As me and Rose finished the Tutorial, we
packed the books after giving her a Home
work, I told her if she didn’t get it I will flog
her when she brings it the following day.
We went to the table, she brought the food
and we started eating. As I was eating, she
was staring at me, I don’t know what
happen I was turn-on initially but sitting
opposite her that feelings vanished.
She kept staring at me until I broke the
silent….”Hey c’mon Rose, why that stares”?
She just smiled and said. “Am just baffled”.
I replied. “Baffled about”? “You”. “How”? I
asked. “You are just perfect, you have a
musculine structure, you are handsome,
Matured and even very Intelligent, you are
the kind of guy every girl would wanna
date”. She said. “Rose, so you are now
taking revenge of what I told you in school
in the morning abi”? I asked. “No ooo, not
that at all, I mean what am saying, I am
very serious you even look cool, though
some guys can disguise themselves that
way and maybe very dangerous”. “Let’s eat
Rose” I said to her and we finished eating,
she packed the flask, dressed up and I
accompanied her outside.
I know most of you will be surprised why I
didn’t touch her. If u want to catch a
Roman, behave like one. Some thing that
you know will definitely be yours shouldn’t
be rushed, you might loose it at the end,
just play cool and everything will be yours.
I know she will still come back so why do I
need to rush, if I f–k her that first day, the
following day she might think I will do the
same and might not come again. I
accompanied her out and as I came back
around 7:48pm I entered my room and
behold I met…….Vivian lying down on my

I was scared initially because I thought I
bolt my door but I remembered that I didn’t
bolt it. “Were you scared when you first saw
me”? She asked. “Why won’t I when you
never told me you are coming”? “Am sorry
about that but where are you coming back
from”? “Accompanied someone”. “Who”?
“Vivian”!! “Ok am sorry about that”. “Better,
you know am still pissed at you”. “Why”?
“Never mind”. “So why are you here” I
asked her. “Is it a crime to come to your
house Peter”? “Nope, but not calling me b4
coming is not a good idea”. “Ok sire”.
“How are you doing Vivian”? “Am good and
you? I missed you so much”! “Stop to the
whine me, why will you missed me”? I
asked her. “Am serious I longed for you
every night, I always wanna feel you all
over me”. She said as she stood up and
started walking towards me. She came to
me and I noticed that her nightgown was
transparent and I can see her n—–s very
hard, she came to me from bed and stood
in my front….”Why are you avoiding me”?
She asked. “Am not” I said to her. “I know
what am saying I have been………….”
“Shhhhhhhhhh” I said with my lips all over
hers as we engaged in french kiss. As we
just start immediately…


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