Me and Rabiatu started with play as play
turned to tickles and before we knew it we
were on bed unclad. It was a moment I will
not forget easily, the fact being that I knew
I will bang her but never knew she has the
prowess to giv it to me like never before.
Sincerely speaking Rabiatu can be term a
rough rider, she rode on me with the
dexterity and proffessionalism of a total
w—e! Have you ever get laid by a
profeesional call-girl not those one in
under-bridge in Lagos ooo, those one that
base in island, that stays in hotels not
those on the road, they can ride you till u
faint! I never do them before ooo. Well I
can tell you that among all the girls I bleep
so far, Rabiatu was the best kisser and
bleeper, she was the one on top almost
through out, it was only when I wanted to
add fun that I turned to the cradle style.
As Rabiatu was banging me on top in a
girl-on top position, towards mid-day 11:40
something, I remembered Sa’adatu,
Rabiatu’s friend, between her and the Three
chicks I had met earlier, don’t know who
will be the next. But hopefully Sa’adatu.
God help me
As we finished banging, we showered and
rest a bit, around 2:30pm, we went out to
their house, there I met Sa’adatu, with a
bump-short, Jesuuuuu!!, I never knew this
girl has something in common with Kim K
and Nicki M!! I was mute for about few
seconds thanks Jesus Rabiatu has gone in
already leaving only me and Sa’adatu on
the door.

To break the sudden silent because both of
us were surprised, me problably because I
never knew she was this sexy and she
maybe because am probebly the last
person she was expecting to see that
afternoon….”Hey Sa’adatu” “omg!! Don’t
mind me come in”. “Oh thanks please don’t
mind me jare I was kinda shocked to……….”.
“Me too like seiously I was equally shocked
seeing you here”! She didn’t even allow me
finished what I was about to say. However
before I enter I wispered to her
ears….”You’ve got a really nice stuff and I
can bet my life on them”. She was just
laughing don’t know whether she heard me
or not.
Rabiatu came out and told us that she
wanna sleep as she was tired, remaining
only me and Sa’adatu but not without
telling sa’adatu to giv me food. Sa’adatu
brought the food and I forced her to eat
but she decline and I told her I won’t eat if
she didn’t maybe she put a poison for me,
she got scared and decided to eat.
As we were eating, I fetched food and
wanted to put it in her mouth she refused
and I told her if she didn’t collect I won’t
talk to her again, she collected I did it like
three times, she collected and she fed me
too, we were really getting along good. Her
phone beep, it was a msg from 33533 to
download a particular movie, she said she’s
heard a lot about the movie and she really
wanna watch it, I told her I have the part
1-4 at home if she can come and watch it,
she was so excited and she jumped……


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