Behold Dooshima stood in front of me smiling!! I opened my mouth to talk but no words came out, I tried to shut it back but it refuses to close, I looked at her belly it’s almost going to seven months now, but the belle flat, does it mean she has aborted the pregnancy? I would be glad if she does that because am not ready to be a father, I can’t be a father when am still be fathered! She too was standing there with her eyes wide open not saying anything except exchanging glance between me and Peace, was she wondering what she was doing with me or what I don’t really know but all I am hundred percent sure is that I can sense danger and anger, she stood there for like 3 minutes and then she brought out her phone, mogbe no darun!!!!! Am doomed!!! Was she calling police or her parents? She placed the phone on her ears, I can hear it ring on the other end, I looked to where Peace was, but she has gone, leaving me to face my kama, if I over this period I will never have anything to do with Peace again but what of our re-match? Was I even supposed to be thinking of a re-match that kind time….”YES”, that was the only word I heard from Dooshima when she placed the phone in her ears, just that word that she cut the call, it’s like she, the person she called and maybe some other group of people have planned something against me!!

Seriously guys I think I am foolish, with everything I did, since I came back from hospitals and I didn’t see them again, was I not supposed to relocate to another place or even leave that place entirely? But Pussies won’t let me think straight, I came back and was f—–g up and down!! Dooshima having dropped the call, came to my side without saying a word to me entered my room and sat down, those silence can murder someone quickly, I sat for a while not knowing why I have not gone inside to meet her, maybe waiting for who she called, if it’s something that I will run for my life, but on a second thought why will I run? Shebi na Belle I give person I no kill anybody?

I started having temperature when I couldn’t think straight again, I decided to go inside to meet Dooshima who is already lying down on my bed comfortably pressing her phone, maybe she was texting the other person(s) what they will do, “Dooshima how far” I don’t even know where I got that confidence from that opened my mouth to talk, “I d ok” that was her reply, she didn’t even look at me for a second, she just concentrated on her phone, I need to find another sentence to keep the conversation going, maybe I will get to find her plans for coming there because I sense bad plan. I went close to her and sat down, after all na once man d die, even the holy book talk, man dies once then judgment follows, maybe I have died and today is my judgement. She was still looking beautiful and sexy and for the very first time since she came I felt pity for her, not just her alone but for all of them that I have hurt, my d–k has really been controlling and I need to stop. “Am sorry Dooshima” I found my breath again, “sorry for what”, she asked. Sincerely speaking, if I used my church tell person am sorry and the person ask me ‘sorry for what’ while the person knows why i said sorry e d vex me, she knew why am saying sorry yet she still asked what for?, But am I supposed to be angry? This time I need to take every bull shit. “For everything that happened” she smiled and said that she has heard but she “just wait first before you say sorry”. Those words were like grenades to my heart, why should I wait first before saying sorry to her if something terrible is not about to happen?

Dooshima stood up and said we should go outside and which I agreed even with mixture of fear but do I have any choice? Does the sexual pleasure really worth all these things am passing through? We went out sat down but she wasn’t saying anything, her eyes was fixed on the road like someone expecting somebody, I decided to fix my eyes on the road too, I was already expecting the worst but inwardly was also praying it shouldn’t be worst than i expected, suddenly I saw the worst, 3 ladies coming toward us, 2 known to me and 1 unknown, Dooshima was smiling, while my heart stopped beating for some seconds……..


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