As we watched movie till 3am the movie
ended. We slept and by 6:45am we woke
up as she left and told me that we shall see
in the school. I bade her farewell and she
I got up, brushed ma mouth, shower,
warmed the remaining food ate, dressed up
and headed to school. On my way to
school I bumped into this lady, I’ve never
seen her face before yet she is a student of
my school, sorry a student of where I
would be writing exams. One thing about
me is that, if one is ugly I say it to his or
her face and if one is handsome or
beautiful you get your compliment too.
I walked straight to her and said…..”Hello
lady good morning”…. “Good morning” she
just said casually. Well I don’t give up
easily. “Well, my name is Peter and if you
don’t mind your name please”? I asked.
“Priscilla” she just answered. Sometimes I
love girls’ IGG(Initial Gra Gra), some call it
their hard to get nature.
I started on another level-wooing method…..
“Priscilla, do you know you are beautiful?” I
began. “I can’t stop thanking my stars for
into you on this road,Your eyes are neither
too big nor too small, yet they
flutter like curtains in the wind whenever I
stare at them and that leaves me
breathless, they are alluring and I would
love to see these eyes
over and over again. Most times I ask
myself, if your
eyes alone could make a man say all these,
I wonder what your velvet skin and well
contoured body would
do to the minds of men who only see you
walk by,”

By now her face was beaming with smiles,
she smiled until she laughed and said “oh
stop flattering me joor, you get sweet
mouth”! “Why will I? Am not flattering you, I
have never believed in first love until I met
you! And I bet there must be a good
Reason for my star to bring me to you this
morning. Will you be willing to help me look
for that reason”? She was confused and
shocked by the question. “What reason”?
She asked. “The reason why we met this
morning”. I said. “It’s normal na, you can
meet anybody any where, why will you look
for any reason, moreover we just met today
so why will I help you”?.
This girl wanna prove stubborn abi. “Yes
we just met today, but remember that it
just take a second to get to know
someone! And we have been talking for
some minutes now! Priscilla, you look
alluring and I bet any man would want to
do any thing just to get your attention”.
“Ehm Peter, it’s ok please stop the flattery,
let get to school first”. “So what class are
you”? Hoping she would say SS3 art. “Am
in SS2 science”. Sounds interesting. “Wow!!
Interesting”! “Na u know, what of you”?
“Am writing my SSCE this May. Am in
Science”. “Ok, it means you can be teaching
me some stuff na”? “Yea sure!! Why not I
can teach you many STUFF”! I emphasize
on that *stuff, to let her knows it means
many things. We got into the school gate I
requested for her number, she doesn’t
wanna give me, and I was like see mumu,
she want to use me form? I just pleaded
her and she gave me her line.
Game activated………Rule of the game “Don’t
give up until you win the game”………


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