“………So for how long have you been in this
school, are you an external or internal
student”? One of the girls asked. “Am an
external and you guyz” I asked in return.
“We are internal students, we started our
SS1 here”. One of the three girls said. I
noticed it was only two of them talking
while one just stood there without saying
anything or even smiling. I knew withing
me that this kinda girls won’t be tough for
me though she might scare many guyz by
her pretext of being an introvert. She never
jam, infact I want to strike a deal from her
head, after Rofiat and her frend it will start
from her.
I was about asking of their names when my
phone start to ring, I picked and the caller
was Rofiatu. Excuse me babes, let me pick
this please, I said to them as I picked the
call. “Hello Rof” I said into the phone. “Ya
hello Pe, how va na? Where ar you since I
have been looking for you but I didn’t see
you”. “Oh am sorry bae, just came out of
the class now, where are you, I wanna be
going home, am not that strong”. “Wait for
me am right close to the class room so
that we can follow”. “Ok am waiting
please”. I waited for her with those girls, I
told them I will be rushing home to attend
to some stuff, they said ok, Rofiat came
and we left home. We got to my house,
prepared fast food as we finished eating I
asked her why she really want to see me or
come to my house. She told she just
wanna be with me. “Can I ask you
something”? I asked her. “Yea you can go
ahead” she said. “Ok, if I should toast you
now will you accept me”? This line I always
use when I don’t want to get into any
seriouse relationship. “But you never toast
me na” she said. “I know but tell me first,
let me know if I should toast you or not”.

“Just toast me first” “No tell me first
please” “hmmm, ok if you toast me I will
think about it first”. “C’mon Rofiat, be
candid and stop playing na, am not joking
please”. “Ok peter I will accept, ar you ok
now”? Wow now I know, I knew she will
accept even when I never toast her self!!
“Yepaa, it means no need of toasting you
na, since you will accept, let’s just start
dating”! “God forbid, when you never tell
me about anything”? I noticed when I took
ma hand to her ribs she giggled, only that
has giving me clue to her errogenous spot.
I must bleep this b—h today, whether she
likes it or not. I touched her again, and she
brushed ma hand off, I smiled and touched
her more, she just do ouch and smiled. I
called her closer and told her I saw
something walking on her shirt, she shout
and jumped on me, I held her and laugh,
she laughed too and I told her it’s a lie, by
now she was already in my arms. I touched
her ribs, rubbed her colar bone, as I
pressed it softly, I knew she was getting
the sensation, I held her close and wisper
into her ears, she said she didn’t hear and
wanted to hear it well, I brought her ear
closer and I bit it gently and she moan.
Fast-forward. One play led to another, one
touch led from one moan to another, we
stay playing so rough plays and before we
knew it we were laughing and pursuing
each other when she finally grab hold of
me I kissed her the deepest kiss I could
imagin, I thought she would resist but she
didn’t rather she yielded willingly and
before we knew it………


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