After coming back from where I
accompanied Lucy to, I dressed up and
headed to Jenny’s. I left and got there by
9:56pm, she welcome me with a hug and
told me that she thought I was joking of
my coming to sleep in her hostel. Well who
wan carry Toto play? Abi u fit see better
food pass this one again? I laughed and
told her why will I? I cared so much about
her since she is scared due to nightmares.
I entered her room as we entered from the
door together I noticed that the nightie she
wore was transperant and she wears
nothing inside, mehn dis gal stack naked?
Her plan don work already, this blessing
will not pass me by. She brought food as
we began to eat and I noticed her b—-t was
mehn! Can’t describe, I couldn’t help but
stared at them, she caught me and asked
what I was staring at “Hey naughty what ar
u looking at”? She asked. “What? you just
called me naughty? Am not naughty pls,
what ar you expecting? Even a Pastor or
even an Angel Gabriel will not help but
stares at those killing machine of yours” I
replied. “What do you mean by killing
machines, what is the killing machine”? She
asked. “Well your b—-t and a-s can make
one commit any type of holy sin, your
beauty can make angel Michael and all
other Arch-angel leave their abode in
Heaven to be with you, your endowment
can make the rational man think in anti-
clockwise direction” I teased, but seriously
guys, I never knew Jenny is so beautiful,
she has a curvy hips, a well round butt that
is very gud for doggy or launch-pad
position. She has this type of b—-t that
sucking it can make you forget your
father’s name, well that is all I can say
about her as I have not really savour her,
no exploration just yet but hopefully
sonnest. She was staring at me this time
with her cat eyes, sorry I didn’t noticed it
before, it was now that I look her eye balls
that I discovered it. I asked her why the
stare and she replied. “I knew u were
handsom but I seriously never knew u were
this handsom and cool” “Are you now
teasing me or you want to flatter me
because I told you how U look”? I asked.

“One Soul……..” Wait who told this girl my
nick? How comes she knows my
nickname? She was somehow a mystery to
me now. “………as a matter of fact I am not
flattering you or teasing you, you are
handsom and cool, I never believed you will
agree to come over my house, I was just
joking before but seeing you here is like a
joke come through. You are actually perfect
in everything, you have body fit, handsom
and intelligent and I believe you can be
good in bed” she explain, with that word
good in bed my c–k sprang up woo, she
adjusted. And continued. “I think I love you
but am just scare because people of your
type will just give any girl heart attack as
they will be many girls wanting you to go
down their laps, as I wished also now.
When you have too many girls you make a
wrong choice…….” “Wait……” I cut her short
from completing her sentence, I know what
you mean, but that doesn’t mean I get to
lay with every Linda and Lizy na, I don’t
even know when last I had sex” now guys u
all know that if trumphet should sound now
and I Am going to heaven only that lie has
disqualified me? I just told her one of this
century’s lies, that I can’t remember the last
time I had sex? She smiled and told me
something that I am willing to confirm and
tell you guyz because I don’t believed when
girls say this until I confirm it. “I know it
might b hard for you to believe but am a
#VIRGIN, and I don’t mind giving it to you,
my heart found peace in you” well guyz,
seriously I won’t lie dis her statement
caught my heart, she doesn’t even know
what manner of man she is talking to, I can
bleep any Hole bleepable, am not ready to
love now, just wanna bleep and moreover I
have just acquire some new butts that I
need to service, why will I get entangle to
just one when I want to be a record holder?
“Seriously you ar a virgin? But why do you
wanna lose it to me, why not keep it”? For
where? For my mind I was saying ‘your
mama, I go leave ma huz come here I no
go bleep you, make I see weting go
happen’. She said” baby, no body asked or
told me to keep it, I only keep myself
because I couldn’t find any guy I love so
much, I will have no regret giving it to you”.
C’mon lady I bet when am through with
you, you must have. “Are you sure you
really want to lose your virginity to me this


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