“U mean u can afford to giv me anything I
want”? I asked her as we were heading to
classroom 4 2nd lesson. “Yes na, abi u
want take my head ni? As long as u accept
to teach me, I will giv u anything u want” at
d statement my 3 component of mass
construction began their calculation n
evaluation of how many times I will b
collecting d honey a day, I started thinking
of how I’m gonna handle her bcuz ‘first
impression matters a lot’ u understand na?
We jst chat in anoda angle as Thomas and
anoda badest of my friends 4rm my 4ma
skul appear-Solomon by name. “One Soul,
how va na, who b dis chick, she luks sexy”
Solo teased, we jst laughed as I warned
him to keep off. We entered the class as
our to be chemistry master entered.
“Gudmorning students, welcome all of u d
new students to Shaloam college Agyaragu,
em my name is Mr Sodiq and I wil b taking
u guys on Chemistry………” Our claps
interrupted him, he paused before he
contenued. “……em as I was saying we
wanna rush with d speed of light which
means u ar gonna be studying very well
and solve any workings u ar offered, be
seiouse and u will make ur result in one
sitting, all of you don’t have dsame
intelligency therefore meet those that ar
brighter than you, make dem ur study
partner and those of u privilege to teach,
do it well and don’t be proud, ok”? We all
answer ‘yes sir’ as he asked, Vivian was
eyeing me from wia she sat, she was
sitting down wit another fair lady, very tall,
muscular and has d nose of all dis
Americans-pointed. Her cleavage was very
visible as I can say that her boobs is not
more than my palms, she has d face of an
angel, I bet u will not go to heaven again if
u ar to be with dis one on earth, which
angel in heaven is more beautiful than dis
gal now I know why “If lust is a crime 2face
wanna b wanted”! Well only time will tell.
“Now, we can’t end today like dis, we will
jst do a bit work 2day and com back
tomorrow, so we shall start with bonding
between atoms, so who can name @least 4
types of bond we have” mr Sodiq asked
suddenly and unxpectedly, about 4
students raised their hands, I didn’t rais
mine again, the man called one of them, to
answer, “em, we have Covalent,
Electrovalent and em…em..” He was
stuttering, the teacher commended him n
called another student, 2 my surprised all
of dem said it’s only two they know. The
teacher asked if there is anybody that can
name the 4, I stayed 4 abt a minute since
no one made an attempt I raised my hand
and he permitted me to say it….”Covalent,
Electrovalent, Vanda wa’al and Hydrogen
bond” I answered, the teacher was jst
beaming with smile, he asked them to clap
4 me which they did, I became very shy.

The class dismissed and I decided I wanna
go home, Vivian too decided she will go to
too, to my surprised I saw the oda fair lady
I saw b4 following us too, she wasn’t
saying anything but she was jst staring @
me. We got close to ma huz and Vivian
showed me her house where she stay, I
was shocked cuz we stay in dsam street, I
told her my house is about six houses 4rm
hers, she was so happy and asked me in,
but I decline I told her I will come back my
mission is on track and it starts
immediately. We xchange numbers and I
left, I got home took ma bath, ate d
concution rice I prepared in d morning, as I
was abt to sleep, Vivian’s call came in, she
asked me to come to her house, I told her
to give me few minutes to freshing up. I
slept off, only to be woking by her call an
hour’s time, she asked if am not coming
again or if am wit my girlfrnd, I told her not
to worry as am already on my way. I picked
my working book n pen and headed to her
house, I knocked and a strange voice
which I knew very well wasn’t Vivian’s
answer, the voice was sweeter than honey
and d honey-comb! It was d sweetest voice
I have ever heard in my Life, who eva has
dis voice I must see her face! As the
person opened the door, what I saw


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