I asked a question that I shouldn’t have maybe ask but it has been asked already and I can’t take it back. After a few minutes stare, one of them cleared her throat, Dooshima their leader and asked…”Peter, as you are now, will you be able to cater for six pregnant ladies at the same time? You don’t work you don’t do anything for a living”, “I know I can’t but it doesn’t mean I should not ask na? At least it’s my tight to ask if am responsible” I tried to vindicate myself but furious Jenny won’t have any of that, I wonder why she is even more particularly furious at me, I know hurt her but it wasn’t just her, they are many, why is her own paining her that much? “Will you keep quiet lemme hear words? Which your right? How on earth did you even do it? Sleeping with all of us at the same time and we foolishly did not know, till we all get pregnant for you! If you must know we all agreed to have abortion after we left the Hospital, one person refused to do it, you can find that out yourself, one person had complications and almost died, find that out yourself, is it a crime checking up on us? You were still here all these while yet you couldn’t check on us or even look for us, what type of a human being are you? We are the one looking for you instead of the other way round”? As Jenny fumed I knew she was right, I knew they can’t all keep the babies but who is the person that refused doing the abortion? I can’t figure that out just yet, I really do abandoned them, I was too scared of responsibility, thank God they opted for abortion at least am free now.
The interesting part is that as we were talking, Ukot didn’t say a word she was just looking at me and from time time we do make eye contact but am I mad to decide what she was thinking when I am being spoiled in her presence, she might be looking at me with hatred or maybe with surprised as to how I successfully carried out my mission, I believe so well the later option because the look I saw was that of desire not hatred, she is beautiful when she looks at me innocently like that, little did I know that Jennifer has been observing my stare at her. I heard taawaard on my back, it was Jenny “better remove your eyes there, you know say you get sweet mouth, but if you try it with her, if I see you close to her I swear I will kill you and I mean that”, this girl really mean me sha, “but babe I didn’t do anything na, ask her did I do anything, I don’t even understand what you mean” I tried to defend, “d there the deceive yourself, I know you very well and I know what you are capable of doing but just try it and see, you will know what am made of”. It dawn on me that I should be careful because the Jennifer I know doesn’t threaten in vain.
After we apologize, I actually did the apology first before they did too, they cooked food we ate together, we said we should play Ludo, since the heat was too much we all came out to play it outside, as we were playing it and laughing with different jokes, I saw some one walking up and down with straight face, i knew it was Peace, she was expecting to hear argument or fight but she was put to shame, she couldn’t take it anymore and she came to our side and decided to join us but she was not concentrating, I only understand but the girls didn’t, I was laughing unusual laugh and she knew I was laughing at her, she could not bear it she left, we play till evening time when it was getting dark and they decided to leave, on our way going cus I was accompanying them, a call came in, immediately i saw it I silent it and put it my pocket, the devil want to spoil my beautiful moment, as we were going I noticed a familiar face in our front coming, though it was a bit dark, the face look like someone that is calling me…..that was when I knew that my village people has finally arrived, because Jennifer that I know will want to know any kurukere……


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