After covering her with the blanket, I slept too, am the type of guy that doesn’t sleep with clothes on, so I removed my clothes, leaving only my boxer on, nothing is as sweet as laying naked on the bed, the breeze will blow you well and you will enjoy your sleep, but if rat cut your shinini you are on your own.
During the night whether I too sleep abi Peace no gree sleep I woke up discovered that Peace’s one leg and one hand was on my chest and leg respectfully, she was breathing hot air on my face because her face was directly towards mine as if she wanted a kiss, you understand that kind sleep na, though fresh but I hate some body breathing to my face, it irritates me seriously, but because of her body on me I couldn’t turn my face but I pretended I didn’t notice upon all the discomfort. My hand began to pained me because I was not balanced, I decided to do it by force, I changed position and she turned her back on me, pushing her bumbum towards my d–k, she just wearing a gown unknown to me that she didn’t wear pant, I turned my back on her too facing outwards while she faced the wall, my body could not move I wonder why with all these signs I still couldn’t erect very nice of me.
I slept again only to wake up around 4am with a shining thing on my face which I later discovered that it was NEPA that brought light, I stood to off the light cuz I can’t sleep if light is on, lo and behold my Johnson has arose and about to tear my boxer off, I wonder why everyday at this particular hour this thing always like to disgrace someone, I wanted to stand up but I had to sleep back find out if Peace was asleep and if she is not I will just wait till my shinini calm down, I looked to her and I couldn’t swallow my saliva, the gown she wore covered only her upper body to her waist side, she was laying flat facing up with her Puna looking succulently at me, it looks so tempting but yet I have vow not to f–k her, I was looking at her and still contemplating on whether she is actually sleeping or not, what ever way this must be a real temptation. I read in the holy book that someone in Egypt over came his oga’s wife temptation to lure him to bed, but I bet if it was this kind of one and with the way my body is hotting me, I wouldn’t mind eating the forbidden fruit.
I did like a gentle man, covered her body again with blanket as I stood up went straight as if I want to ease myself, went outside stay there till my d–k has calm down, I came back inside, off the light and went to bed again, but before I slept i discovered she was no longer asleep, she smiled at me and closed her eyes, till today I didn’t know why she smiled, I didn’t give it a thought because she was always smiling, I lay facing up and so many things started popping in my brain. Soon it will be dawn and she will leave, it’s not about her leaving it’s about what she will be thinking about me if I didn’t f–k her, it happened to me once when a lady visited me because she wanted to do something in my area, she slept in my room I didn’t bother to even think of anything not to talk of doing anything with her but when she left she gave me the biggest embarrassment of my life by asking if my d–k was working as she wonder she wanted to give me free sex but I was forming, I couldn’t cry that day because the babe set die!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
I began to imagine removing that gown, going under there giving her head but then she doesn’t look that clean to me to give her head, or I should turn her back down with only her shoulder on the bed and her legs with her waist up as I banged her but then my mind no gree, it was already six o’clock and day has break, she rub my chest and say good morning, I replied her and asked after her night rest which she said was not pleasant, I already knew what will come next or why it was not pleasant so I to keep quiet I only told her sorry. She asked how mine with her cold hand rubbing all over my body, my Mr know no shame has began pushing my boxer and the shameful thing was that it is very visible she is seeing what was happening below, I told her my own night was good as I slept well, see lie, she raised one of her legs placed it on mine as she used it to caress mine from my knee to my d–k, I tried to resist but it seems the devil was more powerful, her hand went down my waist side and poop! to inside my boxer as she caress my d–k, I asked her what she was doing and she told me, she was doing what I couldn’t do! Those words sounds like a blow to me, so she believed I couldn’t do? Immediately i changed my orientation, turned towards her unbuttoned her gown because it has buttons and…….


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