I checked the caller and it was Thomas!!! Olumide was like, “who is calling you, abi it’s the girl you want to go and see that you are lying abi”? In my mind i was like, “see this mumu” I don’t know what girls think, once you straff them they believed they can control you or they own you but the truth is nobody own anybody and everybody is free to enter or use any hole. I decided to put the phone on speaker for her to hear. “Hello baba where are you abeg the rush come my house it’s very urgent” Thomas said from the other end, “oboi wetin happened na? I d go somewhere na what happened for the urgency”? I replied in pretence. “Guy start coming and stop asking foolish questions abeg, you will go there later just the come now now”, Thomas said by making it look real. It was enough evidence for the witch beside me to believe. I told her to go home as I divert my direction towards Thomas’ house, and she went back home.
As I left Olumide side ‘Ngozi call just entered, thank God, I picked and she told me that is close to my house, I told her that am almost home too.i took a bike to my house and on getting there I met Peace and ‘Ngozi gisting and laughing, what the hell they were saying I don’t understand so I kept mute, greeted them but silently I knew Peace was not at ease with herself as her countenance changes once her eyes jam mine.
Me and ‘Ngozi followed to my room and I can see Peace standing up and going to God where. As we entered I noticed ‘Ngozi looking around my room and smiling, my mind too was smiling, it was telling me ‘you have done well my son’, I asked her to sit as i offered her juice to drink, I brought food for her too and she asked me to join her in eating, though I declined but she insisted that i must else she won’t eat so I joined her. We started eating and talking about life , her work and so many other things, then it got to issue or relationship, she asked if i have a girlfriend I told her No. I know many of you will think I lied, but did I have a girlfriend or girlfriends? Do I even have girlfriends or f–k mate? But it doesn’t mean all join. I asked if she has too, she said No too, I then asked her why she broke up with the her guy, abi she never date before? Or maybe na Virgin, she told me she cheated on her, I asked her how many times, she was surprised why I asked her How many times. Why I no go ask? If she can break up with her guy that cheated what of a whole Cheater like me? She go kill me be that na, she then asked me why I broke up with my own girl, I looked at her with surprised, not because she asked after all I was the first person to asked but because i didn’t know what answer to give her, the answer has to look real and genuine. “Because of Cheating” I said calmly. She frown and so “OMG!! It means we are on the same page, I hate people that cheats like seriously, as guys cheat that is how girls do too” see mumu I didn’t even tell her who the cheat was she has already concluded who it is! She hates people that cheats, what of people that are cheat themselves, me can’t be term someone that cheats again, am the the cheat gan gan. Looking at this girl I know she will put some body in trouble I better don’t start I won’t end because she be doctor she fit give me sniper or rat poison to chop! But her p—y go sweet, imagine how tight the ‘sweet in the middle’ will look like!
She looked at me sternly and asked, “do you have any body in mind you love, or wishes to date”? I said yes and she asked Who? I was shocked again, this question is quantitative reasoning and I have to be careful in answering it. I told her, Tiwa Savage, Omotala jalade, Omowunmi, Yemi Slade, Cha-cha Eke, Mercy Aigbe and so on……. You need to see her face! She said she is serious that I should mention people I have known or been with, so I told her that was why I used “…and so on”. She d fine who to rope, if she wants to toast me it’s better she does so straight without beating around the bush abi na me she the wait make I toast her? Kolework. We were gisting and laughing as the heat began to emanate where I believe the gburugburu want to start one devil just knock my door without waiting for permission and Voom opened the door………


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