Well…..after the meeting with the Doctor (‘Ngozi), Olumide came out and told me the Doctor needed to see me in her office, I was happy inwardly and at same time scared. The thought of those Jezebels in my house could not leave me, will they still be there waiting for me, non of them even bother to look for me or call me, anyways I was not even with my phone, and more over its better that way.
I went to the Doctor’s office, by now she has removed the apron and she looks even more sexy, the office smells really nice and well kept. She ordered me to sit down as she wrote some things in a file, after she was done she stood up and came to my side. “Mr Peter” she called with her hands on my shoulder, must she always touch me when ever she is talking to me? She has no iota of idea how it feels in my body, I Freezed the moment she touched me, she then paused, looked at me, smile and she said, “I noticed any time I touch you, you are always uneasy, are you scared of Ladies or what? You have never sleep with a girl before? Don’t be shy or scared am harmless” can you imagine! I wished some one should tell this girl that I have already f–k her in my mind or that in my head right now she wasn’t wearing any cloth, will she even before if I tell her that I just came back from heaven because I was doing six or more girls, later some body will say Nextangel is bad!
In the office nothing really happened wasn’t expecting any thing to happen either, she requested my contact I told I have lost my phone, she still sha collect the phone number, she wrote hers for me, asked for my house address which I told her, and she said she will come and be checking on me. I don’t know why in the presence of these two ladies I was so quiet, they would talk and talk yet I won’t say anything, as a hunter if you make too much noise your bush meat might hear and run away.
I left her office with a sweet hug from her, see mumu, for her mind now she wants to teach me how not to be scared of her, I just smiled sheepishly with one hand holding my Johnson down so that she won’t notice, I got to be reception I met so many gorgeous nurses but one particular one caught my attention, she very fair in complexion, very tall and a bit fat, she doesn’t have big boobs but the hips is something else, the same devil walked up to me and gave me the remaining drugs with a message from Olumide that I should meet her in the car. I was beginning to wonder if someone use women curse me, I got to the said car and I met Olumide.
“Hey Peter, come on in, hope you are good now”? I entered the car. “Look am so sorry I hit you, it wasn’t intentional, I was heartbroken because my boyfriend just broke up with me, after spending so much for him, he has the got to tell me that he is fed up with the relationship, guys are really wicked, in fact guys are animals”! She screamed, I was a bit confused of what to told as she was crying, “am sorry ms, it’s ok you will be fine, but not all guys are wicked or animals” I tried to console and correct her for calling all guys wicked and animals but of a truth me am a good example of a wicked and animal kind of a guy.
She said we should be going to my house before we could come to her side, I don’t want her to come to my side because of those girls, but she insisted on coming so I have no option or choice,casala about to burst I don’t know what to do or how to explain to her. On our way she took another street I asked her why, she told me she needed to pick something at home, we got to a big mansion, a four bedroom flat well furnished and decorated, she alighted, open the gate with a remote control, and within minutes she came outside with a small hand bag, I don’t know what she wants to use it for.
She started the car and off we go to my house, my heart started to beat faster than normal, she was talking but I was not listening, I was just thinking of what to do or tell her when she sees them, man must die once and after that it’s judgement, me self I sabi Bible. We parked in front of my house and the whole environment looks strange, my room looks like a hell fire, I came down and she followed me, I looked around to see if I can see “them” but I could not find any of them, I found my keys on top the door, I opened, entered, to my greatest surprised my room was well kept, my phone was inside, just spider web.
When she entered, she dropped her bag, requested for the kitchen which I showed her, she brought out Sphag, fishes and ingredients to cook, I was just looking without saying a word, it was not her case am scared of, am just scared of why I couldn’t meet anyone at home and the situation in my room. I forgot to tell you guys that Ms Olumide actually said that my room was beautiful but I know that it’s just lamba,as she was in the kitchen cooking I heard a knock on my door… My heart moved from my chest to my head, I could hear my heart beating like a drum. I felt a cold sensation all over my body, who could that be, is that how I will just die, won’t the person at least allow me to eat the sphag???


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