she insert my c–
k into her wide mouth as she uses her
tongue to rub the tip of my c–k, the
sensation was mind-blowing. She was very
good at this, she uses her teeth to scratch
the chaff, she lifted it up and started using
her tongue to rub gently the lower part of
my c–k, and began to suck it, it was
pleasantly intriguing. She inserted my c–k
inside her mouth, until my c–k touched her
throat, she started the blow-job, inserted it
down to her throat n bring it out again.
She s—-d my c–k to an extend that I was
moaning, she held my c–k and took me to
the bed side, as she lay down, I opened her
legs and I began the sucking as I mouth-f–
k her p—y, she was yelling and moaning, I
ate her clits and chop her veejay, she was
very un-eased as she twisted her waist
right to left. She was like………”Oh yea, love,
am cumin……am cumin……pls…..pls……go on
don’t stop……pls baby…..” I jst insert my
tongue inside her veejay and started rolling
it to and fro, as she sqwirk and grind under
me, I bit her c–t gently and she shouted.
My c–k was now too strong and hard to
bear, I raised her, I raised one of her legs
up and I inserted, I banged her in that
position with one of her legs on my
shoulder and the other one under my legs
as I jigijaga her p—y. Her p—y was doing
paka, paka paka, paka, paka, it was wet all
over, her punani is tight as if she was still a
virgin. She was very swt and hot, my c–k
was so warmed, I went in deeper and
slower as I banged her steadily until she c-

Since my c–k was still hard, I turned her to
Missionary proper and I banged her very
hard as her boobs was all in my mouth as I
suck them while f—–g her under. God
4give me for I know not wat am doing, this
f—–g thing has gotten a bera part of me,
coming to write my exams here has made
me a modafucker!! I f–k almost every
blessed day, sometimes even twice!! Why?
I didn’t know why this thought came to my
mind, but there is always something that
pushes it aside when ever it comes, I just
need to feel at peace anytime n always.
Believe me f—–g a sweet p—y like that of
Vivian is one hell of a good thing, it’s rare
but seems there 3 or more pussies I have
not f—-d and I needed them badly-BOLA,
ROSE and PRISCILLA. Their p—y must be
warm, I must taste their honey pot, I must
conquer their territory, I must taste their
forbidden (who even says it was 4biden)?
I keep space as I banged Vi harder and
slower, deeper, and shallower, she was just
moaning and twerking, good thing 4 guy
like me, no wonder guys always wanna
come back for more. I f—-d her steadily
and my pre-c-m began to gather and I was
already feeling it, I brought out my d–k,
packed her two legs and placed them on
my chest as I banged her in this position.
Not upto to 30minutes, we both came and I
became exhausted we lay on the bed nude
and staring into each other’s eyes and I
can see………


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