When I saw the person coming in front to be the same person calling me, I put myself in their middle as she walk pass us, she was heading towards my house definitely going there, as we were going when she passed us, she slow her steps, I tried to look back but it seems Jennifer is trying to get the vibe so I need to be careful, I let out a big sigh but not without a question from Jennifer, she was asking me if there is anything I was hiding I asked her why she said so but she won’t answer, that she noticed my behavior when the lady pass our side, I tried to stop her from talking rubbish but she no want hear ooo. I told them am going back home since Jennifer want to cause problems, she just laughed and told me that she understood my antics, sincerely speaking the lady really knows me, she knows when am lying or telling the truth, she sometimes get all my moves but she never get my Casanova life styles. Though they didn’t want to let me go but I had to, I left them in the name of being angry, meanwhile it was the visitor I want to go and see, I left them and went back home.
On getting home as expected, she was there waiting for me. The caller and waiter is no other person than the doctor, ‘Ngozi, she doesn’t look Happy at all looking at her facial expressions, it’s like something is wrong more over she didn’t come with her car it’s unusual of her, I looked towards the monitoring spirit in my house, Peace, as I thought, she was there staring at me, I just hope she hasn’t told ‘Ngozi anything because she can be wild sometimes, I ignored her went to ‘Ngozi greeted her but no reply, the reply I got was “where are you coming from and why didn’t you pick my calls or return the calls”? Guys two technical questions in my front that needs technical answers or else I will be caught, many answers pop up my brain but I first began to imagine what to tell her, I didn’t pick her call truly neither did I returned he calls, funny enough the phone is still in my pocket, the good news is that it’s still on silent mode, first answer is already coming, where am I coming from, from what I said earlier, her steps reduced when she passed our side on the road, what if she has seen me and she is just pretending? If I lie now she will catch me but then will I tell her the truth? I can tell her the truth but in another form, after all, truth na truth. All these thoughts happened within seconds, but during those seconds I didn’t keep mute else she will know I want to lie or thinking of what lie to tell, so I kept conversation going while thinking of what to say, seriously guys to be a player is not easy, u have to be very smart and sharp and very fast too. “What happened na, why is your face like this? Is it because you didn’t see me at home”? I asked all in a way to divert her attentions, “answer my questions and stop saying another thing”, she seems not in the mood. Thank God I already know what to say, “actually some of my classmates came here and I accompanied them to the junction and as for the phone I silent it when I was sleeping and I am sure i have not removed it” I didn’t actually lie sha but it’s like the truth I told her worked, I brought out my phone and her missed calls were still there and my phone still on silent mode. She stared at me with both anger, jealousy and desire, if you are a player then you should observe ladies’ look or facial expressions in other to know your moves, “do you know that I saw you people? You were in the middle of 3 girls, I passed and you pretend as if you didn’t see me” na true she talk I did as if I didn’t see her but she saw me but why didn’t she stop me, I asked her where she saw us all in pretence she mentioned the place, but then should I said yes just like that? “I actually saw a lady walk pass us but I never knew you are the one, I have never seen you walk long distance on foot, had it been it’s car I would have understand, but am sorry sha” that is how my apologies were accepted, I know this lady has a plan, I equally have too and to be honest, I will ravage her body to, I brought out my keys, opened my door and looked back to see if aunty Peace was still there looking, and lo she was, looking with hatred and anger in her faces, I smiled at her and me and ‘Ngozi entered……..


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