As I woke up around that 8am a call came
in, I checked the screen and it was a call
from Rabiatu. “Hello goodmorning” I said
immediately I picked the call. “Hey good
maorning Peter how was your night”? She
said. “My night was bad jare” I said into the
phone, I don’t even know what I was
expecting, whether to lie or I want to tell
her why my night was actually bad. “So
gist me, what made it bad, your girlfriend
no allow you f–k”? Girls are witch, what
prompted her to asked me such a
question? “What do you mean, is it only
girls that can make my night bad?
Anyways it wasn’t any lady but if it’s a lady
will you solve the problems”? I asked. “Of
course! Why not, wia are you by the way,
are you coming to school”? “Yup, I will but I
will leave school very early because am
some how very tired” that na scope to
catch her if she will come home with me.
“Hmmm, ok na, maybe we shall follow,
remember our promised”? I don even forget
say me and her promise anything, well
whatever, thanks whatever ma plan worked,
she will be following me home, that one is
enough abi she wan come do like stupid
Bola again? “No problems madam, we see
in school” “ok takia of ya self”. “You too,
we said and ended the call.
Fast-forward. At school I met my chicks,
they were all mad at me. “Nawa for you
ooo, na so guys be? You don even forget
say you get friends, I don’t even know what
has been taking you away from house”.
Vivian blasted me. “Am sorry” was all I
could say. “Is that all you can tell us”? Lucy
asked. “Hey c’mon ladies please……..”.
“Don’t c’mon us abeg, what do you mean?
You promised to be teaching us but 4
3days now we don’t even know your where
about and you don’t even pick your calls
and here you are telling us am sorry”?
Dooshima poured out as I reain speechless,
I now realize that am up against hard guyz,
I need to put up a smart face too because
if I get too mean now they might force
something unwanted out of my mouth after
all am a guy, so I put on a straight face.
“So this is all u guys get to say rit? You
don’t even care or know that I have
personal issues too, you don’t even know I
have problems too, we barely know each
other, you think it’s only to teach others I
came here for, so I should not attend to my
personal problems again? I should just
attend to only your own problems and
leave mine aside rit? Don’t worry if that is
what you want I will come today but
believe me it’s selfish if all you care is just
you, you and you”! I said and left, I noticed
Lois wanted to hold me but because non of
them joined her, she let go. They all stood
there staring at me, I knew within me that I
have hit the nail on the rit spot as they all
remain speechless.

I know that thing I deed will make them to
give me more sex abi who no want to
come and beg or at least apologize to me?
I got to the class sat down where 2guys
and 3girls were already sitted, don’t wanna
sit where those girls will sit with me. My
phone beeped and I checked it was a
message from Jennifer. “My love we are
very sorry, I knew we have wronged you,
please forgive us, me and you can talk this
out please my love, I love too much to see
you angry please” I smiled as those in my
seat were just staring and wondering why
am smiling. “This one way you d laugh
alone, wetin happen oga abi you don win
one bae hrt”? One of ’em wispered. “If you
must know why, it’s because am sitting rit
side to side with one of the most beautiful
creature alive” “who could that be”? She
said looking around her. “The person is
sitting rit with me and talking to me” she
laughed and asked. “So na whine you wan
whine me abi” “how will I whine a
charming…….”. A teacher came in, Physics
master, I stopped what I was about to say
and we all greeted the man as he
introduced his subject and topic for that
day. Bla bla bla bla bla, he finished his
teaching but not without me solving some
brilliant difficult questions to the
amazement of the teacher and those ladies
I was sitting with because they never
believed they were sitting rit with one of the
genius in town. We finished and
immediately I dashed out as the three girls
followed me outside. “Hey, you never told
me you this intelligent, you look so
innocent”! “Just stop to the whine me abeg,
intelligent ni intelligent ko, I just happened
to have come across the question before
that was why”. “C’mon guy, na lie, even the
teacher the surprised the way you
answered it” now another girl among the
three girls answered. “Ok it is just your
thought about me”. “So………………


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