“Hahahahahaha, the fact is that, Jenny we
ar just
meeting the first time and u know what I
mean, you
ain’t expecting me to know whether you the
and simple type of girl am looking for na” I
told her
and she noded in acceptance. “So ar we
going to
know each other better”? She asked. “Yes
ofcours! It
all depends on you, that is if you can be
bold enough
to face my female friends, because you
may get
frettening when you see them, expecially
the way we
play and do some stuffs somebody may
just think we
ar dating and it’s just yday we all met here”
I said to
her, just to clear the coast to avoid any
suspicious act
as I madly wanna bang this gal. I don’t
even know the
kind of spirit I have, can’t I just say no to
dis gal?
Must I bang every gal that slams @ me?
But wait how
many I don bang self? Just one. I never try
self, in my
world to become world champion @least
bang 20 in
a month, u will becom world record holder.
“So how do we get to know each other
better then”?
She asked again as I was about to answer,
my four
witches entered and the look on their faces
anger, as a guy na, me no send them. “Well
if you
want us it is how we ar starting now na,
……..” “Hello who do we have here, is she a
friend”? Lucy asked cutting short of what I
was about
to say. “Yea, she is,and her name is
Jennifer, Jennifer
meet Lucy, Lois, Vivian and Dooshima.” I
deed the
introduction, as they all took turn to
pleasantaries. “So it means you ar going to
join us in
our group study”? Vivian asked her, I was
shocked I
didn’t even talk to the girl to that area sef!
She was
equally shocked as she wasn’t even aware
anything of such is going on. “He didn’t tell
anything like that but I will love to join you
if you will
let me” she said, and Vivian then asked.
“Will she be
joining us in our group study teacher”?
What sort of
rubish is dis? What does she mean? I just
ignored her
and Jenny looked at me expecting what I
would say.
“Will you”? Jenny then asked. “It’s not my
house, it’s
theirs, so whatever they say, that is it”. I
said to her.

They all in unison laughed and told her to
come by 4
pm, she told them the direction to her
house and I
was shocked to discovered that her house
is at the
back of my house. Well this is a good
news. We
stayed till 2pm in school and left for home
after three
more lectures. I never told the girl my
however, on our way home, after the first
two girls
branched, the second 2girls went straight
and just
me and her going in our direction. As I
branched to
my house, she then asked, “is it this house
you stay”?
“Yea, I stay here” “can I come in, at least to
see your
room”? “Yes of course you can! You can
come in” she
came in and sat on my table. I offered her
my only
5alive and she drank and thanked me. I
told her to
forgive me because I don’t have food for
her as I
wasn’t expecting her to come. As she was
she asked me to accompany her which I
did, as I got
to her house, wow!!! It was fabulos, she
has a very
nice room and she didn’t even have a room
mate. I
sat down as she rushed to prepare food,
prepared a delicious meal as we settled
down to eat,
she was looking @ me sexilly, she asked if
I could
sleep over in her house as she is kinda
feeling scared
because her nightmare the previous night, I
told her
not to worry as I will, she was very happy.
Not quit
long my phone started ringing, I checked
the screen
and it was Dooshima calling me. “Hello
Doo” I
answered. “Hello Pe pls wia ar you am in
your house”
she said. “Oh am sorry I went out to check
som1, will
soon come back sha” I said. “Will you come
now as
am waiting for you”? “Not sure yet as am
not yet
through” “Are you with a girl over
Now you know I hate this kind of question,
if I said
yes she will get angry, if I said No, Jenny
will get mad
too….for as long as I so much want both of
p—y, I rather find what to say………..


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