After banging for several minutes furiously
the girl didn’t move again. I touched her no
move, I touched her pulse it was beating, I
raised her hand and it fell. What!!! Have I
just killed someone through sexual
intercourse? How do I go about this, what
do I do now?
To be sincere with you guyz, that moment I
freezed up, I regreted always trying to
satisfy my sexual libido, I never wanted to
do it if not for so many girls upon my neck,
but how can I even drive them away?
Should I be harsh on them or not? My c–k
is always pushing me into doing so many
hazardous stuffs and attrocities.
A thought came to my mind, the thought
was that she might have fainted so I
decided to get a chilled sachet water, I
poured it on her put it on her mouth
(though her mouth not well open) but since
she was still breathing, I opened her mouth
poured it, though it took time but gradually
she open her eyes but still can’t move.
Hope is around the corner as her eyes don
open so. I lifted her up, sat her on the bed
though I wadged her, I gav her milk as she
gradually opened her mouth and drank.
I was mad at maself, why I go even bleep
this bae self? She no strong and she wan
f–k strong man. Now am wasting my milk
and time that am supposed to use in
sleeping!! Finally she came back to life but
very weak, I asked her to sleep and rest as
I went to take my bath, as I came back, she
was tying only wrapper, I looked at her and
she smiled. I asked her what she wanna do
and she said she wants to bath, I noded
and accompanied her(make she no go fall)
she took her bath all smile, she smiled and
came out, we went to bed.

I was imagining if she want to sleep in my
house that night, guess affirmative, I asked
if she wanted to eat and she said no. Good
sha, we lay on the bed and she started
telling me stories upon stories, I didn’t even
know that I have slept until when I woke up
seeing something sucking my c–k, what!!!
Dis girl again? She wan die? It was aroud
4:48, I was woken by Lois as she grabbed
my c–k and began sucking, early morning
sex is the best sex but I wasn’t in the mood
this very day. I was actually enjoying it but
never reacted until she said unto me “Baby
please don’t be scared I will be ok, I can’t
just stop having you, please f–k me…………..”
The sensation that came to my head when
I heard those words was awesom. Should I
still bang this girl again? D–n it!! No I won’t
take this anymore, don’t want some one to
die in my room. After all it might be my
prayers that brought her back to life but
did I really prayed? I guess I didn’t pray out
but inwardly I prayed. As I was still
debating she grabbed my mouth and
started kissing me…


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