As I heard the knock on the door, I was visibly scared and shaken, I was about to go and open the door when Olumide came that she will see who is there that I should not worry. I became even more scared on hearing that, I just acted fine and she went to open the door,I couldn’t hear what she was discussing with the person at the door so I didn’t bother, was just scared.
The door opened and in came a lady, not beautiful sha but she has a fine shape, she is actually my neighbor she has been crushing on me since and I knew it but I didn’t give her attention because she no fine. “Good bro Peter” she greeted me. “Good after Peace, how are you doing na, this one you came to my room today, hope all is well”? I asked. “All is well oo, I hear say you get accident, some say you run away after you give about five girls…….” “Hey ssssssshhhhhhhh, keep quiet jhor! Who tell you that kind thing”? The girl wanted to put me in trouble, thank God Olumide has gone back to the kitchen.
Peace now explained to me how those girls fought each other through out a whole day, they got tired and left since they couldn’t see me, it was only one that stayed back till the following day, she swept, washed and ironed, arranged my room before leaving, no wonder i met it in good condition. I prayed silently for the girl that did that since I couldn’t know who she is. I thank Peace as she wanted to take her leave, but Olumide came out and insisted she stays back and eat, that is how aunty siddon back ooo. Well Peace is the only girl so far that will stay with me without my Johnson misbehaving.
After cooking, Olumide served the food, we both are with Peace before she left. It was already getting towards night when Olumide told me she wants to shower, I was shy because our toilet is not her kind of toilet but she insisted, she fetched the water took it there herself, and came back to get a towel, I excused her so that she can remove her clothes and she started laughing, why will she laughed na, I asked her why she was laughing and she told that I don’t need to go after all both of us are adults. I kuku ma sit down back, removed her clothes entered the bathroom, immediately my phone rang, I picked it and went outside since it is a new number, I thought it’s one of those girls, on the other end I hear……”Peter how are you doing, hope you have taken your medicine”? “Who is this please”? I asked, “oh am sorry it’s me na, Dr ‘Ngozi, I just say lemme try your number”? “Ok thank you ma, I have taken the drugs and…….” That is how the conversation went on and on until she promised to come check on me before we bid bye to each other. I got inside me Olumide creaming her body, where she sat down the towel has loosen from her chest and the breast is outside, I sat down pretending to be pressing phone but my eyes and mind the there.
She finished, I also went to bath, coming back I thought she would be preparing to leave but I was wrong, she wore a sexy night gown that is transparent and lay on the bed without wearing any undies! I wore my boxer too, off the light and lay down too, we didn’t talk to each other for 3minutes. Before I knew it I heard “Peter”…..


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