MY 2 WEEKS AT IBADAN STREET…..(18+)…..Part 9


As she kept kissing me in a faster way. I
decided to slow her down
a little. I removed my lips from her lip. Am
the man here i should
be the one incharge. So i closed her eyes
with my hand and told
her to calm down. She nodded like a baby
whos mum just
promised her candy. So i lifted her head and
began to kiss her
neck. Down to her chest. I went back to her
neck and send
sometime kissing and lickn it. I moved to her
left ear and started
sending my tongue in & out of it. I moved my
hand to her sides,
moving it up & down. She was tryn to go fast
again & i told her to
just relax and enjoy as i do the kissing &
romancing. Her hand was
on my back tearing me apart. I bent her a
little and began to kiss
her ni;pples through her dress. She began to
make a funny sound.
I lifted her to the three seater thats in the
palour there. Put flat on
the seat. My hand went to work on her
I pulled up her top
moved my hand inside it to hold her brea;st.
She was winding and
searching for my J0yst!ck. I opened her
trouser, started playing with
her pubic hear. She has a very fine pubic
hair. Her pubic hair is lyn
flat & smooth. I pulled down her 3quarter
trouser to discover that
even her pant & bra all marched with the
cloth she wore. I ran my
hand on her c:litoris. She m0and and grabd
my J0yst!ck through my
trouser and started squizn the shaft. The girl
is really rough.
I pulled up her top brought out her breas;t
was sU-Cking it as my
finger was going into her pusssy she said
please stop. I pretended
that i didnt hear her, hoping that if i continue
she will not stop me
anymore. My lips were sU-Cking the left
ni;pple like mad and as my
finger got into her pusssy. She m0and
aishhhhhhhhhhhhhhh &
said pleaseeee. Stoooooooop pleasssse. As i
didnt stop, she
removed my hand & told me am sorry. She
said baby please we
cant do it here. Look at the time they will
soon come back. I didnt
say anything i just aranged myself verywell,
went back to sit
dowm while she did same to herself.

Soon after that we agreed to meet the next
day in their house cos
her dad works at ikeja while the mum is a
civil servant. So the next
day as early as 8am i have left the house. I
went to their place ahe
is the only one at home & i asked about her
siblings & she told me
that her elder ones are all in school that she
is yet to get
admission. And that she is the last child. I
laughed inside me, cos
i have discovered that most of the girls i
bleep are last born just
like me. It was that day we actually did
formal introduction. When
i knocked she opened the door and landed
into my arm. I said to
her i missed u all through the night. She told
me that she couldnt
sleep, she was turning & turning. That it
seems that this night was
longer than usual. I told her that is how it is
always anytime
someone is expecting something beautiful the
next day. I carried
her to their sitting room and began to kiss
She wore a top
without bra and a marchn flair skirt without a
pant. So when i
began to kiss her. I moved my hand to her
laps and up to her
virgi;na and to my surprise, she was already
I said u r wet
already. She smiled and said that she v been
wet since yesterday
our body touched. She said she cant wait to
have me dry her
wetness with my strog diick. As she said
this, sweet feelings filled
my brain. I pulled out her top and started sU-
Cking her brea:st she
removed my to top and pulled off my trouser,
i wore jean but no
boxer. She said baby u r not wearing
something inside? I said yes.
With that passion she guided my J0yst!ck
inside her virg:na and we
fuc.ked like 7minutes and she climaxd. She
smiled and said this is
just meal testing. That after we eat noodle
that she will serve me
with the real meal. She said, I will Bleep ur
brain off. We laughed
and she headed to the kitchen…


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