I was at Thomas’s place but his character looks unusual, he wasn’t happy seeing me or what I don’t know. He asked me to follow him outside but by then I already collected Ene’s number, we went outside leaving the sister behind as we got outside i asked Thomas what the ‘straight face’ was and why the strange attitude, he asked me to sit down which I did. Hi”Oboi….you know why I called you here”? He started… “Nope I don’t know and why you come carry me commot way and your sister the gist na”? I replied and immediately hearing that part of his sister he flared up. “That gist kee you there! Wetin you and my sister the gist? How you and my sister to know each other, you way I know very well, why you go d gist with my sister? Make e better end that way ooo”…..”Guy wetin happened na, why you d para? Person no fit follow your sister talk again”? “Talk about what guy? What are guys talking about, na so you go do go straff my sister abi? Oboi if I hear am na wahala for you ooo, better no try am cus i no go take am easy”…… Thomas warned me with a stern face. “Thunder fire you there, so na where you been the carry matter go be that? You d fear make I no f–k your sister abi, all the Shima way you d nyash no be person sister, abi you want say your sister no d f–k? Guy no go bring that matter oo, which hand come be that one na? “Oboi I don tell you oo, no try go close ooo or else……” “Shut up jhor, I send you message? Who even tell you say I want straff your sister? Anyways who be that babe na”? I divert his attention to the other lady. He frown again and then asked why I want to know I told him to just tell me, and he told me that she just moved to the neighborhood, he however warned me to stay clear that he is eyeing the girl, I laughed, guys sha.
We went out bought drinks and came back to drink in the house, we stayed outside sipping our drinks when Brenda came out, and she was looking so hot and fabulous, both me and Thomas were staring at the girl, I quickly removed my face, she pretended not to have seen us but we didn’t mind. Thomas sister brought food for us and i asked her to join us and eat Thomas shouted at her to go in side and eat her food, I smiled, I have to then negotiate with Thomas between his sister or Brenda, I told him i would leave Brenda for him if he gives me his sister but he refused either of the options so I kept quiet.
Towards afternoon I received a call from ‘Ngozi that she coming to my place, like ‘The Flash’ I used speed arranged myself enter road before you know it I was already at home, arranged my room spread pef every where and my room was smell nice, got into bathroom take my shower but not before preparing food, it was delicious though. I tried to take a nape but no way because I was already thinking of how sweet ‘Ngozi will be. In my imagination I got alerted by my phone ringtone, I checked the caller and it was Olumide, should I pick or not was the greatest decision I was to take, the call ended and she called back again, this time around I decided to picked and she was like “Hello where did you drop your phone that you didn’t pick the first time? Anyways am in your neighborhood and I will come by when I am done with what am doing”…. Without knowing if am at home or not! What is the meaning of this na, which kind bad market be this? Should I just run from the house or wait for her to come and then discharge her quickly but what of if ‘Ngozi come and meet us there. In few seconds I decided to leave the house but on a second thought what if ‘Ngozi comes in my back. I was about going out when I met Olumide by the door post, she was looking radiant, but that wasn’t my thought that time, I had to look for another lie, I told her am going towards that her side to see one of my mum’s sister’s friend’s daughter who was very sick that we should go together, she didn’t believe me but she didn’t have options, she rushed inside my room to see if any one was inside but she didn’t see anyone then she came out that we are going there together, I was shocked! What more lie will I give? I agreed but I started calculating what to do next, I texted Thomas to call me in the 20 minutes to pretend as if something was wrong and request me to come immediately, him want begin Ask question but I told him to just do as he is told but he refused that until I accept not to date either his sister or Brenda! He is very mad, but the situation I am is even madder, we can always settle this but this one no settlement, I agreed, we keep Trekking and Olumide keep asking me where we are going that is that far, I told her to keep working or go back home. Small time my phone ring,and Olumide was besides me, I checked the caller and behold it was………..


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