Me and ‘Ngozi entered the room and I removed my clothes leaving only boxers, before the ladies left they scattered the room but I wasn’t aware so I had to rearrange them, as I was doing it, she came to me and requested that she cooked, I told her I don’t have much food stuff at home she said we should go and buy if provisions store is closed by, we went to one of my customers in a neighborhood and on getting there she was no longer there I heard she has relocated, so they directed us to another store, though the person that gave us the direction didn’t say it well but the place he was directing us to sound familiar, I sha didn’t give it a serious thought we just left since it’s about 7pm.
Guys you won’t believe it, I was wearing one of my favorite hoodie, a black one, I usually wear it to avoid being recognized by unwanted people. We got to the said shop, a lady came out and greeted us, I almost removed the head cover of my shirt, but then I looked at the floor it was tiled and seems I have been to shop before, I covered my head back, the lady was busy pricing market with ‘Ngozi, I looked at her with styles, I noticed she was pregnant, so I removed my face, since I don’t know any pregnant woman, I was about going there to ask her a question when I remembered what Jennifer said, “we all did abortion except one who refused to abort her baby you can find her yourself” I stepped back immediately as if I was looking for something, when she faced where light was reflected i realized she was my girlfriend!! Guys I found Bola, I knew she do sell provisions but I didn’t know she was also pregnant or she left it, I knew she was decent and even chaste but it never occurred to me that she was pregnant, I did use condom but I can’t remember whether it was all the time or it busted, the pregnancy should be close to delivery now, I couldn’t help but pitied her, I put her in that condition, for the second time I was feeling remorseful for my actions but why didn’t she remove it like others, even though I knew she was seriously searching for a husband but she wasn’t looking for a child?

Ngozi bought what ever she wants to buy and we head home, I looked back and saw Bola countenance, I could imagine what pains she must have been passing through, I could imagine the psychological effect on her, I could imagine how she has been fairing knowing that i might never gonna come back, I could imagine how she would be crying day and night knowing that the baby in her womb might never know the father, nothing is more painful than being called a BASTARD! The baby will called a BASTARD, my baby a bastard when am alive and knew that she was mine? But then I was only imagining, I wasn’t feeling it, imagine just imagining and am feeling this way, what if am the one passing through that, I almost wept for her, all this while Ngozi was even talking to me but I didn’t hear her, so she held my hand and then asked me what happened, I told her I was just wondering how the lady she bought things from will be coping with her pregnancy, she said as if I knew what she was thinking, she told me that she even asked her why her husband didn’t come and help her out when she is this heavy, that Bola said she doesn’t have a husband and that instance that she knew she got pregnant by chance not her choice and maybe the ‘Bastard’ that put her in that condition ran away, I was shocked how ‘Ngozi emphasize on the word bastard, she didn’t even have any idea of who she was referring to as a bastard, I began to imagine again, I have both parents, she not knowing mentioned bastard and am this upset already, what of my baby that will be referred to a BASTARD for the rest of his or her life? Through out our walking home I could not talk much I was just wondering what step to take, even if i can’t make things right but I can’t allow my child to be called a BASTARD, that name is too awful, guys like me have made many girls single mum and many children BASTARD, I can’t let my child pass through that.
Ngozi and I cooked finished, she served and we ate together, though it wasn’t the first time, we took turn to take our bath, I did first then she later followed, she removed her clothes standing unclad she has a very sexy body, I couldn’t fantasize much due to what was going on in my mind, she bath finished, came to bed and she said to me, “Peter you know am a doctor, I didn’t study psychology but I study people’s mood, something is bothering you or it is maybe you are scared of me but don’t be, you are free to eat me up, am all yours tonight, all is there something you are not telling me”? All what she said was not funny but that part she said or am scared of her git me laughing, I didn’t said a word to her, I just turned her back, raise her butts up with her knees and chest on the bed, I didn’t open her legs much, I put one of my Knees on the bed and my one of my legs up straight as I showed her what am made of, sincerely speaking her p—y was very tight but this days not all tight Pussies shows that it has been less busy, some na chemical, in all our f—–g, though we had great sex like four times before dawn, my mind never rest because of Bola.

Very early in the morning ‘Ngozi got ready to leave she dropped an envelope on bed for me, she kissed me passionately and told me that I was the first person to make her happy after sex, that if not for her work she will stay for one week but I should not worry she will arrange for that, I was just looking at her, one week ko, one year ni, for whose’ house? I didn’t even reply her. She left and I counted the money, to my surprise it was a huge 60K I was so happy, immediately a thought came to my mind on what to do with the money…..


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