As I moved closed to her, she became
jiltery, she drew back. I was just thinking
what is making her scared, I thought she
said she is ready to go down with me? Why
the fret? I calm her down knowing that she
claimed to be a virgin, sorry I used the
word “claimed” because I’ve not confirm it.
I told her to calm down as everything is
gonna be alright, “You ar a very special girl,
and believe me, the very first time I set my
eyes on you I felt a bulg in my tommy, I
don’t believe in butterflies’ tales but you
have changed that scenario, you seems to
get hold of something special in my heart, I
know how it feels when it is true and
believe me when I say this is true” now as I
read all dis line to her, yes I said read
because I can’t believe I was saying it, it
seems my mouth is faster that it shadow.
But seriously p—y can make one say trash
sha. Well thank whatever I never mention
anything like “LOVE” there or did you find
anything like that?
After saying all those lines, she was a bit
calm, who say guys mouth no get power?
My tongue doesn’t have sugar, her brain
has be transformed to my code, I have
every access to the honey-well, I didn’t rush
her because I know we have the night to
us. Guess we’ve got to move now, action
“Baby believe me, ur first time won’t b
much fun, but I’m gonna make it simple for
you, I promise it won’t be painful for you at
all believe me” I said to her as she stared
at me. “You promise you won’t hurt me”?
See WAEC question ooo? How I want take
hurt am, abeg girls shey una first night d
sweet? “Yes baby believe me I won’t be
fast, I will take it slow and make sure you
don’t feel it trust me” I said to her as she
grin. I was about to say another thing else
when she jumped on me, mouth all over
me, I carried her to the bed as we kissed on
the way. We got to the bed and I kissed her
passionately as she danced to the rhythm
of my harmonious songs, I kissed her
hands, cheeck, fore-head, ear-lobe, her
neck-cap as I gradually unbutton her shirt.

Now guys u know if truly she is still a virgin
den I need to make it a day she will never
forget. “Have you ever heard, watch or read
of ‘HOW TO TAME A VIRGIN’? I kissed all
her possible vissible errogenous spot, I
unbuttoned her shirt, (her night gown),
remember she wasn’t wearing any undies, I
didn’t remove it all because if she is still a
virgin, it is from this point I’m gonna know.
Sorry guys I don’t want to tell you how to
know when a lady is still a virgin, to avoid
bein call a bad boi. I kissed her cleavage
down to her navel and down to her c–t as
she started moaning gradually. I went to
her b—-t start sucking one and rubbing the
other whose n—-e has now stood like
goliat, it seems the othe boob is angry at
me for spending so much time with it
partner, I switched immediately to the other
one, my cloth was still on, she didn’t bother
to remove them. Point one gotten. I remove
my cloth as she sight my c–k she jumped
from my place I was equally shocked
before I realise oo she has told me she
hasn’t done it before, I brought her back to
bed with a promise of not hurting her. She
lay as I kissed her all over again, I kissed
her laps, rub it gently, opened her already
wet p—y as I s—-d, chop and bit it, she
was no more her self anymore. I thought of
the style that will be best for beginers, I
just decide to go on a missionary style as I
lift her legs up, I insert only the head to de
shalf, I enter slow and slow and slow, she
was moaning, I then increased my length, I
went a little deeper as she was visibly
shading tears, as I enter a bit deeper again,
I noticed a hot liquid on my d–k, it was den
I realized that I didn’t put on condom and
that was when I knew and confirmed that
she was a virgin. I entered more and more
as she began calling me names I can’t even
be able to pronounce, we continued for
about 30minutes when I noticed that she
grabbed me so tight and another hot liquid
all over my c–k, now this time guys it not
blood but c-m. She became week and stt
begging me to stop before she urinate on
herself, by now my pre-c-m has landed and
am about climbing kilimanjaro, I held her
tight as I t—-t faster to makng sure that I c-
m before she fades away. As I increas my
tempo I blasted kpop and all I could hear
from her was “wooooooowww……


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