We closed from school that day and we
followed home. Me and my chicks. We got
to our separate junctions as we branched
two by two until it’s left only me and
Jennifer. That period the time was just
after 1pm meaning we still have like 3hours
to the tutorial and going by what was in my
mind, laying dis gal will make sense.
We got to my huz and she branched to my
huz, we got into my room, there was no
light, she then removed her uniform leaving
her with only bra because of the heat. I
removed my school cloth put on only
boxer, she went to the kitchen and brought
the food I ate remain in the morning. We
ate it as we joke along, we finished eating
within few minutes and we lay on the bed.
“I’ve missed you so much dear”. She said.
“No be only you na, me self don miss you
die”. I replied. “Why are you lying”? She
asked. “How? What do you mean by am
lying”? I asked her back. “Why will you say
you missed me when you don’t even care
about me? You just the bone me all this
while, is not good ooo”. “Am sorry baby, I
can bone everybody but you, trust me, I
can’t do that to you please”. I pet her,
rubbed my hand on her chin as she stares
at me. “I don’t believe you because the way
you have been………………..”. “Sshhhhhhh” I
said with my mouth inside her mouth, she
responded without wasting time. The way
Jenny was kissing me looked as if she has
missed it for a long time. We did different
style of kissing until we were exhausted.
We stopped the kissing as we stared at
each other, I can see the fire in her eyes, I
can sense Love and loyalty, I can see my
*Future children with her(don’t know why
that kind thought came in the first place),
she was d–n beautiful!

As the stare get more intense we locked
mouth again as we engaged in kissing with
her tongue going deep in my mouth and
mine in hers, as the kiss was going on my
boxer was going down, I loosen her bra as I
began sucking her boobs, she was
moaning and groaning in pleasure. Before I
knew it her skirt was loosed and her pants
too, everything on the floor. Her under was
so wet and she just asked me to f–k her
and don’t waste time, I brought out my c–k
which was already as hard as rock, opened
her leg and I rock her on missionary
position. “Ah
yes dear……..dear yes…….honey…….honey…..
You are good baby”. All this was coming
out of her mouth as I banged her. We
switched from missionary to Girl on top
and she rocked me so sweetly that I c-m
while she hasn’t c-m. She was smiling for
making me c-m first. We cuddled and
played again as my c–k came back to life. I
placed her on the edge of my bed, she was
shocked as I banged her in that position
she couldn’t speak or moan. Not up to 35
minutes, she c-m while my c–k was still as
strong as anything.
She told me she was tired and we
showered. By 3:30pm we left my house to
her house, as we stepped out of my
compound to go to hers, outside my gate
we met………………


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