After ‘Ngozi left and I began to imagine what she meant by giving me 60K, is she taken me as a sugar boy or boyfriend, if am her boyfriend she won’t gimme such amount of money after sex na? Whether sugar boy or a boyfriend there is no problem am ok with it, at least the money will keep coming. I held the money in my hands and so many thought kept pumping in my mind, I had so many things to do with the little amount, I do wonder sometimes, there are somethings or problems you don’t know you need or have until when you have money, once the money comes So many things will follow suit. immediately i remembered Bola, I thought the right thing to do is to identify with her, she might be going for ante-natal and all that, feeding money, baby’s stuff and so on, I think I will have to go and apologies to her. After giving it a thorough thought I decided it’s the best to do.

That money I took my bath as usual, having brush my teeth and a little exercise, I wore one of my finest clothes with a spray of perfume, I was smelling nice, I picked my face cap, and I dashed out, two things on my mind either she accepts me as the father or she rejects which I believe the former, immediately i closed my door and turned back, I saw Peace staring at me, I didn’t even say a word to her, as I was about leaving she called me I didn’t answer but I stood waiting to hear what she has to say, the idiot was asking me where I was going to and why I was avoiding her, I looked at her again, shake my head, without a word and left.
On getting to Bola’s shop, I met her sweeping the shop, I went straight there, without her to see my face because I wore a cap, collected the broom from her hand, though she resisted initially but I insisted and she gave me, she then asked who I was and why I was hiding my face, after sweeping, I removed the cap. When she saw me, her face showed it all, anger, surprises happiness, fear and so on, she couldn’t say a word, she just went and sat down looking at me, I myself couldn’t say a word, I was looking like a mumu, I went to her side, kneeled down and apologize, I didn’t even know where that my gentleman character emanate from, but it’s works, she started crying, I begged her not to, she cried that I left her in that condition, that I deceived her that I love her but I was actually flirting with her and so many other girls, impregnating almost all of them, how she refused to kill her baby even when others did, how she looked all over for me but couldn’t find me, all she said was true and i apologize again. After she has calm down a bit I explained to her what I was also passing through though some were lies, how I never knew she was also pregnant and how I discovered her shop the previous night, she surprised because she said, she knew something wasn’t right the way I was behaving that night but she can’t ask, she asked about the lady I came with(‘Ngozi) I explained to her what we have, I told her it wasn’t something serious, she frown initially but she just had to accept.

I asked her why she didn’t opt for abortion knowing how hard it is to be a single mother, she said she can’t abort her baby no matter what she will pass through, I asked if she is dating someone now, and she asked if someone can date her with pregnancy, we both laughed then I gave her 40K out of the 60K, I supported her in shedding her wares, she went inside and bath, brought food and we ate together, we talk so much about so many things, I truly realized i have missed her, I noticed Bola’s countenance changed, she was lively and joyful, I knew that moment she was happy again, the heavy load of giving birth to a BASTARD has been removed and me too was very happy for the decision I made, my child won’t be tag a BASTARD, we were both happy, I was with her till evening helping her in selling her markets as we gist and laugh……..

Next episode on the way

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