As I fingerfucked her NEPA interrupted their
power. Good 4 us, that moment self, I
appreciated NEPA if not for the job at hand
I for curse their mamas and papas. Well it
seems I was the only one that noticed that
the light was gone, because the beb no
even blink na d pleasure she just the feel.
As the light off, I opened her leg, brought
out my little man who was already harder
than ma skull locate her jerusalem as I
inserted to tap her blessings, and I heard
“ouch”!! See pressure as I banged, I jigijaga
her in a missionary position, this type you
bang that she will only come back because
of how well you handle her “ONE NIGHT
STAND” she can come for more, as I
hear….”Hmmmm, hhhhhhhhaaaaa,
huuuuuusssshhhh, yeeeeaaaaa,
aaaaaaahhhhhh, ssssssssshhhhhhh”. Guys
seriously those kind language d turn guys
on, but due to ma research and experience
as a f—-r I discovered that most ladies just
fake O—-m to please the guys, so
whenever girls do this I just take it as
invitation to add flavor.
One mind said I should turn her to another
position but I remembered that we didn’t
plan for sex, she might come to her senses
and push me away, her papa. In the same
missionary position, I raised one of her legs
up, placed it on top of my shoulder as I
placed one under me *1leg up missionary
style, I keep banging her on the mouth on
her clits, guys believe me the edge or
mouth of the clits is very sensitive as the
tip of the c–k is. I just entered small bring it
out, I go in a bit bring it out as much as
she can feel ma swag, she was moaning
and grinding ….”Baby um, baby good, baby
aaaahhh, please baby…… F–K ME please”
what!!! Na she said f–k me ooo, with even
PLEASE in it! Guys see IV na? I knew very
well that the one leg position that drive a
lady crazy as I will always knack the rit

I put ma c–k on the tip of her c–t, rubbed it
and pump, I entered with speed, she almost
jumped up as she wasn’t expecting it. Ma
head just said good! I go deep deep but
very slowly, she was moaning slowly too as
my c–k goes on and comes out. The bed-
sheet don squeeze tire cus of her grip on
it. As I got in deeper and slowly, I increase
the speed and I remembered Fast and
Furious. I configured my head and I
pumped with a killing speed, this time
around she couldn’t talk or moan again her
mouth found mine with her arms round ma
back. She was kissing me and doing
“hmmm, hmmm, hmmm” her mouth was
doing “pior pior pior” in my mouth. You
understand the sound that kind of kiss that
is faster than the romantic one na? Before I
knew it we both c-m together and ma d–k
gone flat. We lay on the bed as she stared
at me, you should know what I was
thinking na. As I was about to ask her why
the stare she spoke.
“Hmmm, you tough ooo, you can make any
girl come back to you for sex, I enjoyed
it…….Bad boi”. As we just d relax NEPA
bring light back and we back to our


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